1901Chantale Burke
What's ridiculous is that people think it's fine to sit around smoky campfires where children are playing and sleeping. Where is Public Health in all of this?
1902Rob Antonio
Even when you quit smoking cigarettes people are still smoking firepits. These fires should already have been banned with Waterloo.
1903Tim Wasniuk
N2H 4M7 We were discussing this at work. All smoke is a health hazard. Why do firemen wear masks when they fight fires? We aren't wearing masks but maybe we should be. Ban them.
1904Tim Wasniuk
N2H 4M7 We were discussing this at work. All smoke is a health hazard. Why do firemen wear masks when they fight fires? We aren't wearing masks but maybe we should be. Ban them.
Sorry. I signed twice. Please fix.
1906Pamela Hertz
These wood wires should be banned in this city just as they have been already in Waterloo and Cambridge? All smoke is a health hazard.
1907Aslo Hrbjc
1908Iris Walker
People should not have to close their windows because the air is full of smoke from campfires that this city is allowing. Public health is being risked.
1909Mildred Braun
N2H 3J9 All my neighbours said they would sign. My grandson helped me.
1910Beryl Gardner
N2C 1R1 Campfires in backyards are very polluting and this is a poor example for children. Our environment is in trouble and these fires are pollution.
1911Lowell Norris
So many people have health problems and the smoke from these fires is terrible. These fires should not be allowed.
1912Lewis Jarvis
Fairview Park Why would Waterloo and Kitchener not ban these fires at the same time?
1913Charla Smith
Stanley Park Please send this to all of your friends who hate the smoky stink of Kitchener neighbourhoods. I say NO to backyard campfires.
1914Hugh Whitley
The firepit by-law was always a big joke. Has anyone paid a fine for having fires during the dry weather ban last summer. Not likely. No wonder we can't afford the fire budget anymore.
1915Neela Gil
1916Veronica Chalam
N2P 1L9 Kitchener needs to ban campfires to clean up the smoky air. Why is this not a public health issue like cigarette smoke?
1917Norm Selden
1918Rod Nichol
Why was the campfire issue not treated the same as cigarette smoke on a regional basis. Why should taxpayers in Kitchener have their health and enjoyment of their properties wrecked by people who need to sit by smoky fires? Go camping!
1919jessie kane
let's get rid of the smoky air in this city :)
1920Helen Dunbar
N2N 3N1 Kitchener air is smoky and polluted. We need to ban these backyard fires.
1921Melody Peel
N2M 1V4 It's ridiculous to have to close windows in the summer to keep out campfire smoke. When did Kitchener turn into a campground?
1922Lea Nordby
N2N 1T7 Horrible smoky air too much of the time. These fires should be banned just as they have been in Waterloo and Cambridge.
1923Ral Darwah
1924Jose Gallo
Why no public meetings about campfires in backyards?
1925robynne larson
keep this alive by sending to 5 friends :)
1926Ramona Reis
Stanley Park I'm asking all of my neighbours if they'll sign to get these disgusting fires out of backyards.
1927T. Park
1928Ana Hope
N2G 1W2 I going to ask people in my apartment to sign.
1929Alma Smith
1930Rodica Jurckzk
Victoria Park Smoky fires do not belong in city backyards.
1931Met Jurckzk
Most people are smart and they don't smoke. All smoke is no good.
1932lexie edwards
great job let's keep it going :)
1933cici edwards
1934Dale Edwards
It's ridiculous to be smelling campfire smoke in my house. All smoke is bad for our health.
1935Marci Smith
Why would Waterloo and Kitchener not ban these campfires at the time? Less confusion and cleaner air for everyone.
1936Oliva Matteo
N2H 4J3 I don't go camping because I hate the smoke. I should not have to close my windows to keep out campfire smoke in the city.
1937willow porter
no more smoke
1938Amy Weber
N2M 3A5 Most other cities have banned these campfires, and we deserve safe, clean air not smoky air.
1939brienne morris
1940Melisa Owens
N2G 1P8 How did Waterloo get these campfires banned without most of us hearing about it? Those people who need to sit around smoky fires should get in their cars and go camping. You don't bring the campground into a city.
1941Ken Millen
We discussed this around the water cooler at work. Most people don't smoke and hate smoky air. Public health and air quality are most important.
1942katya cole
please keep it going by sending to all your freinds!
1943Jan Butler
N2H 1S1
1944Danice Rogers
N2M 4C7 People in Waterloo and Cambridge don't have to put up with these backyard bonfires so why should we have to breathe this smoky air?
1945Don Granvier
1946Steve Rajanski
1947Su Ross
N2G 4V5
1948Peggy Vollner
I just heard about this petition. Please send this to anyone you know who hates the smoke from those horrible campfires.
1949Laurianne Meyer
1950Jas Gilam
Why should we have to close our windows to keep out the smoke? My apartment building does not have air conditioning.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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