Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1951Villah Lakusta
Complete waste of money and very dangerous to cyclist and driver. Widen the sidewalks if need be at least all would be safe. Who bikes all winter to utilize this expense
1952Lani Parr
Not enough bikes using the lanes to warrant the cost. Ridiculous to further reduce lanes to vehicle traffic
1953Preston Parks
1954Audrey Winter
This is not a biking city. The weather is not conducive to it. We need all the space for vehicles we can get on our city streets. Nobody is even using them. Any bikes I've seen are still on the sidewalk!!!
1955Rob Lozynsky
Stupid decision - remember who voted for it at election time!
1956Jason McDonagh
Complete waste of money. Red Deer has lots of bike trails all around the city, use them. My kids will not be using these bike lanes. The $750000 should come out of the wages of the idiots that made this stupid decision
1957Rob Janko
1958Rory Flappelgoose
Bonehead move by bonehead council.
Ok folks, time to up the ante next election, time to get out and vote.
1959Heintz Gruuber
Does the city even require the bikes to have a license ?
1960Hal Layden
Couldn't agree with the comments anymore. Feel that the bike lanes are unsafe for the cyclists.
They are making morning commutes to school HELL! Bad idea, streets were already congested...
1962Michelle Hudak
I will not be letting my kids use the bike lanes
1963Branden Wettlaufer
So you get someone driving under the speed limit or doing 30kmh in a non school zone on a Saturday afternoon and now you can't even go around because low and behold some ******* painted a bike lane there and it's now single lane traffic
1964Cory Koopman
The city is growing rapidly and removing lanes is setting the city back two decades
1965Stacy Smith
There are children that cannot afford organized sports - the city subsidies cover about 1 activity/year. $800,000 could have gone a long way towards helping many chiIdren stay physically active during the winter months.
1966Frank Davis
Waste of taxpayers dollars. Iam just waiting to start hearing on the news the accidents these lanes are going to cause. Red Deer is growing in population and more vehicles are on the roads and you are taking away driving space.
The bike lanes are a big waste of money. The money should be going to something a lot more useful to this city. Considering we have winter about 8 months out of the year, the bike lanes are not conductive to that. Also dangerous.
1968Francis Turgott
I wouldn't feel comfortable allowing my children to use the bike lanes either.
I did the survey that the city posted .. I thought the questions were suspect in the manner they were asked, it seems the city took it upon themselves to make the assumption that 2% of the electorate wants bike lanes and the other 98% will be fine with it
1970D'Arcy Anderson
I have not seen anyone using these costly lanes that take away from more efficient traffic flow. Where there were two lanes, one for left hand turns and one for straight ahead, now there is only one lane congesting traffic and no one in the bike lane.waste
bike lanes are stupid, now i just speed everywhere, and soon will be inclined to start passing people on the right, since people dont know that a school zone is not a playground zone. school zones end at 4:30, you uneducated morons.
1972Chris Leuchtenmueller
A absolute waste of taxpayers money.A case where about 2% of the population is becoming the " squeaky wheel " also known as special interest group gets catered to, for about six month out of the year. The rest of the year it is about o.1 %. Where is the c
1973bob bevins
bad idea wrong roads to have it on
1974G & B Morasch
bike lanes are a total waste of tax payers money!!
1975Kristin Wettlaufer
I think the bike lanes are a total waste of money. They have added so much confusion to the roads. I'm sure they are going to cause more accidents to happen.
1976Willie Stang
After 35 years in Red Deer I think the bike lanes are the stupidest things I have ever seen.
1977Fred McCorry
News flash, Red Deer isn't getting smaller
1978Dianne Tulp-Brooks
Big waste of taxpayers $$$$. So are the "calming" barriers on 39th, and especially the new one just placed on 43rd by the hospital!! Stupid idea!!
1979Genie Peterson
Terrible idea! 39 street was bad to begin with especially by the 3 schools now it's even worse!
1980Chiara White
Who's dumbass idea was this? I have lived here for 37 years and this is one of the stupidest ideas yet! We have had bike trails here for years and they have worked wonderfully. We are not California where the weather is suitable to ride a bike year round.
1981Harold Fjallman
I can't print what I'd really like to say about bike lanes!!! Have lived in RD for over 60 yrs and feel city administration has really "f.....d" up: Gaetz Ave under const. forever, crazy bike lanes idea...I could go on and on!!! Tax $$$ wasted big time!
1982Jan Wareham
I think the idea of bike lanes are admirable however please put them where they make sense, not on busy streets like 40th/55th!
1983John Coleman
We do not have enough cyclist for this to be practical waste of money very dissapointed in my city council (250 votes) WOW
1984Sue Dye
1985Alexis shaw
They will get used 4 months out of the year to prevent taffic flow, makes no sense
1986Dallin Higham
I have yet to see a single cyclist using the bike lanes. My commute to school is now ten minutes longer. 800,000 dollars well spent...
1987colin Yates
I hope when I decide to ride my bike in the winter the bike lanes are plowed and sanded
1988John Kemmis
I am not a fan of the way they are set up The concept is good but both sides of the road is not necessary and they need to move where they are at.
1989tim wilson
these streets had 4 lanes for a reason...
1990Don C
800 G's for bike lanes when we can't even get decent snow removal...just a complete waste of funds! Who the hell thought this was a good idea?
What a waste of money. I don't think I have seen anyone using them. Traffic flow was bad enough this just made it even worse.
1992Dustin K
Such a terrible waste of money. Who wants to bike that close to traffic anyways? This is just an accident waiting to happen. There's sidewalks for a reason, it gives you distance from traffic and you don't have to worry about getting hit by a car.
1993LeeAnne Goodeye
We have bike trails. Not a fan of the lanes so not well thought out,they cut in front of turning lanes which is a danger for all & I've seen ONE bike all summer and he ran a red light. = rights = laws. AND, how many potholes could that money have filled?
1994Charles hibbs
Major money spent for a few elite bikers.No average cyclist would dare use these bike paths.Maybe the mayor should risk his neck on these paths and he maybe could also use the unused exercise parks, since no one else does.Time for change is at hand
1995Denise S
Waste of tax payers $$!! We have enough traffic congestion without adding to it. I haven't seen anybody using the bike lanes BUT I did see somebody walking in one the wrong way down a hill early in the morning. Luckily I noticed them there!!!
Waste of tax payers money
1997Bob MacIntosh
Way over the top. Some bike lanes are good but this is stupid. How frivolous they sprnd our tax dollars. Heads should roll.
1998Ken M Miller
Not enough thought went into this change, traffic flow etc.
1999floyd mann
democratic? majority now no longer rules. count the cars then count the bike traffic. another council brain f--t
2000Ashley O'Connell
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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