1501brianna sorenson
pass it on!
1502Nadya Stanzyck
N2C 2M2 I was happy to hear about this petition to have a say. Smoky, polluted air is a health hazard and a bad example for this city to make.
1503Elsa Gruhn
Good thing we have a medical school and a school of pharmacy. All we need now is more doctors and hospitals for all the people who are goning to get sick from this crappy smoke.
1504chelene benson
N2E 3L1
1505Linette Smith
Please forward this petition to other people who have problems with smoky fires around their houses. Thanx.
1506jacee abrams
We should know better than this. Why don't we?
1507Halinda Hill
N2P 1V5
1508June Mason
1509Spence Robertson
Air pollution is a huge issue. Public health needs to be protected.
1510Angela Michaelis
N2A 1P2
1511chelsie tate
no to smoky air!
1512hollie evans
send this to 5 to keep it alive! no more choking on smoke!
1513Met Wojevski
N2J 1M2
1514stefi barba
Pioneer Park
1515tarilyn campbell
1516Bess Connell
N2M 5M9 Sick of the smoky, disgusting air in this city. Public health needs to be protected - even the ones too stupid to admit that this smoke is not good for anyone.
1517chase wright
1518Tilia Smith
Kitchener needs a ban. Both Waterloo and Cambridge have already done so.
1519Emma Braune
N2G 1K2
1520deane finley
1521Rich Owens
N2M 5A8
This city needs to deal with bad air quality and these ridiculous backyard campfires are a good place to start.
1523calli garrett
wow!!!!!! keep this going!
1524jason lasko
1525Luella Martin
Many young and old people have breathing problems. Smoky air is a health hazard. The smoke problems are getting worse as more and more people start these fires in very small yards.
1526Luella Martin
Many young and old people have breathing problems. Smoky air is a health hazard. The smoke problems are getting worse as more and more people start these fires in very small yards.
1527marisse carter
keep this going!!!!!!!!
1528nick loukas
I am going to school here. The air is really smoky.
1529Kara Mathias
Pioneer Park We need to work on air quality. Kitchener is not an urban campground.
1530Jesse Somers
N2N 2A8 These campfires are very polluting and a health hazard. Kitchener needs to ban these fires.
1531Nesta Klein
1532Sam Barba
Most people don't smoke so why are we supposed to breathe in stinking smoke from ridiculous backyard campfires. Always a very bad idea to legalize these.
1533lissa evans
keep it going and don't leave this big mess for young people to try to fix.
1534Tom Hill
N2E 3L9 A ban would be best but a permit system like Cambridge would really restrict the number of fires.
1535charisse smith
please send this to 5 friends - smoky air is a bad idea.
1536Herbert Neufeld
1537Davene Bennett
N2C 1R6 Let's keep this petition going! These smoky fires are ridulous and should be banned.
1538amber smith
1539Kristie Alexander
Why should people in Kitchener have to breathe in this disgusting smoke? Most other cities have banned these fires and there are good reasons called public health and reducing pollution.
1540Hilary Bennett
We need to get these campfires out of Kitchener backyards.
1541Dwayne Low
Heritage Park
1542julie ducik
smoky air isn't healthy for anyone
1543Don Gallant
Burning wood is very dirty and we need to get these fires out of backyards.
1544Jim Mizera
N2H 2H9
1545Jim Mizera
N2H 2H9
1546Mirella Evans
N2N 1T7 The air is smoky too often. It's disgusting and unhealthy.
1547Traudi Klein
1548Marga Reist
N2H 6M4 The smoky air is really terrible at times. These fires should not be allowed.
1549megan nicholls
1550Lori Carter
Most other cities have banned wood firepits and Kitchener needs to do the same. The air is filled with smoke too much of the time.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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