Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2951Dawn K
2952Don K
2954Margo Swensrude
2955Michael Bojsza
remove the bike lanes!
Totally a waste of money. My taxes went up this year what will they be like next. Besides making traffic extremely slow in front of schools and other areas where a whole lane has been taken away(55 st.) it's unsafe for all traffic!
2957Pete K
Red Deer already has a fantastic trail system. The new bike lanes are dangerous, cause traffic congestion and can not be used enough throughout the year to make this a worthwhile project.
2958Jessica Larson
The amount of traffic build up is not worth the couple people that use the bike lanes, also when winter comes and there is no use isn't that a waste of money which is causing unecessary traffic problems!!!
2959Brandi McGrath
I live with a block of the 40th Ave and 39th St intersection and the traffic backed up along there is insane. Makes widening the 40th ave and 32nd st intersection pointless, even though it was actually necessary to be done before the bike lanes went in.
2960Carrie Manasterski
The comments already on this petition sum it up - such an incredible waste of money!
2961Tracy T
Bike lanes gotta go!
2962Angela MacLean
Totally outrageous and dangerous.. sun in our eyes ..bikers taking all the room and crashes are gonna happen..who has the right away anymore.. way too confusing and absolutely must be removed..Not paying taxes for this OUTRAGEOUS Project
2963Darrell Estey
So When you have right hand turning lane and a straight lane with a bike lane splitting them, as is the case on 59th and 67th, who has right of way. Yeah this was thought through really well. And i really like how bike lanes end but the street doesn't.Also
2964Darin A. James
Far from over, keep signing. They only are going to remove 40th and 55th. Remove all and widen sidewalks and add more bike/walk paths where possible.
2965Jodi Miller
Most of the bike lanes are so dangerous that I wouldn't let my kids ride on them!
2966Adreanna Kotanko
These bike lanes are so dangerous, 55th St. Especially. There are so many kids that travel on this road!
2967Tommy L
Waste of money. Dangerous and rediculous.
2968Emil Gill
I believe the civic election is next fall
2969Emil Gill
I believe the civic election is next fall
2970Vera krause
If the dollars had been used for snow removal on roads,paths,and sidewalks, it would have created jobs, allowed more people to walk
and bike in the winter and kept traffic moving. Something for
2971Dee-Anna McMullen
Taking away existing road lanes and causing congestion on streets, for the few bikers to use for a few months a year. Insane!!
2972Kent B
Since when does the minority rule? Lets remember this at election time. Bicycles that may use these lanes for 4 months trump vehicles that use them 12 months of the year. Obviously city councellors are abusing their power for their own purpose. Disgusting.
2973Kent B
Widen the existing sidewalks and keep traffic flowing. Give motorists a lane to move over for emergency vehicles.
2974Marrilyn Richardson
motorbikes and bicycles, both share the road with vehicles and must obey same laws. Why do special interest groups have so much clout with council. Waste of money, hazardous and traffic congestions are a major problem with their cretion for the few who use
So who will be responsible when someone gets injured on these bike lanes? City council or the driver!!!
2976Dane P
Common sense has totally eluded council members.
2977David Helm
What a waste of money! It seems to me that most of the people on bikes are too useless to work and buy a car or are using a bike to get away from the last place they broke into and robbed. Why are we making their get away easier?
2978D. Johns
I want my tax dollars back if this is the way those idiots on council think they can spend it!
2979Larissa Morrical
The bike lanes are awful and absolutely unsafe. I hope to see them gone!
2980Daniel Wood
Get rid of them!
The bike lanes are ridiculous, unsafe, and a total waste of money. Traffic is more congested and dangerous than before. Remember this next election everyone.
2982Brittany Hurst
Stuff is hitting the fan with this petition! Check out Joe Red Deer's blog. It's amazing what the city is trying to cover up with this useless, dangerous pilot project. I want someone on City Council to just bite the bullet and admit this was wrong. Before (more) people get injured from it, or someone gets killed. It's made driving and even biking irresponsibly dangerous, and I'd never let my child bike in the middle of traffic flow, such as it is on 59th ave. I also feel terribly sorry for the people who have lost thousands of dollars on their home value because they no longer have on-street biking, because the lanes impede their ability to park in front of their own house. I've never seen such a blatant aggression between drivers and people biking on the street as I have since this project began.
Why would any thinking council eliminate driving lanes in a growing city?? We better not hear a word about an anti-idling bylaw since we will all be on the roads a LOT thanks to this latest fiasco
2984Wayne Hausch
If anyone in business made a decision this stupid and costly they would be fired immediately! Why is common sense not common down at City Hall??
2985Dean S
A very good example of a City Council that is out of touch with those they represent. Traffic flow in Red Deer has been a major issue, now its even slower, awesome job!
it was most stupid idea ever.
Waste of our hard earned money!
2988Burke Hausch
2989Brady Sim
Waste of taxpayer $
2990Walter Hanson
This is a terrible idea and a waste of money.The council must be a bunch of morons
2991Kevin Holm
Like many people I'm having a dificult time understanding the actual sense this project. I believe there are far more reaching issues to address that have a more profound impact on the safety of Red Deer citizens. City Council this was a miss!!
2992Tia Cobbe
2993David Reinbold
Yet another ABYSMAL Failure!! How about the business owners downtown who have had their streets shut down for 4 months while 6 guys pour concrete!!
2994R. Dean Cowan
I travel 40 Ave & 55 St 4 times a day 7 days a week. I have yet to see anyone using these. You can not see the markings in the rain. You are constantly moving L or R while travelling. Fire those responsible!
2995Doreen Cowan
There is no parking on 52 St downtown forcing Seniors to walk blocks to the Masonic Hall. Whose common sense went out the window?
Fire them!
2996Rob Marsollier
Waste of money and property. This is not Vancouver! I've seen one person in the bike lanes since they started.
2997Trina Marsollier
Whats next city council? Segway lanes? Ever heard of a plebiscite before wasting public dollars?
2998Chris Frank
2999Serena Mabbott
Waste of money putting this in. We had lots of walking trails and bike paths in the city and now it is causing loss of parking and MAJOR traffic issues. WHAT EXACTLY were they thinking?
3000Barry Archer
The Red Deer road system (and climate)is not designed to accomadate this. It just made life difficult for the vast majority of Red Deer residents and visitors.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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