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502M. Summers
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. Another summer wrecked by smoky poor air.
503Joshua Sousa
N2N 3P9 Smoke from these backyard bonfires can't be confined to the yard it comes from. Smoke is a nuisance and health hazard.
504Margaret Wilson
N2A 3K3 Council camera broken for 3 meetings in a row when this topic was being discussed. Just because council members want firepits doesn't mean the rest of us do.
505josh medeiros
506G. Morrison
N2N 1H5 Maybe more kids would play outside if the air wasn't so smoky too much of the time.
507Maria W.
Why is there no way to ticket bylaw offenders after this bylaw has been in place for years? Probably not one went to court not even the ones breaking the ban when it was so dry this summer.
508Lorna Brubacher
509tara-lynn smith
510joshua nguyen
511Edna Eby
N2A 3A4 Air quality affects all citizens of this city. None of these council meetings were televised. Residents deserve to know the facts.
512Dave Robertson
Waterloo and Cambrdige got it right.
513craig zeller
514Gord Shantz
Do real estate agents have to tell people buying houses that Kitchener has smoky firepits stinking up the air every night. Waterloo and Cambridge have both banned backyard bonfires.
515ciera matthews
All this smoke is terrible for people and the environment. Most people hate cigarette smoke too.
516R. Woods
Smoke is smoke. We should not have to put up with it in our yards and homes.
517C. Baiton, Lethbridge, AB
Outdoor wood burning should not be allowed in any residential area. Many municipalities prohibit outdoor wood burning, in the interests of safety, as well as the protection of both air quality and public health.
518R. Santos
N2M2G3 The health of residents and cleaner air are more important than backyard campfires. Go camping like people used to do.
519Moira Smith
N2G 1R4 These fires were always a horrible idea. Smoke is a health hazard.
520dave Roberts
Waterloo It's impossible to keep the smoke from Kitchener's campfires in that city. Kitchener and Waterloo should have both banned at the same time.
521jayson connelly
Doon These campfires are very polluting.
522Roberta Park
N2M1C2 We should not need a petition to safeguard the health of citizens and to do our part to reduce emissions.
523tony fraser
n2h 2m7 Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. Just because council members want to sit around campfires doesn't mean we all have to smell smoke.
524Collin Thomas
Secondhand smoke is dangerous to health and is pollution on top of all the other pollution. This is a terrible lesson to be teaching our kids.
525Olivia Lee
Doon I just moved here from Windsor. The air smells really smoky at times.
526J. Vandeberg
N2N 3J8
527Grete Braun
528Karen L.
N2P 2J6 3 council meetings were not on TV. Why was this? Why were residents not allowed to vote on this issue since smoky air seems to be a widespread problem in this city.
529A. Robertson
N2N 2Z8 Waterloo and Cambridge residents manage to survive without their backyard campfires. Maybe they have learned to go camping again like in the olden days.
530tessa connor
531R. Edwards.
I would like to see these campfires out of Kitchener backyards. The house next door to my house if for sale. I don't have any firepits around my house right now and I don't want any. I was happy to see the last guy with one move out.
532Rosalia M.
Why were these council meetings with the firepit speakers not on the community channel?
533C. McDonald
N2N 3J8
534Terri Hutchings
Cambridge's permit system would allow community functions to be held. These campfires do not belong in residential backyards.
535Brenda Clark
Waterloo banned campfires in backyards at the beginning of this year, and Kitchener should have done the same.
536dustin taylor
537rhianna summers
Aren't cities trying to reduce pollution? Burning wood is one of the dirtiest fuels.
538M. Mueller
N2H 2M7 This is a city not a national park or campground.
539M. Adams
N2N 3P9 Does not surprise me at all that the bylaw has been in place for years and there's no way to ticket offenders. My bet is no one got sent to court either.
540kyle bell
541Meg Baker
N2P 1N3 Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. More than a little strange that Kitchener is joined to Waterloo. Waterloo residents, I guess you have to complain to Kitchener by-law. Good luck with that.
542Kim Bauman
N2P 1P7 I like Cambridge's solution. No more smoky backyards. What are the long-term effects of all this smoky air summer after summer.
543raz ali
544Monica Garcia
N2J 1R1
545A. Frank
Please mention this petition to everyone you know who wants these campfires sent back to campgrounds.
546Angela Mills
N2B 2H5 Campfires are not allowed in Waterloo or Cambridge backyards. Kitchener residents should not be exposed to all this smoke.
547Rob Ellis
These backyard fires never belonged in this city.
548J. Bouchard
N2E 1A4
549amanda finley
550Bruce Keown
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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