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3Mike Westphal
Its time the mayor of Kitchener stands up for the health of the people of Kitchener and puts a end to this backyard burning.
4Mike Gabriel
Wood smoke, even from the cleanest wood, produces many toxins. There is no need for wood burning fires in the neighborhoods of Kitchener.
5Ingrid Sienerth
Council Member, Bil Ioannidis.
Kitchener is a rapidly-growing, 100 year old city attracting high-tech industry and health sciences campuses. Wood smoke is a health hazard. These campfires belong in campgrounds not backyards in Kitchener.
6Frieda Sienerth
I am in favour of a ban. This should be an easy step to take to reduce air pollution levels since these campfires are purely recreational. Some nights, the air in Forest Heights smells very smoky and unfit to breathe. We need local action now.
7Mary Westphal
Why must I be forced into my home and have to turn on the AC on a warm evening just so my inconsiderate neighbors can lite a fire,and smoke up the whole neighborhood ?
8Anita Kirkland
N2E4J1 Country Hills. Ban wood fires in backyards. I quit smoking for health reasons. I should not have to smell smoke when I get home from work. Waste of resources too.
9Ryan Medeiros
N2H 5B7 Ban. What's Kitchener waiting for? Did I hear talk about a class action lawsuit somewhere.
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11Terry Silva
Heritage Park. Thought this was done. Kitchener council needs to go back to the drawing board on this one. Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
12Chris Roberts
Krug St. N2H 2X5 Totally ridiculous to allow fire pits in Kitchener. One lady spoke to save firepits and she sits around these things when she has breathing problems and cancer???????????
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14Mary Ross
Victoria Park Fires don't belong in city backyards. How did Waterloo get their ban? We could move to Waterloo. Smart city!
15Jacquie Shantz
I thought they were banned at the last meeting. Start submitting claims for drug prescriptions and some of your hydro bill to Kitchener.
16John Baker
Stanley Park --Ban from backyards. Possibly have a permit system like Cambridge.
17Robert McWilliams
N2B 1H9 Fires don't make sense in a city.
18Megan Jones
N2M 3R4. Ban. Big excuse for sitting around drinking too much beer and smoking and seeing how long they can keep their neighbours up. Noise complaints and smoke problems.
19Dave Brown
Pioneer Park Campfires don't belong in backyards. Got to some law about smoking up the air like crazy.
20Mark Shelton
N2E 1A3 Ban. Majority should rule. Kitchener 220,000-2500 fire fans = 217,500 against. Ban wins.
21Victoria Marks
Heritage Park We should be allowed to breathe decent air in our own backyards whenever we choose! Most other cities have banned these fires already.
22bj smith
N2H4P1 Campfires need to go camping in the country. Who would think that this smoke isn't dangerous just like cancer sticks?
23Karen Battler
Forest Hill - I am opposed to backyard campfires.
24Ashley Jenner
N2R 0B1 Wood fires have to go. We should be teaching our children not to pollute and to conserve fuel not waste it for the heck of it.
25R. Black
N2N 3N1 Campfires belong out in the open country. Get them out of our backyards like normal cities.
26Patricia Elgin
Forest Hill. Wood fires should be banned completely.
27Mark Jones
Forest Heights - Ban wood fires because to much of this city is 'smoking'. Kitchener is a health hazard?
28Sara Foster
N2N 1J9 I hate smoky fires. Please ban them like Waterloo.
29Debbie Dutton
Forest Hill I agree 100 percent fire pits should be banned.
30shelene cloutier
Stanley Park Campfires don't belong in bakcyards. Ban them, please.
31Carol Shaw
Pioneer Park Smoke is a health hazard. People are trying to live healthy lifestyles. This city is seeming very dirty, rundown and polluted.
32jonas binder
N2B 2B2. we need to ban. The schools are filled with kids with asthma compared to that boy with food allergies.
33jason dillard
Forest Hill. Stop smoking up my air and go camping.
34Ruth Miller
N2N 3A5 Wood campfires should be banned from small backyard. Permits like the Cambridge system, maybe?
35Ann Smith
Victoria Park. Public health trumps hotdogs and marshmallows over a smoky fire. All 3 aren't good for children.
36Stephanie Brick
N2N 2R1 No to wood campfires. Ban now.
37Diane Sommerfeld
N2P 1V3 Go camping. Stop this smoky nonsense. Where are all the health professionals in the Sunshine Club hiding. Time to speak up now!
38Roy Shaefer
Heritage Park. No more woodburning in backyards.
39Ella Schwartz
Forest Hill. No to woodburning in residential lots.
40Deb Fulton
VICTORIA HILLS. Kitchener isn't a campground. We don't care if Kitchener council members all have them in their backyards. We already figured that out by the vote.
41Al Klassen
N2A 2B2 We need to ban from backyards. The air stinks some nights, roads falling apart, seeming rough.
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44Bonnie Silva
N2M 1X2 I support the ban. Please don't delete me again. I'll behave. Public health should be more important than sitting around these fires. Get up and do something healthy for a change.
45Denise Reinhart
Forest Heights. Wood fires should never have been allowed in backyards in the first place. I would vote for a permit system like Cambridge.
46Rob Thomas
N2n 2Z5 I support bannning fires from backyards. Council members are worried about the Safe Water Act. There must be laws for air quality.
47Lois Mandmaris
Alpine Village Douse backyard fires for good. Should be the whole region like the anti-smoking regulations.
48Joe Gervais
Stanley Park I don't smoke cigarettes anymore and I shouldn't have to smoke firepits.
49Mara Dusivic
N2M 4B8 Yes to ban. Let me know if we sue. I need some money to move to a cleaner city like Waterloo
50jeremy wilson
Victoria Hills Ban the campfires. Do your JOB!
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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