Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
251Justin Hall
The bike lanes were a bad idea, our city isn't nearly big enough to have them. They only work in the larger cities because their sidewalks are much too congested with pedestrians.
252Alison M
Bad idea on the bike lanes! For 1 thing they will only be used 6 months out of the year and second it is way to confusing for drivers and will cause more accidents, the money spent on the bike lanes would have been better used to fixing alot of these roads
253mike maga
Waste of money and more of a hazzard then a help.
254Tonia bell
I agree with all that's been said.... We have super long winters where they won't even get used what a waste.
255Ben Guenther
40th ave is so congested now with traffic, it is just making traffic worse
256H. John Roth
1. We have no room on already overcrowded streets for these bike lanes. Especially this volume of bike lanes. Streets were houses were demolished years ago to make an extra lane are now back to one lane ??? Are we regressing ? 2.How many bikes?
257Charissa S
Such a huge waste of money. I have yet to see one person make use of them. Im not sure why the city insists on making travel in red deer slow and crowded, between the lanes lost for the bike lane and the stupid patio that took away two lanes on Ross St!
More of a safety issue and takin the lanes away from cars creates more traffic+ more danger. Obviously no one likes them
259Brittany Knowler
Not a bad concept, but should have been more thought as to where they were going. How it is now is much to dangerous.
260Maureen Dieno
These bike lanes are causing so many traffic issues that they do more harm than good. And I don't see a whole lot of people biking on them to make it worthwhile.
261Jessica Morrison
Absolutely ridiculous. It needs to be changed back before snowfall.
262Monique Carriere
Red Deer is too big to be reduced to one lane traffic. Lots of these bike lanes are on school routes and it is dangerous with children out and about with the congestion of traffic. Someone is going to get hurt.
263Kevin Rische
The bike lanes have turned out to be a major safety concern and a huge waste of taxpayer money. We should expect better from our city government!
264Angie w
Waste of time and money, ive yet to see one person use them for actual biking, people are walking in them! Now that is a safety hazard. For the amount of summer we actually have to ride bikes that is why there are trails all over red deer to use.
265Kristy Bouchard
These bike plans were poorly planned. It was a huge mistake to take driving lanes away from a city with growing traffic concerns. They are clealy not being used as anticipated and are causing great traffic congestion.
266Darcie Bouteiller
Red Deer is continuously increasing in population. Substituting main driving lanes with bike lanes is not a good way to correspond with this increase. I understand there is a need to become more “green”, however there are many other ways to go about it.
267Daryl Kikstra
40th ave is a terrible bottle neck. 32nd and 40th is being improved to move more traffic, while a large section of 40th has lost a lane, causing a huge bottleneck.
268Goff Tayler
live on 40av north of school,used to be bad at 39th st now total cluster.
269Fern Doll
270Heather Raffin
Some of the bike lanes are fine. But some are in the worst places and should have had more thought before marking them. Ie. 59th Street which is in the middle of the road straight into 67th Street traffic! Someone is going to get hit.
271Dean Twells
In the past week I seem 2 bikes using the lanes. It did my heart well to see the happy little liberal pedaling away so carefree. Oh, the drivers in the grid lock appeared a little testy, stopped & idling
272Kimberley Kerr
273Peter MacIntosh
Very poor idea in my opinion. It's confusing and I think someone is going to get hurt because if it.
274Kristin D
The bike lanes are a huge waste of time and money. I am going to be very upset if the streets aren't plowed this winter due to lack of funds when they wasted so much money on bike lanes that nobody uses. What a terrible waste!
275Brandon Galarneau
276Travis Beebe
Someone is going to get killed. No use for bike lanes in Canada. Should have spent the money on plowing the roads and removing the snow. Like I said... This ain't Miami. It's red deer.
277Colin Traynor
Reducing to one lane in some areas leads to major congestion. The amount of bike paths in our city is awesome, lets use them to our advantage and maybe expand a bike lane onto those rather than our already growingly busy streets?
