601Cindy Edwards
Stanley Park Backyard campfires were never acceptable. Public health should be a priority. We do have a Public Health Department in the Region. Where are they?
602J. Martelli
603marissa vo
604John Janzen
We pay taxes just to have to have to close our windows in nice weather?
605Joan Janzen
606peter klein
Campfires are not right for city living,they are o.k. in the country or places where the smoke is not affecting your next door neighbor.
607Inge Beggs
I have been fed up FOR YEARS with having to close my windows and doors because my backyard neighbour(s) burn their yard waste and have fire pits going. The only relief is when the snow falls.
608Chris Young
Forest Hill No wonder people keep calling by-law year after year only to get more smoky fires and noise. Why is there no way to ticket lawbreakers after this by-law has been around for 6 years? You can bet none of these offenders went to court.
609Paul McKnight
N2N 1N9. Backyard campfires pollute the air. Please ban backyard campfires NOW!
610Wendy McKnight
N2N 1N9
611M. Koch
N2M 1G7
612Melissa Long
N2E 3Z1 What a terrible thing to be teaching children! It is not fine to light a dirty burning pile of wood in a backyard and pollute the air for fun. Only cow dung and stubble burning crops is dirtier is worse. Look how far we have come.
613amanda lawson
614Josh Newbury
I'm only here to go to school but the air is really bad.
615J. Main
N2E 2V8
616T. Scott
We need some answers out of Kitchener council and Public Health.
What are they trying to pull here?
617Rachel Nunes
I am concerned about the way the air smells in neighbourhoods. This pollution is ending up in houses where children are trying to sleep.
618W. Clark
We have a well-paid Kitchener council and a highly-paid Public Health Department. We should not need a petition. These campfires never belonged in backyards.
619Mary A.
N2H 4M7 They're building lots of new condos around here. Why not wreck the health of a whole lot of people at the same time with these smoky fires? These fires should never have been allowed so close to homes.
620katie hughes
621nikki lopez
Campfires are very polluting and seem very wrong when we read about climate change and conservation all the time.
623David Brown
Many people are bothered by smoke, so why should these people be forced inside every summer night. Most cities understand that, but Kitchener has still caved in and allowed a minority group to impose discomfort on the majority.
624gary vogel
625shanna taylor
626E. Gross
Smoky air in neighbourhoods is a health hazard.
627Naya Alves
The air quality gets worse all the time. Waterloo and Cambridge both not allowing this.
628This signature has been deleted.
629Gerda Fischer
So many children and other people have breathing problems. These backyard fires never made any sense.
630tonya hamilton
631Ryan Edwards
Most people don't smoke cigarettes any more. Backyard campfires aren't allowed in Waterloo or Cambridge so why should people in Kitchener have to put up with this.
632kam ali
Most other cities do not allow firepits.
633Ilona H.
N2E 2W7 Most families are trying to do something to help the environment. These wood fires in backyards make the air quality very poor and unhealthy.
634M. Henderson
N2E 3P4
635Robin Edwards
N2E3V7 I would never go camping so why should my yard and house have to smell like it. Wood smoke is a health hazard and nuisance.
636abbie hall
Go camping like people used to do. The smoke is unhealthy.
637jordan revello
pioneer park
638monica weise
639Ross Thomson
640Martina Allan
641Deb McCarthy
Taxpayers in Waterloo and Cambridge don't have to deal with the smoky, poor air quality so neither should Kitchener residents.
642Paul Z.
643Janie Trask
644Rob Trask
645A. Frazer
N2A 3A4 Backyard campfires should be banned. The more pollution we make, the more people get sick. Kids should not be growing up thinking that these campfires in small backyards are fine.
646Lea Conway
647rachel howe
648Helen Warren
The smoky air in neighbourhoods is a health hazard. Why was the public health information not shared with taxpayers? Why is there no way to ticket all these people breaking the firepit by-law?
649mei vong
650mitch cassidy
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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