Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
201Farah Wannop
That's allot of money to spend to increase road rage. I can not believe you would take away 2 lanes of traffic where there is 3 schools down 40th Ave. You are asking for trouble....
202Todd Fink
These bike lanes are a joke some areas they're taking away our parking and in others they are taking away an entire lane and for what? Nothing cause no one is using them
203Denise Noonan
Not thought out well.
The lanes are a total waste of money and a lack of practicality on the part of the majority of Red Deer city council. Vote the money wasting, unrealistic, power hungry, fuc*'s out of council next term. Time to wake up Red Deer. Time for them all to go!
council thinks they are saving the environment, I wonder how much extra exhaust is being emitted while vehicles wait for additional lights at intersections that have been reduced to single lanes?
206Lee Hayden
207G. Pelkey
I've been paying more attention to how much the bike lanes are being used. I've observed far more cyclists still using existing sidewalks and bike paths than those using the bike lanes. The bike lanes have only slowed traffic and wasted tax $.
208Debbie Morneault
209David Hohn
The bike lanes are a nice idea, but I don't think further clustering already busy roads is a great idea. And as a cyclist I'd rather use the trail system. I don't feel especially safe when using the bike lanes
210cindy hermary
can't you spend your money on more useful things like the food bank and such. The sign for downtown was a stupid idea too.
I think the money could be better spent dealing with other traffic issues such as a turn signal for turning left from Ross Street onto 30th Avenue.
212Ken Bouteiller
City Council is on the right track, just going the wrong way. Turn around, improve traffic flow and add to our path system already in place.
213Clayton L
This is a very poor planned, waste money city council has come up this time. Why do they want to plug up traffic more than the lighting system already has? If they wanted bike lanes they could have painted up the wide sidewalks with the bike lanes.
214Courtney Hrycauk
You Remove car traffic lanes to put in bike lanes that I have yet to see a biker on. Good thought about the bike lanes but now your slowing down the vast amount of vehicle traffic by reducing the number of lanes!
215Lisa McBin
The bike lane on 55th street has caused major traffic and driver safety issues
216Gary Curtis
Not well thought out,good intentions gone bad.
Another great blunder brought to you by the city of red deer.Cant wait to move.
218Donna Bosch
Wow, my 10 minute drive to work is now at least 25! Super for gas emissions and my fuel consumption!!
219Rhea Sparkes
this bike lanes is the worse decision made.It's not safe for the bikers to be on the road with big vehicles. Thousands vehicle user lose a lane for about 10 biker's a day. Seriously where is the thinking?
220Manuel Garcia
I agree that the City of Red Deer has a vision for biking and it's great, but not the way it's been done so far. Traffic jams are not very nice and I would prefer also biking on trails and existing sidewalks instead of reducing lanes on busy roads.
221Lynn Rienguette
Huge waste of money with the awesome trail system we already have in place not to mention traffic concerns and safety for all
222Mark Matheson
Very poor idea. Could have put that money to do many other uses. It's going to disrupt traffic even worse now!
223Terry Loewen
I personally know many of the councillors and they are good people but they really have their heads in the sand on this one! It's amazing how far common sense will get you or in this cse not get you!!!
224Juan Anguas
Bike lanes are a good idea but not implemented properly in busy streets. Why not have a few 'axis streets' with bike lanes devoted only to one side of the road in conjunction with one way car-lane divided with mini-barriers like in Vancouver?
225Quentin Harper
Really? First a couple of parkades I cant park in, no more free parking downtown and now an even bigger waste of money the bike lanes great idea just maybe some more thought was required
226Tyson Beebe
Bike lanes were a terrible idea for red deer! Totally ruined the already crowded roads! What were you thinkig red deer! :(
227Rebecca Vander
Embarrassment is all I feel as any one who visits my city is saying to them selves "who's the genius who cam up with this idea and more importantly, who voted this in!
228jason hughes
Bad idea to cut one of the main roads down two one lane And spend a huge amount of money at the same time. That money Could of been used better like on snow moval which is only a 2mill buget. Im have a bike i do enjoy the trail systems , add too them.
229Renae Nixon
Horrible idea!!!
230Kevin Nixon
Voting against bike lanes.
231Rosalee Hawksworth
55th Street is crazy now. It was already a small, busy road. Why add a bike lane and take away lanes? And many people don't understand the lanes. Once the snow falls and that turning lane is covered, you will see a lot more accidents.
232Cory Litzenberger
233Mike Doll
No common sense. Making me anxious for the next election as I am thinking that starting off with a clean slate is in order. What a waste of money!
234Allen Mackenzie
who's idea was this? what a poor decision. I use 40th a lot and my commute time has doubled. not to mention someone is gonna get killed by that school then its gonna hit the fan!!
235Christine Wilson
Love the idea of making it easier for bikers to commute, but what about making the sidewalks wider. I am NOT going to be riding my bike on the road with my children, sorry, we will still be riding on the sidewalk. Not to mention that our climate does not r
236Jason Adams
The current road system in Red Deer is straining to accommodate the current traffic load. Removing driving lanes for bikes is assnine considering the amount of bike trails exsisting
237Andrew Pankratz
These bike lanes will work if people in red deer actually knew how to drive. They can not share with cars let alone motorbikes. I am scared for the cyclists. Education before action. The city, like always, is doing this backwards.
Another poorly thought out process handled by the Red Deer city council. How many more bad ideas can they fit into 1 term. Time for a changeout! Looking forward to next election. Hopefully this is the spark needed for new candidates to vote for next term.
239Arlo Moon
How about the people who lost their on street parking?
240Alice Palmer
Bike lanes are a great idea, just not when they take away already overcrowded roads for them. The way it is now is dangerous. Please give us back our roads and think of a better solution.
241Jordan Maracle
242Corinne Twidale
The bike lanes are a joke! To spend all that money for something that I bet less than 1% of red deerians use!!
243Ryan chabot
Bad idea
244kathy stevenson
What the hell were u thinking. There is so much new honking on 55st... where i and many families live, that has escalated into waking children up. Due to accident pervention im sure! Come on. 55st!!! Busiest school and business route in the city!
245Kellie Cummings
I also believe the bike lanes are a safety issue. We are now over crowded, the road rage is out of control, people are getting out of their cars to press the cross walk button to prompt the lights to change ect. Not a good idea!
246Tara Morrison
We are losing lanes in high traffic areas for no good reason! We have a fantastic bike trail system in this city, could that not have been updated? This new system is confusing, over-congested and dangerous!!
247Dave Tyess
Not only is it a waste of money, but the new lanes are cofusing a lot drivers. I'd personally be afraid to use the bike lanes on a bicycle. Traffic and parking in Red Deer is crappy enough without them!
248Christine Tambour
The bike lanes would have been a great idea if they were planned a little better. Taking one lane away in areas where traffic is already (and very well known) has become even more of a nightmare.
I think that everyone on city council that voted yes to poorly executed project should be held accountable for the money spent. Once they are voted out next term, there pensions should be revoked and given back to the people of Red Deer.
250Christine Tambour
Sorry...where traffic is more congested.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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