1951Cherene Simon
Air quality is a concern in this city. It smells like a smokehouse.
1952A. Jen Smith
1953Craig Herner
Any kind of smoke adversely affects my throat and eyes. People do not realize how far smoke drifts from their property and how it affects others. I rely on having my windows open all year round in my apartment building. Ban all fires.
1954Tammy Warren
Many of these campfires are not about wienies and marshmallows for the kids. Drinking, swearing, keeping neighbours awake at night should not be tolerated.
1955Nelia Grasso
I should not have to close my windows when the weather is nice outside.
1956Rowena Martin
Stanley Park I would like to seek these fires banned.
1958Tessa Lawson
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
Forest Heights Next time if they take a photo of the region from space in the summer, we can find Kitchener by the smoke haze.
1960Vern Harding
N2E 4L1 All smoke is crappy for everyone.
1961Ani Johnson
Most cities in Ontario have already banned these backyard fires, and Kitchener should be the next one.
1962Leida Martin
The house beside mine is for sale and I don't want another firepit near my house when someone buys it.
1963Gloria Marks
1964Nola Ragnolis
Stanley Park Those people who like breathing in smoke should go camping. They are polluting the air.
1965brice reynolds
1966Ray Sousa
Everyone knows how bad smoking cigarettes is. Wood smoke is worse. People who need to sit around smoky fires should go camping like they used to.
1967Kevin Wenter
N2H 3Z6
1968Lauretta Harvey
Smoky campfires in city backyards are a terrible example to be setting for young people who will grow up to face more and more dire consequences of our collective pollution. Public health is at risk from the smoke.
1969Merv Jacobs
1970Al Wilton
1971Roy Taylor
Kitchener is growing and campfires should not burning in small city backyards. The smoke is bad for everyone so we need them out of backyards now.
1972Rob Herbert
It should not make any difference if someone lives in an apartment or a house. This smoke is crappy for everyone. Kitchener should ban these fires now.
1973Marlene Herbert
Some people think there's nothing the matter with having smoky fires every night. This is a city and this type of smoke pollution a health hazard.
1974cia morel
keep it going!
1975Minda Tucker
N2M 5J9
1976Will Tucker
1977Alison Jacobs
N0B 2N0 The smoky air is horrible at times. Disgusting to have to breathe it in.
1978Margo Preston
Thanks for sending the petition! Lots of people in my apartment will be signing this.
1979Gwen Lawrence
N2N 3E5 Smoky air is not something this city should be proud of. We should be taking air quality very seriously.
1980Art Lawrence
A very strict permit system might work but no wood fires in backyards should be allowed.
1981joslin fields
please send this to 5 friends!!!!!!!!
1982Chelsie Warren
The smoke seems to be more of a problem all the time. Burning wood in backyards is a air pollution that affects the health of residents in this city. No more wood fires in backyards.
1983Grete Hartman
1984Jennen Becker
N2M 5H4 The smoky air is terrible for everyone.
1985Maureen Henry
N2N 1T7
1986Tasi Benes
1987Lorene Reid
1988Harold Beach
N2E 2W6 I don't smoke cigarettes and I believe that breathing wood smoke from these fires is bad for my health as well.
1989Nichole Burke
Forest Heights
1990Joe Marzek
People who like to wreck their health sitting around smoky fires should go camping like people used to do.
1991Marco Ronzo
No matter if you live in a house or apartment, campfire smoke in a city should not make people have to close windows.
1992cody davids
choking on the smoke and not from cancer sticks
1993crystal patterson
keep it going by telling your friends!
1994Dolly Lee
N2G 1E9
1995Dolly Lee
N2G 1E9
1996Martie Kennedy
N2N 2Z8
1997devonne burke
the environment is really in bad shape and all this pollution isn't very smart.
1998Karol Anderson
We are already in a part of the country prone to smog from the US and this city allows highly polluting backyard bonfires? These fires should be banned now.
1999Nancy Hobard
N2H 4J3
2000Jan Holborn
N2A 4A1 Backyard fires were always a terrible idea. All smoke is a health hazard.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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