401Bruce and Marnie Bailey
Tanks for fighting this.Bil Ionedis is a flip flopper.You better see council in they confirm their decision in Mar.
402George Booth
Glad I saw notice of this in the paper. I had written to the city a couple of times this year complaining about this issue. It seems they want to sweep this under the rug. I have nearby neighbours who have no respect at all for their neighbours.
403Pat Arbuckle
I live on the border between Kitchener and Waterloo and often walk my dogs through the neighbourhoods in the north ward of Kitchener where the air is often thick with smoke. Often there are four or five backyard fires within a block.It is terrible!
404N. Scott
N2M 2N3
405Jean Giraud
These campfires in backyards were NEVER fine.
406M. Scott
Smoking cigarettes is lousy for everyone. So who exactly is this smoke from backyard campfires good for? Talk to that lady with asthma and cancer who talked in council about keeping these backyard campfires.
407Paul Clark
N2C 2L2
408Laurie Redmond
409Anita Green
There is nothing neighbourly about lighting up a campfire and smoking up neighbours yards. Sometimes you can't tell where the stink is coming from.
N2N 1Z9 Get over it! It's time for fires to go camping. Kitchener residents aren't a bunch of simpletans staring at smoking firepits.
411Rose Martin
Frederick St. Injunction or class action.
413Trevor W.
N2N 1M4 Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. Some of us would like unsmoky air to breathe, and for drunk considerate neighbours to go inside at a decent time of the morning.
414Melissa Ryan
415Elsie Braun
N2E 1P2 I would like to see these fires banned. This is not what we should be teaching children to do in backyards.
416Joe Anne Bennett
If neighbour decides to have fire & you aren't home to close your windows, all the smell/smut comes into your home & you inhale that all night. I thought the ozone layer was being destroyed by such things so why is Kitchener allowing this?
417Ernest W.
Smoke is smoke. Not a good thing. It's pollution. Get those campfires back where they belong in campgrounds. People complain to by-law year after year and nothing happens.
418This signature has been deleted.
419D. Carlton
N2H 4V2 Smoke from wood fires is pollution that people are making in their backyards and then laughing when other people don't like breathing it in. Ban backyard meat smokers too. Who is still eating that stuff anyway?
420Rita Marsh
N2M 2C1 They do such a great job in the schools teaching children about the trouble our earth is in and then they watch their parents lighting up campfires in their backyard to smoke up the whole neighbourhood?
421Helen Artiba
N2P 2S3 There is a good reason why many other cities have banned these fires. They are not good for anyone.
422Nick Altmayer
My neighbor burns wood all winter and fall and spring with a dirty smelly damped down airtight stove and the wind draws it to our L shaped patio. Our two dogs reek of smoke our laundry stinks and we cannot open any windows on that side of the house, and no
423Wanda Altmayer
Our Yard stinks all Winter-fall-spring from wood smoke,now all summer-fall drunkin yelling stinking outdoor fires
424Tom R.
Too much of Kitchener is 'smoking'. I quit cigarettes 15 years ago for my 'health'.
425T Harding
Smoke cannot be contained to the person's backyard and does impact the neighbours in a negative way. Not all people having backyard fires are responsible and that then increases the risk to my property.
426Art Simpson
N2E 1S3 I favour the permit system like Cambridge. Campfires need to be in open areas away from buildings.
427Traci Austin
N2C 1J7 Waterloo and Cambridge residents are surviving just fine without campfires in their backyards.
428Jaymie B.
N2H 5M2
429brandy roscom
N2R 1Y2 Campfires don't belong in backyards in a city this big. Smoke is a big problem for many people. It's not healthy for anyone.
430Vicki W.
N2E 4K4 I'm allergic to all smoke, and should not have somebody's campfire filling my house with smoke. Campfires belong in campgrounds.
431Ted Austin
N2N 1K1 A petition should not decide a public health matter.
432Gina Lafrance
N2M 1Y4 Smoky air in backyards and houses is not acceptable and should not be allowed. We aren't a bunch of pioneers in 1812.
433Rob Smith
Council camera not working during the 3 council meetings dealing with these firepits is too much of a convenience. Thanks for telling me about this petition.
434Anne R.
I live in Waterloo and the stink from Kitchener's campfires wafts over her.
435Herb Allen
Are Kitchener's council meetings being televised now? I like the Cambridge permit system. No more campfires in backyards.
436Art V.
Let me know when the next vote for the firepits is. I'll be there.
437Veronica West
N2M 3G2 It's time for this campfire nonsense to stop. These fires keep popping up everywhere. The yards are to small for this kind of thing.
438R. Moore
N2M 1G3 The smoke is really terrible some nights. The cities in The Region should have similar rules for these fires. I like the Cambridge permit idea.
439Elsie Sommer
440abbey l.
441jay madison
Campfires in bakcyards are terrible for people breathing in the smoke and add to air pollution.
442Edwin W.
Frank Etherinton - Council camera broken for all 3 meetings about firepits? Good one. Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
444C. Ranaojic
Why did Kitchener not ban at the same time as Waterloo? The cities are joined together.
445Petra Braun
N2B 3L6 Kitchener residents did get a chance to have a say in this matter.
446troy scott
Campfires in backyards don't meake sense. Everyone knows this is too much pollution on top of all of the other pollution.
447C. McDougall
N2N 1Y8 I don't like smoke in my house. Neighbours get angry when you try to talk to them about the smoke.
448Edmund K.
N2E 3W3 Residents did not have a say in this matter. We deserve some answers.
449sam walters
The camera in council not working during all 3 meetings? Just heard about this one.
450brittany s.
N2M 3M8 Kids shouldn't have to clean up all the mess that everyone has been making for the last 20 years.
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Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

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