2351Mary N.
N2M 3Y9 Sick of the smoke. Air pollution is a health hazard.
2352Patty Yack
I am allergic to smoke and my neighbours having backyard fires on a regular basis last summer was very problematic for me. Smoke from backyard fires is a serious health hazard for me.
2353Ana Jonassen
2354Cris Smith
Forest Hill
2355R. Allan
Victoria Hills Backyards are not campgrounds. After years of no bylaw enforcement, these fires should not be tolerated any more. Sick of the smoke and the drinking every summer.
2356Jessica Martin
Doon Go camping.
2357Coralee Martin
2358Sonja Brenner
Why should Kitchener residents have to put up with this smoky, disgusting air?
2359C. Bergeron
Forest Hill
2360Tara Clark
Country Hills Air quality is horrible at times. These firepits should be banned in Kitchener too.
2361Rob Wilson
Stanley Park
2362Katrina Brown
Stanley Park
2363Jason Brown
2364angelina lin
2365Larry Moore
2366Marya Mircek
Heritage Park
2367Jean Lapointe
2368Janelle Tyler
A friend just told me about this petition. If you hate the smoky campfire air in this city, please sign!
2369tammy shaw
Kitchener has an environmental policy? Air quality is terrible with smoke.
2370Greg Murray
Waterloo and Cambridge have banned these firepits. Kitchener council needs to do the same.
2371Claudia Becker
Stanley Park
2372Kyle Williams
2373Hermione Jackson
Fairview Park The smoky air is a health hazard.
2374Larry Drussen
Waterloo Campfire smoke from Kitchener bonfires crosses into Waterloo where these fires are banned.
2375Katina Louis
Please tell your friends to sign this petition.
2376D. Ron Baker
N2M 2W8
2377Laurie Brown
Heritage Park There is no excuse for continuing to allow these smoky fires in Kitchener backyards. Kitchener council go camping at Bingemans.
2378Carlo Rapasso
2379John Millvan
Pioneer Park
2380Jana Kovack
Why should Kitchener residents have to put up with smoky campfires in neighbourhoods?
2381Milo K.
2382Ed Cranson
Stanley Park
2383Lars T.
Forest Hill
2384Kyle Baker
2385Wendy Baker
The smoky fires should not be allowed.
2386Deanne Norris
2387Kurt James
2388Maria Rendes
Smoky campfires should not be allowed in a city.
2389Aldo Rendes
Victoria Park
2390Trina R.
2391Rob Marino
2392Amanda Bremner
Pioneer Park Go camping. Ban these backyard campfires.
2393Tim Hill
These backyard fires should have been banned long ago.
2394Katrina Beyer
Stanley Park
2395Andrea Jonason
2396Kelly Prandas
2397Tony Ruas
2398Mary Chanla
Wood fires are very polluting. They don't belong in a city.
2399Nia Grayson
2400Ed Courbeil
Forest Hill
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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