Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1701Don R
An initiative that will be underutilized, is already hugely expensive...wait for the maintenance bills, produce inconvenience and frustrations, of questionable safety benefit, and to think it'll cause a "culture change" is silly. Waste of tax dollars.
1702Ana Barrios
It was a bad idea. I have only seen two people using the lanes and it has caused a sever traffic jam where i live, due to loss of a lane. it just adds more stress to driving.
1703This signature has been deleted.
1704Wendy Henry
I agree . Was it known how many people ride their bikes on the street now ? Is there a plan to asses the success or failure of these lanes in the future before even more money is spent ? This will affect who I vote for in the next election.
The bike lanes are more of a hazard than a benefit and a very costly one at that.
1706Josh Millward
Bike lanes can be useful yes. If there is no sidewalk by the road. Build a bike lane. But for gods sake. Cyclists can use the sidewalk
1707Gary N
No bike lanes within 500M of a paved bike trail.
Move 55st to 54st.
Erase 39st and use sidewalks and trails. Riverside drive? Shorter trail along river with no heavy equipment. Spruce drive? Trail to west, trail to east and large sidewalk to use instead. H
I want a refund on my tax dollars! They are a hazard to everyone, especially around the schools & main roads. Money should of gone to snowplowing funds for a safer winter driving around the city. Widen the sidewalks & put bike lanes on that instead!
1709Keith Jeffrey
These bike lanes are a BAD idea. That is why we have the bike paths. Red Deer is a growing city & this is a move backwards not forwards. traffic is now getting congested. This is like a accident waiting to happen.
A complete waste of money!Why have bike trails?These bike lanes are not being used to make them worth the expense and congestion of cars now.I have seen 3 bikes on them in 2 weeks!Are these bike riders following the same rules as the drivers no!
1711Victoria Dondo
These bike lanes have become a hazard and streets are now congested. I don't think the bike lanes are a bad idea but their location should be reconsidered. Maybe put them down quieter roads and residential areas where people actually bike.
1712Susan Odegard
1713shane crawford
what city takes away traffic lanes when they are growing!! i thought red deer had the best bike trail system in western canada. i want all at city to know i will NEVER VOTE for any of this councill again ever!! if this is how they spend our money WOW
Waste of tax money and very dangerous for the cyclists. They should use sidewalks!!!!! I rollerblade and walk often and not a problem to share the side walk!!!!
1715dick crawford
i agree with my son. i will also take a note and never vote for any of these people next election.
1716Jordan Steele
idiots on council spend spend I could vote yes on everything to.
1717Chris Seufert
I hate bike lanes
1718Chris Seufert
I hate bike lanes
1719Ron Olney
Another waste of money by council. No votes from me for these people again.
1720Tim Quesnel
This City Council and Mayor think if you stuff change down people's throats they will ***** a bit and then give in. they must think the people of Red Deer are a bunch of conformists. Remember this Council at next election.
1721Karmen Early
1722Darryl Cornish
They have spent an amazing amount of money for how many cyclists? The designated bike lanes put eveyone at risk during peak rush hours in many school areas. Now we will have to fork out how much to get back to normal? Great waste of resources!
1723Shane Hanson
The City of Red Deer has spent this money on these diamond lanes and yet so far I've only seen 2 cyclists..ON THE SIDEWALK! Traffic congestion in this city is bad enough not to mention the dangers associated with now making a right hand turn.
The placement of these lanes make them so dangerous. If you are going to build bike lanes than BUILD new bike lanes- don't just steal lanes from already congested roads. What will it take to get council to admit their mistake? I sure hope not a tragedy.
Can we say waste of money? Haven't seen anyone using the lanes yet--anywhere in Red Deer.
1726Lisa Roth
Perhaps our tax dollars would have been better spent putting a yellow line down the middle of our already existing "bike" paths on our teriffic trail system. Cyclists still use them and the sidewalks, in most cases, durring our 4 months of good weather.
What a waste of money! Cyclists are still using the sidewalks, yet traffic congested! What a joke!
1728Shelly Mcklusky
I am a biker why would i want to ride on the street with cars when we have a great bike trail system to use. I would like to ask city council where they planned on putting the
traffic from the lanes they eliminated?
1730Tom Hibbs
Waste of money for a few elite cyclists.No responsible parent or grandparent would allow there chrildren to use these bike lanes.Then there is the traffic issues going from 4 lanes to two causing major congestion.
1732Vittorio G
wast of time and money, its gonna be the same to replace driving lanes when they realize this is ridiculous
1733Debbie H
I have yet to see anyone using the bike lanes. See them on the sidewalk next to the bike lane. A complete joke.
Its not going to work. The confusion, and congestion have proven that its just not a good idea. Just wait until the snow flies!! it will be much worse. Side note; can someone start a petition for the water tower re-paint project. $750,000... Really??
1735Sandra Hibbs
Waste of money and unsafe
1736Dave and Loretta Graham
I think Mr. Flewelling and cohorts should grow some common sense. Nobody in bike lanes now,how about Jan?
1737Flo Forsythe
We have all kinds of bike trails in Red Deer,waste of money on the roads,and you never see bikes on them
1738Diane Piche
What a waste of money for something that will be used for only about 4 or five months a year. I'm sure there is a higher priority that the money could go to. The idiot who though of this should be fired!
1739Jennifer Lund
The manner I which they have just stolen car lanes and painted lines is not safe. I have biked for years in Red deer and experiencd no problem. I am worried it will give the riders a false sense of security against the traffic.
1740Bryan Nelson
Terrible waste of money. There are so many great bike trails in our city! Why create traffic issues, in case we don't have enough of those in Red Deer already!!
1741Jennifer Lund
The manner I which they have just stolen car lanes and painted lines is not safe. I have biked for years in Red deer and experiencd no problem. I am worried it will give the riders a false sense of security against the traffic.
1742S Desjardins
Speaking of the water tower, I read that it is not even being used, and it cost $750,000 to repaint!! Another unbelievable waste of taxpayer money!!
1743marlene kafara
1744Luc Vienneau
Speaking about 55st the traffic was crasy during school season with 4 lanes of traffic and they cut thst in half. Really what do they think is going to happen, totaly insane and what a waste of money, i have not seen 1 bike on there yet.
1745Brian Piche
I drive 59th ave 4 times a day, and have seen 2 bikes since the lanes were built. I have seen motorized scooters and people walking in the lanes, but really no bike traffic. Either way, from Oct 20th until May 10th, no one is going to use these lanes anyway
1746Darlene Tucker
1747Kathi Weisgerber
I fear that it is dangerous, and it's just a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.
1748Denise DArcy
This idea is terrible. It is a waste of money and creates such a traffic issue!!!
1749Coreen Ennis
1750Mike Weisgerber
I am a Courtesy shuttle driver, and I see many problems with these bike lanes.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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