301tyler jensen
N2E 2S4
302David Brown
303C. Jeffrey
N2T 2S1 Cities on both sides of Kitchener have already banned backyard fires. Cleaner air is best for everyone.
304Jennifer Chang
N2G2C6 These fires cause smoke and it's pollution.
305Jean Doucette
306rob moore
N2G 2C8
307S Toscano
308Barb Williams
N2B 2T4 We had a lot of smog days this summer. These campfires add to the pollution problem and health problems that go with poor air quality. Get these fires out of the city.
309aaron smith
310aiysha porter
311Brooke B.
N2P C2
312Megan F.
N2A 1E9 I favour a ban in city backyards. Smoke is a health hazard. Filling a neighbourhood with stinky smoke is exactly what we should not be teaching our kids.
313Laurie Baker
N2M 2B6 Why have these fires not been banned like Waterloo and Cambridge have already done?
314jason white
n2n 1x7
315E. Braun
N2E 3K4 Kitchener council members should do their job and take public health seriously. Waterloo and Cambridge does not put up with this smoky nonsense.
316Janet Bender
317Armin Z.
Stanley Park Ban now.
318Mei Vong
319cory saunders
N2G 4M1
320Melissa Baker
N2M 3R9 These fires should be banned from backyards but allow campfires in big, open areas for community events. Wood is one of the dirtiest fuels, and these fires don't belong in residential areas.
321tasha ribeiro
N2N3M3 Backyard fires are very polluting and unhealthy. Only dung and crop residue were dirtier to burn than wood in the energy pyramid on that website.
322This signature has been deleted.
323Larry Young
N2N 1Y4 I would hope that Kitchener would ban these smoky fires. Backyard campfires are backyard air pollution.
324K. Becker
n2a2t3 Put an end to this smoky air. If smoke is not dangerous, why do firefighters wear masks? The city can't guarantee the type of wood and junk that is being burned in bakcyard fires.
325Kim Stevens
May 2013 mark the end of campfires in Kitchener. Then the rest of us can start enjoying our summers.
326This signature has been deleted.
327Darcy Snyder
328Emilia P.
N2N 2H1 I would like to see these campfires banned. This smoke is on top of all of the pollution from cars, diesel trucks, and other fumes. The air is very smoky some nights.
329M. Ribeiro
330amy scott
N2N 2B3 Why are wood fires allowed in backyards? Smoke is part of pollution and is a health hazard.
331This signature has been deleted.
332Erma Schnarr
N2N1E6 I favour banning these backyard fires? How is all this smoke affecting our health?
333kim mason
334Gerhard S.
335Sara Myer
Victoria Park Campfires do not belong in backyards. This is a public health concern.
336Wilhelm B.
St. Mary's Hospital area.
I don't remember all these fires in backyards 40 years ago when I was little. Food was cooked on hibachis or charcoal barbecues then put it out. Go propane or natural gas - or go camping.
337Beth M.
338brooke hill
339Muriel Hall
340D. Rutherford
341Kean Hames
342R. Irwin
343stephanie graham
344rachel evans
345Martin A.
N2G 1Y3 Waterloo and Cambridge don't allow backyard fires so why do we have to put up with the smoke.
346Syeda M.
N2A 1W2 The smoke is a health hazard.
347Ranen Ghosh
348tina thomas
349D. Lee
N2P 1K9
350Mary Clarke
N2A 3G2 The smoke from these fires is not good for anyone.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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