1651Roz Soraya
N2E 3L9
1653Liz White
The smoke from wood fires is pollution and these fires should not be allowed in a city this size. Waterloo and Cambridge have already banned them.
1654libby carleton
please keep it going!
1655Caroline Park
N2B 3S1
1656Glen Park
1657Chloe Robertson
1658nick santos
1659May Grant
Victoria Park I was pleased to hear about the petition and to see how well it's doing. Smoky air is a health hazard.
1660John Long
1661Dawna Elliott
Since when do citizens of a city need a petition for public health and the environment to be protected? We need some answers.
1662J.Tom Smith
Kitchener campfires need to go camping. We need to ban to get rid of the smoke pollution that they produce.
1663Trina Sayers
1664Miranda Stevens
I would like to see wood fires banned from backyards in Kitchener. We are all breathing in this harmful wood smoke pollution.
1665Andrew Roberts
1666Jenelle Paquette
1667Cate Mitchell
Wood fires are very polluting and should not be allowed in Kitchener backyards. Public health and air quality are as risk.
1668Tony Ragozzo
Pioneer Park
1669Helge Weber
1670Mary Ross
N2G 2S3
1671Cyndi Meyer
N2G 1K2 Waterloo and Cambridge have already banned these campfires from city backyards. Air quality and health of residents should be priorities.
1672Iris Gross
Kitchener residents should not have to keep windows shut all summer to keep smoke from campfires out of their homes. The solution is to ban these health hazards and to make people go to campgrounds like they used to do.
A permit system like Cambridge might work but a ban would prevent sneaks from bending the rules.
1674Art Wilson
N2M 5A8 Air quality is terrible during the summer. Kitchener isn't a campground. People are going to get sick from all this smoke.
1675cassandria long
please send the petition to all your friends :)
1676Kyla Edwards
1677Tina L. Day
N2M 5H4
1678kayja jaseel
Smoke from wood fires is very polluting.
1679Dan Braun
N2B 3S1 Smoky air should be a health concern at all times of the year. Backyard campfires should be banned in Kitchener.
1680Sarah Pilon
Waterloo and Cambridge have banned these backyard fires. What is Kitchener council waiting for?
1681Bibi Narain
1682shannon good
1683steve tremblay
1684courteney medeiros
keep it going! :)
1685Anika Hartling
N2E 3L9 Let's say not to smoky fires in backyards in 2013!
1686Sam Anzada
All smoke is a health hazard.
1687kristen campbell
sick of choking on smoke!
1688Viola Wender
N2G 1T6 Wood smoke is pollution. These fires belong in campgrounds not in backyards.
1689catie armstrong
please keep this going by sending it to 5 people!
1690This signature has been deleted.
1691Carli Reid
Happy New Year! May 2013 be less smoky! Please send this petition to 5 friends!
1692Noella Rivaud
1693Norm Meyer
N2H 4J3
1694Nik Sirbu
Wood smoke is even worse than cigarette smoke. These fires should be banned from Kitchener backyards.
1695Jeanne Roussel
1696Rob Roussel
Smoky air is polluted air.
1697Maria Knorr
N2G 4L9 Most people do not smoke cigarettes or like smoky air. These fires fill the air with smoke and should be banned.
1698Margaret Gleiser
N2C 2J4
1699careen higgins
Happy New Year to our poor environment. May Kitchener council start doing their jobs to clean up our air.
1700Ric Sirbu
N2C 2J4
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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