Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2401Dave H
2402janet otway
2403jason mclean
2404Blake Otway
2405Cameron Otway
2406Shaune Fandrey
Cyclists on the busy public roads are not safe. A bike/pedestrial crash is rarely life threatening - a bike/car crash is almost always. The money should have been spent expanding the bike trail system. By the way, we have snow 8 mos of the year!
2407Brenda Winter
2408Joanna Watson
I moved to Red Deer 7 years ago and have seen my property taxes almost double since then. Is this where my hard earned money is going? What is going to happen when the snow covers all the ridiculous turn lanes - it will lead to more accidents.
2409Wanda Seifried
These need to go! We have bike paths- USE THEM!
2410Wanda Getson
2411Poppy Seifried
2412Ivan Getson
2413Sarah McPherson
2414Madison F.
Last Friday I sat and watched two of Red Deer's finest - RCMP bike cops, riding around on - you guessed it! The sidewalk! If the RCMP don't think bike lanes are safe why on earth would we encourage our citizens to use them!
2415Claude Carpenter
What a waste of money. The biking season is too short to warrant such an expense!
2416Pat Grainger
no traffic tickets for bikers,no need for a license, no insurance!Nightmare for maintenance crew. Get real! There was a fatality in Calgary a couple of weeks ago involving bike lane user. How many deaths before common sense prevails?
2417Carolyn Lodewyk
Why would you take away driving lanes on busy roads..40th ave, 39th st, 55th? The bike lanes need to go
2418Helen Curry
Do not want my taxes spent on dangerous bike lanes which are making driving very congested and difficult.This is Alberta NOT vancouver.
2419Shelly Sauve
The bike lanes suit the needs of a very small minority.
It is very frustrating to have a Counsel that cares for the needs of only a few.
My suggestion would be to extend/improve existing bike trail that everyone can benefit from.
Shame on you Conselors!
The bike lanes are a waste of money, time, and space. Why do we have sidewalks for? For people to use them!
Almost got hit head on this morning on 39th while driving the kids to school. Bunch of teens passed on the single lane into oncoming traffic.
2422Dave Hiebert
1st it was the stupid curbside planters taking away lanes in north Red Deer, now even more congestion with unused bike lanes, we need lanes to keep traffic flowing in an ever growing city not taken away, ridiculous waste of time,space, & money
2423Delmy Ramos
Would be a better option to invest in house building bus stops, so that people who use this service do not bother us cold and snow in winter, and the sun and the rain in summer. This option is a better invest for the everyone
2424Keltie younger
Too much $$$. Too dangerous. How r u going to recover any of this money? Does the average bike rider pay taxes for these lanes? All bike riders I've talked to say they won't use the lanes. They would rather see more trails. Election please.
2425Guy Carpenter
Waste of money and city council needs to be held responsible
2426Tracey Stauffer
The 40 ave in front of Eastview school is a Joke. The lights to turn onto 39th street, during rush hour (mornings and evenings) takes a average of 6 lights to turn. Really? Come on people!!! Not cool.
2427Clark Johnston
First of all I have no problem sharing the road with responsible adult bikers. However, I see no justification for a dedicated bike lane on 52nd street, between 48th & 49th Ave. This is not a high volume traffic street. The west bound lane is shared with bikes – OK. But East bound has a dedicated bike lane removing 20 short term parking spaces. This removes parking for two apartment buildings, two businesses and the Masonic Lodge Hall located on that street, plus parking for visitors to the school at the end of the street. I speak mainly for the Lodge Hal which hosts five different groups totaling some 250 (est.) Red Deer voters. Also, due to Red Deer’s central location within the Province, several provincial Lodges and Committees meet in Red Deer, bringing an economic benefit to the city. This short term parking is essential to maintain and grow the draw of Red Deer. As well several of the members are seniors and the removal of the parking is a definite hardship. I don’t mind sharing, but why the need to exclusive.
2428Marion Nazar
RD roads were built to accommodate 30,000 - now pushing 95,000 and you're taking away roads?! I walk and drive the 55 and 40 St area a lot and NEVER see cyclists. Who are you building these for?No one should ever put their lives on the line on those lanes!
2430Tracy Bathgate
Waste of money,
bike lines om public roads are like taking a **** in the middle of parkland mall. I think i should go to city of red deer town building and take a **** on their door step. What a bunch of whack job people that make the decisions
2432Betty Dewitte
Too dangerous. Season is too short, streets are already crowded with car traffic.
2433Pam Laycock
I am biker. I use the trails often. I only use a small portion of the new lanes to get to a trail. I do not feel safe using them as a means of travel around town. Red Deer has unique needs, big trucks, and a fast pace hub.
Absolutely Horrble waste of tax money
2436Laurie Schafer
This is the single most waste of money that I think that the city has done. I think they are a good idea, but when it cuts down the lanes from the bus routes, school lanes and all of that it was a horribly bad idea. A waste of money also...Have I mentioned
2437paul pearson
these new bike lanes are really slowing traffic down to a crawl and it sure is a waste of my tax dollars.
2438Hugh Kellough
Streets are built to move traffic. If you want Bike lanes, put them on Secondary Streets.
I think the city did not do there homework on this,I have always shared the driving lanes with cyclist with no problem, because there has always only been 1 or 2 bikes in a season ihave needed to watch out for,city needs to add lanes, not take them away
2440Arcadio Zamora
I had to drive behind a slow driver (35 - 40 km/hr) going northbound on 40th ave and eastbound on 55th st and couldn't not pass him because there's only one lane now. There were 5 cars behind me and no bikers using the bike lanes.
2441David Pottruff
Not only are these bike lanes congesting traffic but they're also not being used! While walking along 39th street last night I was nearly hit by two bicyclists on the sidewalk.
Your crazy!! Too busy on streets now! Nobody's using them, it's dangerous, and what a waste of my tax paying money!! I would like a refund pls! Or fix all the potholes and sink holes on my street pls! Snow removal would have been nice,instead of this!:(
2443Andrew stone
Stupid idea!!!! If u want to run bikers over I guess it's a good idea.
I grew up in red deer, moved too Calgary over 3yrs ago. Bike lanes are something familiar too me because of living in Calgary. When I came too red deer, I was completely thrown off, they were done horribly and are quite dangerous. Loose the lanes.
2445Jared van Haren
I'm sure my concerns have already been covered in the previous 2000 comments. Red Deer does not have a "bicycle commuter" mentality and for the dozen people that will use them it was definitely not worth $750,000.
Absolute silly idea--not only is traffic copletely backed up..NO ONE is using riding in the lanes. $750,000 SAY WHAAAA--Youve done it again Red Deer -Almost as sick as the waste of money we spent repainting the water tower!!
2447Josh Kingcott
slowed down traffic to a crawl, no bikes anywhere, complete waste of money, I can think of lots of better ways to waste tax dollars
2448Adam Harrington
2449Richelle Grymaloski
Not a good idea. Traffic is congested as is, now the city has taken away lanes! Somes streets bike lane ends at lights then what, where do they go?
2450Don G.
I've lived in Red Deer for over 50 yrs and this was one of the dumbest things that my taxes have been spend on. People live on the east side and work down town or west end. thats how the city got planned, so lets keep the traffic moving unrestricted.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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