2051Florinda Martin
N2C 2L7
2052Debi Hamilton
Ignorant neighbours and their "secondhand" smoke can ruin your home and neighbourhood! Sign me up!
Kitchener is NOT a campground !!
2054Mark Malko
This should have been banned long ago! We have been frustrated for several years now! I hope our council finally gets it right!
2055Helga Malko
thanks for setting this up!
2056Robert Malko
2057Stephanie Malko
2058Michael Malko
2059Kristen Smith
I have serious concerns about the pollutants that fires add to the air.
2060Sue Kroetsch
Pioneer Park - Everyone should have the right to enjoy spending time outside any time of the day and breath fresh air.
2061Marj Herman
I am tired of having to close my windows on a beautiful night because my neighbours have smoke coming into my house from their fire pits. I do like having to run my air conditioner on a nice night or that I cannot enjoy my own backyard because of smoke.
2062Don Ross
N2N 1N8 When I smell the smoky air night after night I can't help but think Kitchener citizens would be a heck of a lot healthier if we lived in Waterloo or Cambridge.
2063caryann hyatt
please send this to 5 friends :)
2064Teresa Rivaud
Is Kitchener planning to get more doctors and hospitals for when lots of us start getting real sick from wood campfires in Kitchener backyards?
2065Cy Hughes
These wood fires used to be banned. The by-law never worked and will never work. Kitchener residents should not be exposed to smoke pollution.
2066W.Frank Smith
You'd think this city was the camp of a backwoods trapper many nights when I am attempting to go for a walk that's supposed to be good for me.
2067C. Hall
Kitchener residents deserve the right to be healthy and to breathe air as clean as the city is able to provide to us.
re: wood burning stove/fire places...please advocate smoke "re-burners" to diminish smoke more!
2069Yolette Riley
I agree it would be nice to be able to open our windows on summer evenings instead of the house being filled with wood smoke.
2070Patrick Riley
Yes lets follow Waterloo and Cambridge on this issue
2071Karla Jacobs
I am so glad to have found this petition. This city has an environmental policy and it needs to do much better. Taxpayers should not pay for their questionable decision with their health.
2072Harv Adams
N2M 1K2
2073Marta Klein
It was always a lousy decision to allow smoky firepits in such small yards.
2074Sue Tiessen
2075Gerry Tiessen
2076Wendy Albrecht
2077Bernard and Margaret White
Our neighbours burn wet wood to heat a workshop garage and their houses and they have just put in a firepit. We are being smoked out. We can never enjoy our own yard. We have a greenhouse and it is impossible to even do gardening outside.
2078 Patty Missere
Ban the use of back yard, residential fire pits.
2079Deb Smith
N2A 2R8
2080Lorenna Ross
Why did we not get a say when Kitchener council decided to legalize these campfires in the first place? The smoke problems keep getting worse.
2081amanda long
please get these smoky fires out of peoples backyards!
2082Ruth Jameson
N2M 3Y4
The only way people are going to stop bending firepit regulations is to ban these campfires from backyards and start handing out fines.
2083Deandra Connor
N2P 1Z6 I can't wait until the school term is over and I can get away from this disgusting smoky air.
2084Susan M.
N2N 2T5 Alcohol is often consumed around these campfires and neighbours who have drinking aren't thrilled when you try to talk to them about the smoke and noise.
2085Trev Heller
Lackner I do not consider it a good thing that Kitchener is one of the big holdouts to banning backyard bonfires. At what cost to Public health and air quality?
2086Sandra Lachance
I have severe asthma & fire smoke is a trigger for an attack.
2088Georgia Parker
Smoky campfire air is disgusting. Why would anyone think that we should be teaching children to have these polluting fires in city backyards? People who like to sit around these wood fires should go to a campground.
2089E. Scott
Why the 11 pm end time for these campfires? Who is cooking wienies at this hour? Alcohol consumption and excessive noise are often the case.
2090Jessie Thomas
N2H 2H9 Campfires in backyards should never have been allowed. Cambridge and Waterloo have banned them and Kitchener needs to do the same.
2091Matt Wilson
N2E 1A9 Waterloo and Cambridge got it right! Backyard fires are filling the air with wood smoke and they should be banned in this city too. So many kids have asthma.
2092Al McCullough
we don't use air conditioning and like to open our windows. It would be nice to not smell smoke when we do!
2093Shelly McCullough
smoke smells up the neighborhood. Want a campfire...go camping.
2094L. Adams
N2N3M3 Why should the residents of Kitchener not expect the cleanest, safest air possible? We should not have to think that we would be healthier if we lived in Waterloo or Cambridge.
2095Tyler Adams
These campfires are health hazards and should be banned from Kitchener backyards as such.
2096Megan Adams
All smoke is crappy for people to breathe in. Ban these fires to clear up air around houses.
2097Marcus Adams
2098Tonya Michel
Doon If I wanted to smell smoke all year, I would go camping. These ridiculous campfires need to banned now.
2099Jayde Martin
Global warming and climate change are always in the news. This city needs to start taking public health and air pollution seriously. Wood smoke from backyard campfires is unacceptable.
2100Maria Farenza
I would like to see these fires out of Kitchener backyards.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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