1751Wendy Bell
N2C 1R6
1752Wally Knechtel
N2M 3R9
1753Dora Knechtel
I was happy to hear about the petition. Why should we have to close our windows to keep out this smoke pollution. Stop the cause of the pollution by banning these fires.
1754jayson carter
1755chandra ritchie
Wood smoke is air pollution. These campfires should not be allowed in areas with houses all around.
1756Myra McDonald
Most other cities have already banned these backyard fires. What is the big delay in Kitchener?
1757Joe Palmera
1758Mabel Morris
N2M 2C5
1759laurie bell
please send this petition to 5 friends and let's make Kitchener air less smoky and polluted
1760daria davis
Smoky air is polluted air.
1761neela nguyen
1762Renate Carvalo
N2G 4X5
1763dominique carter
1764Janette Knight
N2P 1H1
1765Anne Marie Day
Smoky air from wood fires is a health hazard. These fires should be banned from backyards as they have been in Waterloo and Cambridge.
1766Carly R.
Forest Hill
1767Paolo Velez
N2G 2C8
1768Norma Geller
The smoky air during the summer is a concern. Why should we have to close our windows? Kitchener council should not allow this smoke pollution to happen night after night. Terrible air quality.
1769Johann Geller
Air pollution is bad for everyone. The city is responsible for the air pollution that backyard campers make all year long.
1770natashia jacobs
1771Clara Jacobs
N2M 2A6
1772Willem Jacobs
Everybody send your air conditioning bills and drug prescriptions to the city to pay.
1773Gertie Hilbert
N2C 2J9 I told everyone in my apartment builting to sign this since we hate the stinky fire smoke.
1774beth jensen
everyone please send this petition to 5 of your friends
1775Guenther Schultz
Most other cities have already banned these smoky backyard fires.
1776Amelia Reis
Ottawa These fires are not allowed in my hometown. I was surprised by the smoky air when I arrived for my school term.
1777Doreen Weber
My grandson has asthma. I asked him to sign this for me.
1778Sheri Woods
N2A 1R4 As if our air quality in this area isn't already bad enough from US air pollution from across the border, city council tells people it's fine to burn wood in toxic campfires every night. We need a ban and a new council.
1779Kim Daily
N2E 4G1 The smoky air is a health hazard to everyone who can smell it at all. People who need to sit for hours every night around these fires need to start going camping again. These fires should be banned in this city.
1780Pete Noble
1781dustin hunt
1782Shaye Gibson
N2G 1W2 Smoky air is disgusting. We should know better than this.
1783jen chan
1784Naleem Gil
1785Celeste Jordan
N2B 3S1 Many other cities have already banned fires from backyards. This smoke pollution is an unacceptable health hazard.
1786Deby Wayne
Great to finally have a say! The air in this city stinks of smoke too much of the time. What is this doing to our health? We need some answers why this is acceptable to expose Kitchener residents to a health hazard.
1787Len Harold
People should not have to close their windows to try to avoid the smoke. This much pollution isn't good for anyone.
1788Lani Haran
N2M 5G6
1789Victoria Wilson
Kitchener is not a smokehouse. All smoke is an unacceptable health hazard. Where are our Public Health experts?
1790casey grant
keep it going!
1791Helmut Wagner
N2C 1R6
1792Marg Caron
These backyard fires should never have been allowed to burn in the first place. All smoke is a public health hazard.
1793jeannette lin
1794Julia Simon
N2P 1Z4 Polluting campfires are ridiculous in a city this size. This isn't a campground. This smoke is an unacceptable health hazard to everyone.
1795Marko Suton
1796Theo Kral
N2M 2A6
1797Melinda Laine
People who need to spend endless hours sitting around smoky campfires should go to campgrounds. Kitchener needs to ban this health hazard from residential backyards.
1798kala richard
Climate change is real. Kitchener council needs to start taking pollution seriously. Stop the smoke now.
1799Darrel Simon
1800Nani Sarma
N2C 2H7
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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