1801Traudi Weber
N2C 1K6 It doesn't matter if you live in a house or apartment. Smoky air is polluted air and is bad for everyone.
1802Winston Lee
N2C 2M2
1803Ian Michaels
Public education campaigns and regulations have worked really well to get people to stop smoking cigarettes. We need the same approach to get rid of the wood smoke health hazard in Kitchener backyards.
1804darya moreno
Kitchener has a smoke problem. Clean up the air in this city!
1805Teresa Bender
1806Andrea Patrick
Why would anyone on city council think smoky campfires in backyards were ever a good idea. Other cities banned these nuisances for good reasons like they are health hazards and polluting.
1807Mariana Lee
1808Anne Smith
N2E 1H2 People should not have to close their windows to keep out smoke. The smoke should not be allowed in the first place. These wood fires should be banned from backyards.
1809Edna Martin
We were talking about this at Christmas when the air was disgusting from fireplace smoke. I am getting the people in my building to sign.
1810Josef Jansen
N2C 2J9
1811Roy Moser
N2M 2K5
1812Megan Smith
If people are protected from cigarette smoke hazards, it only makes sense to get these smoky wood fires out of Kitchener backyards. Look at the asthma numbers. How many have COPD, heart problems, children, the elderly?
1813lettie gomes
please pass it on!
1814Irina Silva
These campfires should not be allowed in city backyards and should be banned like in other normal cities.
1815suze lee
keep it going :)
1816Gary Durst
N2A 2G5
1817Veronica David
N2N 3L9
1818Bert Jacobs
1819Mati Jacobs
Backyard fires smoke up large areas of this city and should be banned from backyards.
1820Martie Sullivan
Why would Waterloo and Kitchener not both ban these smoky nuisances at the same time?
1821Doris Smits
N2C 2L7 Air filled with smoke is not healthy for any of us.
1822madison kennedy
send this to all your freinds :)
1823connor ryan
go camping
1824Brian Moore
N2G 1P6
1825Cecilia Charles
These backyard fires were always very polluting and drinking too much is often involved.
1826Anastasia Park
1827Rosalie Nichols
Smoky air is unhealthy air. Clean up your act Kitchener.
1828Mildred Peters
N2E 1H2
1829Linda Gardiner
The house next to mine is for sale and I don't want the stacks of wood and smoky fires like the the neighbour that's moving. Mice are a problem.
1830Monika Becker
Sick of the smoke. This city will have 250,000 people soon. Smoky campfires should not be allowed in this city either.
1831Ian Wagner
If Kitchener council likes to sit around campfires, they should go to campgrounds and treat this like a city with taxes that are going up all the time.
1832Deanna Wallace
1833Cora Meyer
I am mentioning this to everyone in my building. Wood campfires in Kitchener backyards should not be allowed in this city either.
1834M. Jacob Kurtz
N2M 2B1
1835W. Davidson
N2A 1L4 Why there no public meetings held? Why were none of the council meetings on TV? Why does Kitchener not have a way to fine people who break the firepit rules?
1836tanya murray
keep it going by sending this to 5 friends!
1837Paige Pearce
N23 2M6
1838Charlene King
N2G 1M3 Why should residents have to have to breathe all this smoky air when Waterloo and Cambridge have banned these health hazard fires?
1839Patty Wilkes
Thanks for the petition! It's great to finally have a say. Kitchener air stinks too much of the time. Stop the smoke!
1840Ryan Wilkes
I would like to see a firepit ban but a permit system like Cambridge might be worth a try.
1841Renate Braun
N2M 1Z3
1842D. Shaw
N2K 4H9
1843Carla Bender
N2N 1A1 Kitchener council needs to read through their environmental policies since I guess we do have one. Smoke from these fires is air pollution.
1844laura david
keep it going :)
1845Mildred George
Stanley Park We are paying city taxes where the air should be safe and not full of smoke due to campfires in backyards.
1846emilia jackson
let's keep it going!
1847Judi Allan
Most Kitchener backyards are too small to have these fires. The smoke is terrible all summer.
1848D. Bill Allan
Most people don't smoke cigarettes. Why should we have to smell smoke from these campfires in our homes and yards. We would like to enjoy our summer for once.
1849Carly Wells
I am going to university here and the air is really smoky. They don't allow anything like this in my town.
1850Phil Marcos
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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