Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1301Amy Judson
1302Stan Maki
Dangerous at intersections.Creates more problems than it solves
1303Lianne Kruger
When were the city of the people asked about their input on this? Bike lanes are ok when they do not take away lanes from the street. These streets are already very busy.
Too much tax money spent on something that can be used less than half of the year.
1304Laura Wolff
It's dangerous, doesn't seem like safety was a priority when they designed it. Good idea in theory but it cuts out lanes, it runs by housing and effects their parking and the street by rotary park is scary.
1305Tony Maxwell
Typical City Council waste of taxpayers money. Use it to repair the potholes in the roads.
1306David Woods
Another example of wasting taxpayer dollars. The bike lanes have stifled traffic and done nothing to improve biker safety.
1307Fay O'Donnell
Difficult to park, drive and commute...for a 5 month promo for a few.
1308Brian Molzan
The way the new bike routes are planned it is only setting the cyclist up to get hit by a motorist, By reducing current roads down to one lane from two lanes has made my commute time longer and more frustrating. I think this bike plan was poorly thought-out and is a waste of tax payer’s money.
I definitely will consider this foolish move by council come next election.
1309denis zukiwsky
the idea is good...but not at the expense of congesting traffic and there are huge safety issues that were not considered...we have tried to get a crosswalk at the Falls entrance for four years with no sucess but yet this hair brain plan goes through immed
1310Patricia Johnson
What were you thinking? Reducing roadspace for vehicles that use these lane ways 12 months a year to allow a select few to ride their bicycles for only a portion of the year.
1311Andrea Hindbo
The only people I've seen using thelanes are kids on scooters & skateboards... Do they have to follow road laws & pass drivers test? I was late because I had to wait on a cyclist making a left hand turn - he could have just used the crosswalk!!! Retared
City Council has really shown its capability of intelligence on this one! Hmmm, that is where our snow removal budge went !
1313Vic Kellough
1314Patti Kellough
1315P;aulette Johnston
While I understand that improvements could be made for bike safety, I do not feel that taking away traffic lanes and making more congestion and confusion for the vehicles is the way to go. There just is not enough space to work well.
1316Ed Monk
Why not do like Calgary did, and paint a yellow line down the center of a sidewalk. If a biker see's a pedestrian, yeild to them, and vise versa for the walker. One single yellow line instead of $800,000 worth of white. Should have used it for Snow removal
1317Bob Reid
I pay thousands of dollars every year to drive on our streets. Bicycles generate no revenue for our city
1318Tracey Carey
I have no problem with bike lanes - just where the City chose to put them. Surely we have less used roadways that would have been safer for all rather than reducing vehicle traffic flow on the main arteries.
1319Matt Baugh
The lanes are a danger to cyclists & motorists alike and keep emergency services from Waskasoo at school rush hours. I want those who approved them out of office. This winter when you're snowed in, think of where the removal budget went...
1320Ephraim Kruger
This project is a shameless waste of time and money for the citizens of Red Deer. I wonder which of our city counsellors voted to support this initiative? Perhaps it is time for them to start brushing up on their plans as ex-counsellors.
1321Jason Davis
1322Cindy Lee Bugaresti
I drive the city daily being a delivery driver. We have a vast amount of bike area's already and the creation of the "Bike Lanes" is a waste of time and city funds..It is hard enough getting around in the city especially in the Morrisroe and Eastveiw area'
1323blair seens
so are ALL bikes going to have to now have insurance,registration and licenses?Every other vehicle on the road has to conform to these rules of the road. What and who do we go after when the cyclist is at fault in a accident and cause damage to our vehicle
1324Dianne Rumohr
These lanes are dangerous. Someone is going to get seriously hurt whil in them! This is not something we are just going to get used to as our mayor suggests.
1325Carson Dyson
1326Sherry Ross
1327gregg busby
who has the right of way,a cyclist going straight or a car making a right hand turn on a green light.does not mention this in the driving hand book.
1328Wayne Martin
Bike lanes--WHAT A WASTE OF PAVEMENT.Do not add any more lanes and get rid of the ones you have made. The money should have been spent on fixing the traffic lights in red Deer so we could go through more than one light sequence before in turns red.
1329Judy McRobbie
RIDICULOUS!! All this for such a small number of users. Shame on council.
1331Randy McKenzie
I feel that the instalment of bjke lanes in red deer is another waste of tax payers money.The need of these lanes for a city of our size is, in my opinion unnecessary.
Concept was good, planning and execution was horrible
1333Christine Galley
I find these bike lanes very dangerous for both drivers and bikers. We should be spending money on other more important things. As the city has grown, traffic has gotten heavier and putting bike lanes is not the way to go!
1334Gord Carmichael
They took roadways that already have bicycle paths right beside them. You interfear with 5000 cars for 1 bike and all at tax payers money with out proper notice. What city councel did was a waste of money among other things they have did in this city.
1335Yvonne Houde
Completely irresponsible use of dollars, and ultimately taking the lives of cyclists in their own hands and creating a commuting nightmare!
1336Danny Peterson
When people cant get out of their driveways this winter because there is no budget to plow snow they need to remember the 800k spent on bike lanes
This was not a good way to keep the Bike riders safe. The lanes end at a lot of intersections, and with no were to go they cut in front of you, which to me is a worse hazard. We have enough traffic congestion already, fix the real traffic issues.
1338Susan Peterson
Make them insure, register and license. Then bike only tolls to pay for this ridiculousness
1339Lorraine Brearley
Poorly planned, dangerous to both bike riders and drivers. Lanes stop and start in the middle of the street and middle of intersections.
1340Dale Stuart
This city council hasn't got a clue when it comes to being fiscally responsible. Just because some other larger centres adopted bike lanes Red Deer feels they have to as well. Problem is I never see any bikes on them. Put the driving lanes back. Morons!
Not much planning put into this $800,000.00 job. Some lanes are okay but the ones in the downtown core and 55 street are terrible and further more since when did city council get into the business of monitoring health regarding riding your bike.
1342Lucy Kuehn
I travel 39th every day 4 times a day and in three weeks I have seen 2 bikes, but tonnes of confused drivers! Wow 250 residents can make a decision to spend $750K of our tax dollars, we could have put that money towards snow removal! Stop the craziness!
1343Trudy Sidoruk
Your Bike lanes could have been a well executed plan if you had the right amount of lanes to keep the flow of traffic. BUT,you do not & you have caused a disaster in the City! This service is only good for possibly 6 months, what were you thinking?
1344Brian Walton
What a poor decision & planning on the City of Red Deer's part! These bike paths are used possibly for 6 months out of the year & that by only the die hart cyclist...So now what happens in the winter for 6 months? And the flow of traffic! Are you kidding?
1345Marlene vanHaren
There is no need for bike lanes to be on busy main roads. I disagree with the concept but if City Council insists on implementing this, place lanes a block away from main roads. Safer for everyone.
1347Garry darr
1348Hilary Stone
Ridiculous concept - cyclists don't pay to share the road. Why should drivers and taxpayers pay for them? If an accident is a cyclist's fault, what recourse does a motorist have? Stop the insanity now.
1349Trixie Griffin
1350Dave L
The concept is ok, but the implementation is just plain dangerous. There are better alternatives, and there's no way I want my kids riding in these lanes
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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