1151Gina Marcus
1152cathi hunter
N2C 2L4
1153Margo Westfeld
N2M 5E6
1154Sue Bailey
N2C 2J9
1155Marie Weiler
N2M 5C2 People have the right to be concerned about air quality in this city. Smoky air is polluted air. Wood fires have no place in residential areas.
1156John Kloster
1157A. Franklin
N2C 1R6
1158Jim Franklin
1159Andrea Waters
N2G 2C1 Smoky air is polluted air. These wood campfires should have been banned when Waterloo did.
1160jayna darmeer
1161Tara Hammond
1162Jeff Klassen
A strict permit system like the one Cambridge has had in place for a long time would be acceptable.
1163Alida Gruber
1164Ron Martel
The majority of residents do not smoke cigarettes so why should we all have to breathe in smoky air due to these wood campfires? Totally unacceptable.
1165Taylor West
N2B 3J5
1166Lin Han
1167Lee Far
1168Allison Stone
City council should start living up to their environmental policy regarding air quality.
1169Nena Rutyan
N2E 3J8
1170Jim Roberts
Waterloo and Cambridge have already banned these polluting backyard fires. When is Kitchener council going to start safeguarding the health of residents and the environment? It should be now with a ban.
1171Jaina Prasar
1172Tracey Wettlaufer
N2M 5C8 Public health and working towards environmental targets should be the priority.
1173Diane Davies
I take offence to the picture being painted of Kitchener residents blissfully sprawled around smoky firepits breathing in the poisoned, polluted air. How far we have come in 100 years of city status.
1174Matt Bennett
Waterloo and Cambridge have already banned these polluting backyard campfires. Kitchener needs a ban.
1175Karen Hammond
Wood campfires in Kitchener were always too close to neighbouring houses. The smoky air in neighbourhoods is a public health hazard.
1176K. Langley
Accountability and transparency is required not optional. We need some answers and action by Kitchener council and Waterloo Region. Backyard campfires have not place in Kitchener.
1177Marie Sanchez
1178Nancy Sanderson
1179Shaye Sullivan
Wood smoke is not good for anyone. So many people would benefit from less polluted air in residential neighbourhoods.
1180ryan bell
1181Tammy Petrasco
1182Vicki Campbell
Stanley Park
1183troy williams
1184Beth Alexander
N2M 5G9
1185Mario Trias
Anyone who wants to sit around smoky fires should go camping like people used to do.
1186Herlinde R.
N2M 5G5
1187Tanya Schramm
1188Brian Roy
N2A 1R4
1189Celine Roy
Most other cities have already banned these backyard fires. Kitchener should be next.
1190Dave Stone
1191Patsy Roberts
Pioneer Park
1192Jim Smith
N2C 2J4 Protecting public health and the environment should not require a petition. Kitchener council needs to to their job.
1193Shannon Smith
Kitchener is right in the middle of 2 other cities that have banned these nuisance campfires. Wood campfires should be banned in Kitchener as well.
1194Carl Brunner
N2C 1R6
1195Cathy Nash
Please keep spreading the word about this petition. We don't want another smoky, disgustin summer like the last one. The air was pretty good during July when fires got banned due to no rain. Sounds like I'm not the only one who hates smoky summers.
1196Edna Snider
It's ridiculous to allow these smoky fires when so many people have trouble with their health. All smoke is bad for health.
1197lu hong
1198Mercedes Revilla
N2G 1E9
1199Jesse Dolan
Please keep sending this petition to new people. Kitchener residents should not have to breathe in secondhand smoke from wood campfires in neighbouring backyards. Waterloo and Cambridge have already banned these campfires.
1200Jeff Dolan
I like the idea of a permit system like Cambridge. Wood campfires would be okay if they were far enough away from houses and yards.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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