Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1801Paula Ferreira
I shudder to think what will happen in spring time between slushy slippery streets, bike lanes, careless drivers and bike rider pre-occupied with staying upright. Please stop this madness before someone is killed.
Its just a matter of time before someone gets hurt on these streets,Monday night I saw 6 eleven or twelve year old boys on the bike lanes going east in the right hand lane bobbing in and out of traffic showing off, trying to do wheelies,
The cost of this pilot is expensive and at the same time congesting traffic. There is other means to have bike lanes like adding asphalt lane besides sidewalks. As new subdividions are being created there has been no planning by the city to accomodate
1804Lyle Treiber
1805Julie Hardes
Another waste of tax payers money. Good intentions to promote a healthy lifestyle over-ruled common sense when making this decision. Catering to minorities is the root of this Nation's problem.
1806Terry Wedderburn
What a waste!
1807john shoulders
Noble ideal imposed onto unrealistic situation in order to appease a vocal, persistent minority. Should have been a matter for referendum.
This is a growing city. We need more lanes to move the traffic. So now taking away lanes is making nothing but traffic congestion.40th Ave by Eastview School and down to LTCH's is a mess.The traffic is not moving. You need more lanes.City sure didn't think
If they get special lanes then license bicycles just like cars and make liability insurance mandatory and enforce the laws of the road on them. Why do they get to run red lights? Want to be "green" then STOP CONGESTING TRAFFIC FLOW!!!
1810Kevin Davies
Spending tax dollars on a transportation method used by very few, and only practical for less than 6 months per year is misguided use of public funds.
These dollars should spent on infrastructure and traffic engineering that will improve traffic flow.
1811carol trueman
Have any council members driven in the chaos that is 40th Ave and the 55th St hill during the pre or after school rush? Frustrated drivers are now going through residential neighbourhoods to escape it.Nope, won't be voting for those council members again.
1813carol trueman
what a waste of money and no thought of safety. you have people driving down these bike lanes turning right. which in turn is blcking the view of people trying to come on to the street and they pull right into the line of traffic. (happened on 39th)
The bike lane on 39th has made my drive to the kids school 10 min longer. THANKS! The street is now only 1 lane and no way around that car who needs to turn left, which is really hard during rush hr.
1816Holly Morelli
The road to LTCH in the morning and after school is a joke. Try and get out of LTCH it takes an extra 15-20 min. Who did the research on this project. Waste of tax payers dollars.
1817Amy McRobbie
1818Lawrence Belitsky
I do not agree with removing traffic lanes on our busiest streets to install bike lanes. Our tax dollars went into building solid base, paved roads to support heavy traffic, not required by bike lanes
The bike paths suck
Time to admit failure and get rid of them before someone gets killed!
1822Kent Sutley
So it is apparently ok to install bike lanes (and spend $800,000 on it) without consulting the public. Was a traffic impact study done? If it was, were the results rigged to get the outcome the city wanted? It doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you take a busy 4 lane road down to 2 lanes, that there will be at least twice the congestion, not to mention the increased amount of pollution from the increased time that the vehicles need to be running to get where they are going. They say it is a pilot program and may be temporary, I donít believe that they have any intention of them only being temporary. Income taxes were also supposed to be temporary. Also it is not progressive to remove traffic lanes in a growing city, it is regressive. They could have spent that money on improving traffic flow on our already congested streets, instead of making it worse. It is too bad we donít have the right of recall so we could fire everyone on council who voted for such a poorly thought out plan, instead of having to wait until the next election to get rid of them and get our driving lanes back. This should be THE election issue the next time we vote.
First of all, 2 lanes on major streeets were put there for a reason. Does council think congestion is currently less than previosly? Do they think a few bike riders will reduce traffic in the future? Bike lanes beside the streets would make more sense.
1824Nichole Grocock
what a waste of money!! I havent seen any bikers actually usuing the bike lanes, and winter is coming so im sure the number will go down when the snow is here and you can't see the lane anyways. Then lets hope they dont need another coat of paintnextsummer
1825Roberta G
Exactly what Kent said..and why don't we see what Mayor Flewelling and company ride in to work everyday...a bike???
Bike lanes are an expensive cost to tax payers and does not justify the congestion and confusion especially on 40th, 39th, 55th just to mention a few streets. Public should have been consulted.
We spend millions to widen streets and improve intersections to move traffic in a growing city and a few blocks away we are spending more to reduce lanes to install bike lanes. Doesn't make sense.
1828Natalie Brooks
Incredibly frustrating as a business owner, losing all parking for my clientele to bike lanes.
Streets are now too dangerous to drive on. Who made this decision without public input?

1830jessica winter
I think they are dangerous and redundant. They wont be used enough to make it worth our money.
1831Kevin Soley
Is my registered basement suite no longer legal because the bike lanes in front of my house took away 2 designated parking spots. Just for fun I sit in my living room and count the number of people using these lanes. Grand total of 1 stray dog.
1832GeneviŤve Kristian
These bike lanes are insanity & dangerous. Someone is going to get killed. It is a nightmare for motorists to figure out where to go and what to do. What a waste of money. We are no longer a small city of 35,000!!!
1833Joshua Nelson
Something that hasn't been brought up a lot yet; this is certain to bring up more animosity between aggrivated drivers and cyclists. It takes a bit of self control not to honk at a cyclist riding at 20km/hr in your lane.
1834joy osmond
I am waiting for the first fatality :-(
Hope they are removed before that happens!!
1835Brian Kristian
Waste of tax payers money without public input. People responsible for this should be brought to task
1837Genevieve Chretien-Belley
Too much traffic and congestion in front of Thurber in the morning. Can you imagine in the winter...
1838Jamey Kristian
1839Marc Kristian
1840Jeff Kristian
1841John Price
1. Putting pylons where the bike lanes would go, for two weeks, would have been sufficient research to conclude these bike lanes are a bad idea.

2. Bike lanes are good, but you can't force them into existing infrastructure that doesn't support them.
1842ian stadel
its a waste of money and was not totally thought through ....
1843Helen Craig
No one will use the bike lanes year round. Impossible to get around in the snow on a bike. Then when's it's hot people won't bike because where do they shower and change their clothes when they get to work? I could go on but run out of room.
1844Roxanne Wood
Why not widen the sidewalks.
1846Deanna McGratton
1847Wanda Zemlak
What a waste of our money!No one even knows the rules on these lanes.Who has the right of way on a red light when I want to turn right?who made this dumb decision?
1848Amy Miller
1849Amy Miller
1850Sharla Piecowye
Just a poorly thought out plan. I sat through 4 light cycles at the intersection of 39th and 49th today and it wasn't during the school rush. Not to mention the multitude of other issues. Hope those bike lanes are removed and soon!
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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