Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2801Josh Sullivan
2802Troy Sheridan
I have yet to see a bike using the lanes. What was wrong with the way things were? When I was a kid I rode my bike all over Red Deer every summer; never any problems.
get rid!!!
2804Paula ward
The bike lanes are the stupidest thing this city has done!
2805Harold Drok
A Band-Aid solution for something that didnít need fixing, the sidewalks and the trail systems have worked for years and will continue working for many more years. Hard to justify the cost for a very short season and very few commuters actually using bikes.
2807Teresa Shea
What next from our city fathers . . . get a real job. Someone will end up getting killed on our streets and it will be the fault of our city planners with the consent of city council. Take a look at our roads. Why didn't you fix the potholes instead.
2808carmen morales
it is insaneand costly
2809Maxine Stuart
I do believe it is totally stupid that these bike lanes were put in. They will not be used in the winter time at all. They are so dangerous for the rider and the driver at all times. I do agree with other people, totally financially irresponsible!!!!!!
2810Deb & Dave Nakonechny
Expediently eliminate this bike lane faux pas or we will have a whole new slate of electoral candidates for city council next election. Thank you.
2811Jeremy Smith
The biggest mistake was putting these bike lanes on arterial streets (i.e. 39th street, 55th street, 40th avenue). As others have said, when designing new neighbourhoods, bike lanes can be incorporated into the layout - or put in wider sidwalks.
2812David Marais
Yet to see any bikes using those and placement is ridiculous. Try turning S onto 59 Ave when heading E on 67th, you're in the bike lane. Real handy in the winter too, morons.
2813Shane Caron
I see more cars in the bike lanes then bikes. If I was a biker I would not feel safe using the bike lanes in the first place. And as a driver the bike lanes make it very difficult to turn at some of the intersections around town.
2814Jan Carr
2816Nancy Davison
2817Greg Allen
No consideration was given to the daily drivers that use 30th ave & 55 st. The trafic was conjested enough with 4 lane trafic especially when schools lets out or in . It has been a nightmare with the 2 lanes. Get real & change it back !
I think by doing this you will see more bike accidents, as cars will be running over bikers
2819Mike & Joan Walliser
I can't believe that a tiny percentage of Red Deer that bike would hold the rest of us hostage. Remember this when the next election happens. Vote all of the dimwits out!
2820Douglas Madden
750,000 the city spent on these stupid bike lanes that nobody uses ? Public hanging should be brought back for city council
2822Ewa Sawicki
Causing so much trafic.
2823Vicky Price
I'm really surprised I haven't heard of any bikers getting run over yet. The lanes seem to start and stop indiscriminately. There are still cars parked all over the streets plus bike lanes drawn here and there, I hope no one gets hurt, doesn't seem safe.
2824Dwane & Shelley Makowski
Wow 75 people showed up to show their support for the bike lanes. that's like .0816% of the Red Deer population.Doesn't sound like a majority to me.
Check out today's Advocate. I can't imagine that little two year old boy actually riding in the 40 ave. bike lanes with cars whiz zing by at 50 kmph. NOT SAFE.
2827Cindi Sexsmith
I think the idea of bike lanes is great. They should however, be separate from street and not choke up our roadways and effect the parking in downtown. Right now they just are not looking too safe.
2828Sylvia Hooey
The bike lanes are a TOTAL WASTE OF MY TAX DOLLARS!!! Someone will get killed on these rediculous bike lanes...trials were done on single lane roads so of course there was no problem with them! We want our two driving lanes back on 55th and 40th!!
2829Myrt Pritchard
Let some common sense prevail and eliminate the bike lanes NOW. Minimal use and a huge waste of money. Congestion is unreal when schools let in or out. An accident waiting to happen!!
A city this size should be trying to get traffic running more efficiently not impeding it with bike lanes that are only used by a very few for a few months of the year. Do we need to have a biker run over before the city does something about it!
2831marlene lunn
April Fool's right? What a waste of money. Who is going to admit to this faux pas? I guess the 12 people using the bike lanes are quite appreciative. Traffic in places was very slow to begin with but is now really backed up.
2832Dawn Maetche
Like I have already said in my email to Public Works and the Mayor's office and in the survey I filled out, this is the most ridiculous thing I've seen our City Council do. It has made roads very unsafe and an already inadequate road infrastructure worse.
2833Rob Enns
Can't wait for the tricycle lane next year. This is what happens when you mix city council meetings with drugs.
2834Diane Scoville
Can't wait to see how badly the City of Red Deer will be sued when someone is killed in one of these bike lanes. I just hope it never happens.
2835Chris Davis
We've once again sacrificed traffic volume & flow for the benefit of the very few. Coun. Harris, Wyntjes, Jeffries, Mulder and Mayor Flewelling, update your resumes.If you were planning on remaining on council this fall,the electorate may have other plans
2836Terry Welty
2837Betty Welty
Again, the rights of the majority in favour of the few; someday we will stop electing councilors who have all been former government employees.
2838G & B Morasch
this is the dumbest thing this city has done recently.
2839John Herbert
We have beautiful bike paths through the parks and that is where the bikes can safely ride not on our busy streets that are needed to accomodate vehicle traffic..
The bike lanes are one of the scariest things the City has done in recent years. the lanes are not being used by bicyclists - they are still using the sidewalks. 75 people to demonstrate - not too much support for something that we deemed 'vital'. remove!!
We take a growing city and cut some major streets (40 Ave & 55 St) in 1/2. Wait until winter or a vehicle is stalled or an emergency vehicle needs to get through. Then what? Pretty ridiculous and expensive project for a minority population of cyclists.
2842Doug Jacobson
not a good plan. more havoc created than resolved. not clearly thought out in the least.
2843Lori Deslauriers
Poor use of taxpayers money to reduce vehicle traffic lanes for the odd cyclist.
2844Karen McLeod
I've not seen the bike lanes used once and they've taken away much needed driving lanes for our growing population as well as caused traffic jams.
2845Marina Hetesi
I would love to see more people riding their bikes but please not at the expense of traffic flow and safety. Reducing traffic flow on busy streets is not a reat plan.
I really can,t believe that we have people in our publc offices that would have agreed to such incompetance or how it managed to get past everyone, and it cost the tax payers thousands of dollars to put them in and now again to take them out.
2847Peter Edgell
Bike lanes are an inappropriate use of tax payers money. They benefit very few cyclist while the rest still use sidewalks. If we must have them please ask the police to enforce road traffic laws against cyclist who continue to ignore laws e.g. stop signs
2848Rick Bakke
Crazy...I don't know what else to say. A blunder that will cost taxpayers $$$$ for many years to come.
2849Brian Renaud
To me safety is a huge issue with this. Congested roads cut in half and bike lanes on 55th st that are only a few feet wide. This is crazy.
2850Gary Grote
I think there needs to be more public input to a decision like this and not another expensive survey.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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