951Marie R.
N2C 2J9 Backyard campfires need to be banned in Kitchener too. We are sick of smoke from these fires and drinking around them wrecking every summer.
952Pal Rajmar
N2L 3Z6
953Danya Kochur
N2J 4S8
954vanessa hu
955Evan Wilder
Kitchener is right in the middle of Waterloo and Cambridge that have already banned backyard bonfires. Kitchener's turn next. Smoke pollution right in our own backyards.
956Zoran S.
Most people do not smoke cigarettes anymore. Wood smoke is a health hazard.
957Tom Becker
N2A 3J6
958Aria Rodrigues
959Barb Sakac
These campfires make the air smell smoky too many nights. They should be banned.
960Helena Mitrovic
961J. Mitrovic
N2C 2L7
962melinda jones
pioneer park
963Mary Arthur
We read about climate change in the news. These fires are very pollution, health hazards and need to be banned just as other cities have already done.
964Jim Baker
N2P 1A4
965Florence Martin
966D. Martin
N2C 2L7
967Muriel Greene
968Zofie Marcec
969Al Marcec
970Ellen Gray
N2H 4P7
971stephie tanner
972Doug Norman
973Crystal R.
N2N 1A1
974ian young
N2K 2X4 Totally polluting and lousy for the health of neighbours.
975David Long
976lindsey duncan
977danica santayos
N2J 4S8
978Moira Edwin
Burning wood is extremely polluting. This pollution is a public health hazard.
979Ann Stanley
N2J 4L6 Waterloo and Cambridge banned these polluting campfires from residential areas. Kitchener needs to do the same.
980Ann Stanley
N2J 4L6 Waterloo and Cambridge banned these polluting campfires from residential areas. Kitchener needs to do the same.
981Paul Burger
The smoke from these backyard campfires is a health hazard. Look at Kitchener's asthma rates. These fires were always too close to homes.
982Gayle Armstrong
983lesley van
984Frank Taylor
985Greg Anders
N2E 1H4
986Katya Stefan
987david yang
N2L 3Z6
988Tina Banks
N2H 3W1
989kevin su
N2L 3X7
990Erin Adams
Pollution right in our own backyards. These campfires need to go back to campgrounds.
991Audrey Blake
Wateroo and Cambridge have both banned these backyard fires. Kitchener, get with it.
992Allison Power
These backyard fires are extremely polluting and it's not acceptable to allow them in Kitchener backyards.
993Linda Ross
N2M 3B7
994David Russo
Wood smoke is a health hazard, and backyard campfires should be banned from Kitchener backyards.
995paula graham
996Joyce Golden
997Irina Zoyos
N2C 2L7
998B. Shantz
Waterloo and Cambridge have banned these backyard campfires. Kitchener council members should do their job.
999Heather Chevalier
N2P 1A4
1000Martha Roberts
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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