Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
301Ryan Morcom
A huge waste of money for a 'pilot' program. 55th Street is a diaster. Craig Curtis should be fired for complete incompetence.
I still see more bikes on regular road ways impeding traffic. With a perfectly good bike trail beside them.
303crissy naidoo
The congestion is ridiculous the research and cost/ benefit to the citizens of RD apparently wasn't taken into consideration. To take 2 lanes down to one in any city shows how genius this idea was - sad waste of money -consideration - and representation
304Tarra Tarr
The bike lanes are completely useless and get in the way at intersections!
306Tina Ullberg
Absolutly ridiculous. This city is not designed for those lanes....and NOBODY USES THEM. Huge waste of tax payer money.
307Ben Galipeau
The majority of the Red Deer drivers are traffic challenged enough as it is; don't add to their confusion by reducing ďtheir right of way". Bike lanes are a good idea in cities like Ottawa and Montreal where they are properly design and defined with curbs & bollards. Red Deer drivers do have the mentality or attitude to cope with more confusion on the streets. Itís a big expense to satisfy a small percentage of the population. One thing that it will do is that it will look good on the books when the city is promoting itself. Cheers.
While I may agree in principal with the idea of bike lanes the execution has been horrendous! There has to be a better solution than removing needed traffic lanes for sparely used bike lanes.
I think these bike lanes are great for passing the other slow drivers. I vote we use the bike lane and a snowmobile lane considering we have snow 10 months out of the year.
311Jon Delcaro
Not once have i seen someone using the bike lanes
312Margarita Capicio
I live in Eastview and use 39 and 40th to get basically everywhere. It was a congested road before and now just plain crazy with the traffic happening because of the 1 lane. Now that my daughter started school in Maryview I notice how much it impacts traff
313Ty Junck
How can you justify making roads smaller as the city grows? Totally ridiculous.
314Ryan Lemon
Complete waste of hard working tax payers money. Aside from the fact that this bike lane was a horrible idea and increases commute times and it is dangrous.
315Matthew Merrick
I've already sent an e-mail to the mayor and the entire city council explaining my stance on this. The decision to move forward with this plan was completely ridiculous.
316Cherry Smillie
39th to 40th alone is a disaster. Not to mention the rest of the city. Every time I go for a walk, I need to get out of the way for cyclists on the sidewalk!!! Money well spent? No. I'm a $750k road block for them. Outrageous.
the bike lanes are a complete waste of taxt payers money. i have only seen 1 person use these in the entire site since they were put in. they have gone and taken very congested roads and made them even worse to drive on.
Bike lanes cause more problems than good. It's also winter here most of the year. The roads are for vehicles the paths are for bikers walkers and joggers.
I agree with the other comments about the bike lanes confusing drivers. These ridiculous bike lanes will cause alot of unnecessary accidents. What a stupid idea.
Bike lanes would have been a good idea if they implemented differently. Like not taking up a lane of traffic, and then zig zagging traffic around. Accidents will be abundant this winter.
322Lauren Richardson
Just ridiculous.
323Laurel S
A waste of money.
324Lindsay Kelndorfer
325Lacey Noel
Waste of money and they are going to create havoc on the roads!
326Tracey Stephan
Poor use of taxpayer money. Benefits very few, and negatively impacts many. As a parent I don't let my children use these lanes, they ride on the sidewalk beside 39th instead.
327Logan Capicio
More than half of the year in Red Deer it snows anyways. Get rid of them.
While the idea of bike lanes is fine, taking away lanes of traffic is absolutely asinine. Our city traffic woes were already growing by leaps and bounds. This is an enormous step backwards. I will not vote for a single current councilor or this mayor.
329Sylvia Andersen
What a waste of taxpayers money! They are so confusing...try turning right from 40th ave onto you pull over into the bike lane so you don't cut a bicyler off when you are turning right or what????
330Joanne Buhler
One more example of council wasting $$ and it's interesting that where some bike lanes end is actually at a bus stop. Go figure
331Elsie Becker
complete waste of money.
333Caroline Panteluk
Give us back our driving lanes! Swallow hard, city council, and admit the error. The bike lanes are underutilized, are creating major traffic issues, and dictating that biking is the only way to wellness and activity for a family is very presumptuous!
I don't want my grandkids using a bike lane on the road! Make the sidewalks bigger to accomodate...
335Gerald Flores
Please take the bike lanes off!
336Amanda Gordon
Since when does the city do a survey of only 250 residents in a city of 90000. Not a fair selection or pool if you ask me and everyone else! Already this petition has more signatures than who were asked in the first place! Come on City Council!
337Jennifer Heather
This was a serious error on the part of Red Deer City Planners and Council. Too much money wasted to accommodate less than 1% of the population at the inconvenience of the other 99%,.
338Deb Sandau
Though the idea is a good one, the way it was done was poor. More research and planning was needed. Now, we are left with wasted time and wasted money trying to figure out what should be the right path to follow.
Unacceptable. Enough said.
Bike lanes are great. Bike lanes that impede traffic are not. Keep the existing bike lanes on single lane roads. Remove bike lanes from double lane roads. (What a simple solution!)
Hate them. Why did they make 40th 4 lanes 30years ago when we were 1/2 the population only to take it down to 2 lanes with double the population. Crazy!!
342Bernie LeBlanc
55th Street was already a nightmare during school rush hours.Not much thought or observation was put into it before adding the bike lanes. All the lanes of traffic are confusing.I've only seen 3 users so far.Expand the sidewalks for bikers to use.
A completely non thought out decision. They cause confusion, create traffic backups, and annoy me and many others to our wits end. City of Red Deer, shape up or ship out.
344Madison F
The bike lanes that have now taken away a whole lane of traffic has slowed my already-rushed mornings to school and anywhere else. They only benefit the bikers that will be riding them for only 2 months (maybe) of the whole year.
345Laine Michael
The wasted money on these bike lanes disgust me . . .
Im going to be a total bad ass and continue to use the sidewalks to bike on.
347Don Finley
Waist of money, makes driving retarded!
349Brittany Blagborne
useless with ignorant bikers!!!!! why waste the time and money on the bike lanes when the bikers dont use them anyway!! IGNORANCE WILL NOT BE CHANGED WITH A PAINTED LINE!!!!!
350Rick Schatzke
Waist of money way to go Red Reer
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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