Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
551Richard Knebel
Bad for traffic. Takes twice as long to get to work.

Don't see more bikes out. Will always tell my kids to still use te sidewalk even though they can use 1m of road.

Wasted space in the 7 months that bikes infrequent.
552Peter Cummings
No one is using them. Seen kids walking on them to go to school instead of the side walk. 55th street is a nightmare 15 minutes to get from Michener to the bottom and only because someone let me in. 800k are you kidding me. Good job Paul Harris
553Erin G
Where was our chance to vote on this huge waste of money? oh, right.... I've seen one person using these stupid lanes. It does NOTHING to help traffic. they will be useless under the snow. I saw a lane end behind a parked vehicle! No sense to them at all!
554Roxanne M.
Seriously city council, you are aware that we live in a northern climate with snow for 6+ months a year. Have yet to see ANYONE riding in the bike lane. Thanks for wasting my money!
555William H
Its pretty expensive to add extra wide parking lanes
Waste! Bikers and drivers don't even know how to use the lanes! Our traffic was already too much for most streets, and now there's less lanes?!!
557John K.
This move caters to the few cyclist who will use the lanes to get to work, when the majority of people in this city are driving. Should have thought this through before spending our tax dollars.
I don't see why they can't just use the sidewalks that run parallel to the road. Much safer that way.
Removing vehicle lanes to create bike lanes is rediculous. There are already BIKE PATHS and SIDEWALKS ALL OVER THE CITY. Three quarters of a million dollars could go to ending homelessness or anything else. The City Councillors and Mayor should be replaced
Such a waste of good money! Seriously I was intown for over an hour watching and not one bike. Who's brain fart was this????
561Joanne White
562Jade Kozowy
Get rid of the ones on 55 st. And 59 ave. for sure. Bike lanes should NEVER go where traffic lanes or residential parking needs to be taken away. NEXT TIME TRY SOME MEANINGFUL PUBLIC CONSULTATION. Like radio spots/interviews, mall surveys, etc.
563Cory M.
waste of money. waste of MY money...
564Richelle Kozowy
Get rid of them. Traffic on 55th and 39th is atrocious. I'd be furious if I lived on 59 ave. I have 3 gravel stalls behind my house for our cars, and my close is still full of cars. WAKE UP.
565blaze miner
Almost cause me to get into an accident the other day. And how many months in a year are suitable for riding a bike in red deer....
566Rick Lenton
Waste of time and money. Makes roads congested and dangerous. They should have used the survey to start public consultations!!
567Josh Douville
definitely better places we could have spent so much money. They must be taken out where they replaced lanes of traffic
568Bill Dennis
You should upgrade the roads first before putting in bike lanes that no one uses .
Right now all you are doing is slowing traffic down to the point of road rage
569Doug McCreature
I actually saw a runner running in the bike lane down Spruce Drive!!! The sidewalk was right beside the road and there he was running down the bike lane. Maybe he figured he better make use of the lane seeing that no cyclist was. LMAO!!!
570Carol C.
such a waste of tax dollars at this time, haven't seen more than 5 people using it since started, is not helping traffic and parking One BIT
571Tom McCue
They don't make any sense. They make the driving lane too narrow
There's no fixing stupid.I think there was a financial moral for more than one council member to get this fast track with out public debate.
573G. Allen
In cities with bike lanes room has been added to already existing roads in order to accommodate bikes not tear up or eliminate lanes and replace them with bike lanes. Red Deer is a growing city too many streets already congested with traffic
574Chelsey Dobbyn
Would have been more purposeful in bike hot spots not throughout the city.
suckers now it be 2.4 million to removed.
576Liz Leinweber
The bike lanes are such a waste of money and so dangerous with the traffic congestion in the morning. Everyone cutting through residential streets now to avoid it, so now everywhere is backed-up and residents have double the road traffic on their streets.
577Katherne Stalwick
If the city was going to consult citizens about the installation of bike lanes, they should have used a reasonable sized sample of our population. With about 35,000 I would consider a reasonable sample size to be abour 10% or 3,500 not 0.007%
578Carmen Alvarez
I was driving downtown and had to stop at a red light, the two boys next to me on their bikes decided they did not have to stop for the light, so they proceeded to go ahead and run the red light. teach them how to use these lanes properly please!!!!!!!!!
579Roxey MacBurnie
What a waste of tax payers money this was, and to take away residential parking spots and making lanes smaller for this is ridiculous.
580Yvonne Pack
We have a great trail system in Red Deer! Having bike lanes especially in high traffic areas such as schools ie.55th st. and in front of peoples homes on 59 Ave. where people can't even park in front of their own home is ridiculous!
581Michele Pell
Not in favor of the bike lanes. It is not making commuting easier for biker or driver. The lanes on the east end of 39th are unsafe as the curbs jut out and the bike lane ends, the biker has to go into the already narrowed lane to go past the intersection
582Ed nava
I still see cyclists using the sidewalks rather than these ridiculous bike lanes .......what a waste....
583Steven Depta
The elcted officials of Red Deer are out of touch with the electorate or just don't care what we think.
584christa rinas
i ride all summer and it is not safe on the roads with bad drivers even in bike lanes. make more trails and sidewalks instead.
585Kim hill
Not good use of our tax dollars! How bout putting the money into fixing roads properly. What a waste!
586Patti Somer
A waste of time, money and space. I saw traffic backed up on 55th street for 6 blocks. And at time it is impossible to get down 39th street. While bike lanes may be a nice idea it is not practical for a growing city like red deer. Remove them!
587Melissa Smith
Bike lanes r dangerous for users and have only succeeded in making traffic congestion worse. Remove them. How about widening the sidewalks to allow both bikes and people and improving the trail system.
Widen the sidewalks, or improve the bike paths, these bike lanes are not safe for cyclists, and increases traffic congestion, especially on 39th
589Joddi Roberts
There is no longer parking available for blocks in front of my place because of the bike lanes that have taken over the city.
590R . Leblanc
No one uses them!!! the one on Kerrywood going up to ore is always empty.
591Bob Wolford
I belive city council made ahuge mistake and waste of the taxpayers money when they made the bike lanes. I hope no inexperienced children learning how to ride weaves out into traffic and gets seriously hurt or worse.Widen the sidewalks would be safer.
592Jamie Plumley
All I have to Say is wait till winter and i'll be driving like those things dont exist!!!
593Antonio villacorta
get rid of them
594Rodney Holt
This pilot project was yet another example of reckless government and use of tax payers dollars. It is time for our local government to start making educated decisions.
595chris carberry
There was already to much traffic
596Matthew Wolfe
red deer is not a place for bike lanes, our roads where already congested without these lanes.
597Jasmine Nelson
Aside from the obvious flaws in planning, lack of cyclist commmuters in Red Deer, loss of parking, traffic congestion, and trails and bike routes that were already available to cyclists, is it not dangerous to allow these unlicensed drivers on the road?
598Randy Preece
You're doing what with my tax dollars???
The bike lanes are poorly set up and makes it dangerous for cyclists to be on the road. There doesn't need to be bike lanes on the busy roads and makes the traffic congested. Poor planning on the city's part!
600levi shelfoon
As an ever-growing city, the last thing Red Deer needs is bike lanes. It will cause congestion and will only increase the difficulty and need of further road developement throughout the city. This will cost big bucks.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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