278Carly Cowles
They are not safe. Lack of communication. I am opposed to the lack of planning, the parking loss and driving lanes lost in high traffic areas. I am opposed to the survey about the bike lanes being opened to the public after excecution.
279Ronnie Rabena
How are bikers supposed to warn other drivers without a proper horn? A biker on the road can be fatal. I had no issues sharing the sidewalk when I was younger.
280Jenn Mast
This was a huge waste of money. We do not have enough bicycle traffic to weren't doing this in the first place. 40 Ave is really bad with traffic congestion.
Also, what was the point of putting them on 39th St.? There are two full side roads flanking 39th St. that either road could have been used easily by bikes.
It's very confusing as well. I just about got struck by another driver who did not realize ended to be a bike lane and she didn't see me. I had to slam on my brakes and honk my horn. Please change it back ASAP!
281Tim Smith
I have worked in the Engineering-Traffic division of another city in the past and I can say, as a professional, these Red Deer bike lanes are some of the worst designed that I have seen. This system borders on negligent. A lawsuit waiting to happen.
282Bob Bailey
maybe Calgary should follow suit and take some lanes out on the Deerfoot. Stupid Stupid.Better add some bike lanes to the centrium so we can bike to the Rebels games. And they would still charge you $5.00 to park your bike!!!
283Corey Pollock
Waste of time and money. Traffic will only get worse.
284Jodie Adams
Since these bike lanes went in I've seen 1 person riding their bike on them. Just who are these hundreds of bikers we are trying to accommodate by inconviencing the thousands of motorists in Red Deer?
285Clint Borton
We drive our child to the Eastview middle school so this directly affects me . From what I've seen it could never be safe , so I have a hard time understanding what they where thinking . I would never let my 13 year old ride a bike that close to traffic.
286Christie. C
I think the City of Red Deer really failed to do the proper research. They took out lanes in areas that were already highly congested with traffic,even when 2 lanes each way were in place. I can't begin to say how horrible this project is.
287Randy rode
Added traffic congestion at already busy and dangerous intersections. Besides how many people are going to use the lanes in the 6 plus months they will be covered in snow?
288Joy Davies
Absolutely ridiculous. This needs to be changed before somebody gets hurt or killed.
289Bill Bryant
The bike lanes are a huge mistake and will make already congested traffic even more so. Waste of money
290Margie Lunt
Where is the common sense is creating more traffic congestion by reducing traffic lanes from 4 to 2 ie 39st? Or narrowing existing roads? Red Deer has an excellent pathway system that accommodates both bikers and walkers.
291Seanna O'Loan
the bike lanes that are in the middle of traffic lanes are too dangerous. besides these lanes will be covered in snow for at least 5 months of the year and there are not very many cyclists who cycle all year long. waste of money!
292Charity Bryant
I find it frustrating that traffic is backed up so bad for a few bikers.
293kristina mackenzie
39th and 40th is extremely dangerous for kids to be riding on
i dont know what it costs per km to build roads these days but I think RD now has the most expensive bike lanes on earth. can you believe that these bike lanes are now engineered to Ab Hwy Transportation standards! way to go you buffoons.
295Jody Clarke
Dont take lanes of traffic away to add bike lanes, Red Deer has a traffic problem without doing that, you should be spending money on improving our roads and making them wide enough to add bike lanes at that time!
296Vance Schamahorn
297Alan bowers
Never seen even 1 bike lane been used. And when the cars that are parked there open their doors and a biker is coming down bamm.
298murray lunt
another example of the idiots who run our city.
299Jessica Giesbrecht
Red Deer has a fantastic trail system! Why couldn't we just keep it at that? Our traffic is congested enough! On the long weekend 67st was backed up to save on foods due to the light change on 59th
300Jessica Giesbrecht
Red Deer has a fantastic trail system! Why couldn't we just keep it at that? Our traffic is congested enough! On the long weekend 67st was backed up to save on foods due to the light change on 59th
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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