Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1151Katie Brownell
1152ed hujber
What a waste of taxpayer's dollars!Once again city council thinks it knows best!Have any of them actually gone out and looked at the problem? Yesterday as we drove on 39th street we saw a total of 10 bikes-9 riding on the sidewalk and 1 riding in the lane
1153Neil Kundert
What a stupid idea. Does anyone in council think before acting. Haven't seen a single person use the lanes yet. Now we have thrown out 800 thousand which we do not have. What an inept bunch of clowns. Yes, I cycle lots.
1154Diana H
It's unfortunate that money has been spent to make driving in Red Deer even more congested and dangerous. How could the changes to 40th near Eastview School ever be conceived as safe or efficient. Some days you can sit 3 lights waiting to get through.
1155Janet Sween
Deliberately taking steps to impede the flow of vehicle traffic in any growing city is not just counterproductive but it is simply ludicrous. Red Deer has grown immensely in the last few years, and to take major routes that were previously deemed necessary to have 4 lanes down to 2 lanes makes absolutely no sense. I cannot and never will understand how this city council came to a conclusion that this would be a good idea.
1156marge hujber
I drive to church in the morning and the congestion is unreal! the problem was bad enough before but city council has managed to compound the problem!
1157Gene & Sylvia Chambers
Ridiculous waste of taxpayer money.When we asked for more snow removal in the winter they said it would cost to much, really!
1158Doreen Albers
Definately a waste of money and from what I have seen in some areas they are creating some very dangerous situations for bike riders. Who designed these things and decided where they would go?
1159Darrel D
While the city spends 7 million upgrading two intersections on 32 Ave, they go and limit traffic flow on other streets. Widen sidewalks or something else before this stupid move. It would be good to know who voted on this so I won't voter for them.
1160April Corbeil
I think it's a complete waste of tax payers money!! Espically putting them in at the end of summer, just to be covered by snow that doesn't get removed until March..Not to mention the dangerous traffic congestion just got worse!! Great idea!
1161Richard Olsen
The intersection at 40th ave and 39th Street is in gridlock at certain times. Frustrated users are driving westbound in the eastbound lane.
1162Diana Verhesen
I think it's a complete waste of tax payers money!! no one is using them right. I can see a few accidents ahead.
1163G. Hodge
The bike lanes on 52 street lead nowhere are used by no one and inconvience all residents businessess and users of the now blocked off meters. Not much thought went to this about seniors who use the hall on 52 st. They will remember next election+vote!!
1164r larsen
Just when you think this council and mayor couldn't do anything stupider they manage to top it.
1165Lois Collier
Shame on City Hall for jumping on the latest Canadian city fashion trend of bike lanes.What was broken?Nothing!Bikes can ride on sidewalks and do. Many people in Red Deer are on fixed incomes;wasting their tax dollars like this for a very few is shameful.
time to get ride of a council that listens to special interst groups and not the taxpayer
1167Glen LaBuc
1168Kari Nims
We do not have so may pedestrians on our streets, that we needed a bike lane for bikers. It is much safer for bikers on the sidewalks, for the bikers and the vehicles on the roads.
1169Jim Coulson
When a serious accident or fatality happens, who is responsible? What a waste of tax dollars. Cyclists should have ins. and licences to pay for the cost and maintenance of these lanes.
$800,000! For bike lanes, that I have yet to see a biker use. Roads look confusing to drivers, people have to find new places to park.$800,000 and the City of Red Deer can't keep the roads clean in winter. I bet the new bike lanes will become snow storage.
1171Marilyn McLeod
not thought out at all. should of asked the citizens of Red Deer if they wanted it!
1172Darrel McLeod
Stupid and confusing
1173Sandra Ballum
1174Tina Mah
This is a absurd waste of money, it will create more driver congestion with taking out lanes to make room for bike lanes. Further more the bike lanes are place incomplete places for residents, who can not park and in front of area map signs.
1175Chad Berry
Why are we trying to follow Amsterdam's example? do we have their weather? This makes no sense at all and reminds me of the MILLIONS that London wasted on their failed 'Solar parking meters'. Research needs to be done before wasting taxpayer money.
Still see bikes driving on the sidewalks just like they always have. What was council thinking take away one of our driving lanes and make it for bikes!?? Are our roads not congested enough with 2 lanes, now it's so much worse with only one lane. This is C
How many months per year can you ride a bike in Alberta??? They took away a driving lane to make a bike lane that can only be used for 5 months at best!! Our roads were congested when there were 2 lanes, now there's only one!
1178Terry Hanasyk
This expenditure is a total waste of money. The bike trails although will intentioned are not suited to the streets in Red Deer. We are having to take away traffic lanes to accomodate the bike lanes which are not even being used. I have seen only one b
I am shocked with our Mayor's comments in the Red Deer Advocate (Sept 11, 2012); I cannot believe that he thinks this is a good idea for the citizens of our City. For sure he will not be getting my support if he indents to be re-elected.

1180Heather Lefebvre
Red Deer City were sitting on your brains when you thought this out!!!!
1181les Danyluk
How do you compare Red Deer to any Europeon city-higher population density, shorter distances to travel, smaller vehicles to share the road, different weather demands. These differences do mean apples and oranges when designing anything.
1182Debra Sather
1183Margaret Hanasyk
Ridiculous waste of money. One cyclist seen going up Spruce Drive Hill in the last month. Traffic tie ups all over the city. Mayor says we will adjust. He needs to wake up to the idea this is a working City and a traffic needs to move.
1184Lyle Filliol
If council listened to 250 citzens to do this then this petition already surpasses that
1185Doreen Tighe
Changes to 40 Ave and 55 St are counterproductive. Concerned with how emergency vehicles get through to the approx. 3000 students/staff at Thurber/Camille/Riverglen during peak traffic times.
1186Victoria Webb
I hate that we as a society think that bikes should be on the road! Bike vs pedestrian = not fatal, bike vs car = potentially fatal! It's why I don't ride a bike anywhere!
1187Irene pipke
makes no sense to make streets narrower when city is growing by leaps andbounds
1188Anjeica Nemirsky
Not necessary.
1189Wayne Clark
Will the city take any resposibility "when some one on a bike" is in an accident.(referring to the change lane on 55st near 48th ave .Have seen a near miss there already ,and it was not a young person. I hope there is no incdents.
1190Bert Weiner
Texas has an express lane for the death penalty. Red Deer has Bike Lanes and it is only a question of time until a cyclist will be killed.
1191Michelle Langelaar
Funny...Red Deer gets bigger and we start taking away lanes from our MAJOR roadways. Good thinking!!! NOT Here's an idea, clean up the TRAIL SYSTEM, make it safe so it can be used properly.
1192Terry Polutnik
1193Millie Schmelke
If the citizens of Red Deer are good enough to pay their taxes why are we not good enough to be asked our opinions on matters that concern us??????
1194Gerard Mack
already had two near misses with bikers, as bikers in these lanes think they have the right away, even if they have a red light
1195Terry Clark
I live near Eastview Middle school it was a mess juring school hours before the messed up 39th and 40th now it's a gonshow!!
1196Denise Froehlich
Collossal waste of money, put it into the snow removal budget or water treatment upgrades, something useful that taxpayers want. I'm tired of the interest groups that get their way in council like the chicken people and the bike lane people. Ridiculous!
1197Paul A
Intentions to prepare for effects of global warming? We can adjust that when the time comes, but for right now, this is counterproductive.
1198Alexis Misner
So much money to serve so few riders for such a short period of each day. Red Deer needs councilors elected by wards.
1200Bob Blumenschein
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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