1451Lidia Menairos
We already get so much pollution from the states and we need to smoke up our neighbourhoods every night? This smoke is a health hazard.
1452crystalle chalmers
1453amber morgan
1454Nadia Basat
Pioneer Part All smoke is unhealthy. Those people who need to sit around smoky wood fires should be the ones to leave and go to official campgrounds.
1455liam hunter
1456Oni Pojzyck
N2A 2E1
1457Kate Boyer
N2C 2L4 If you are sick of the smoke, please send this petition to your friends.
1458Alanis Gerou
Say no to the smoke from stinky backyard fires.
1459Marco Rajac
N2G 2C1
1460Flora Karalas
Why should we have to close our windows to get away from these smoky fires. The stink comes inside anyways.
1461TJ McKenzie
N2B 1W1
1462danny west
1463matt clark
1464michaela munro
1465Lynne Cook
N2M 5E6 Keep this petition going. Say no to smoky backyard fires in this city.
1466Tasha Hill
Ridiculous to allow people to fill the neighbourhoods with smoke from wood backyard fires and not call it air pollution. Shame on Kitchener council.
1467jeremy malone
1468Nick Adams
Pioneer Park
1469Andrea Morrison
Send this to 5 friends to keep it alive!!!!!
1470Phil Bryant
N2B 1W2
1471jody stevens
1472Margaret Hunte
Forest Hill Why were no public meetings held to discuss these polluting backyard fires. This smoke is a health hazard just like cigarette smoke.
1473kaya nicolas
1474dustin morgan
why should the young people get stuck with the mess the environment is in?
1475Marie Markos
N2G 1E9 Keep this alive and send it to 5. No more smoky, disgusting summers!
1476brett finley
1477bj walters
Kitchener air is disgusting too much of the time.
1478Ruksana Muiz
1479sara shaw
1480cierra morris
1481tari firoz
keep it going!
1482S. Johns
N2A 1B1 Say no to the smoke. Maybe we can all start enjoying our summers for a change.
1483Stu Gray
why were there no public meetings? Why were the council meetings not televised? Why were these fires not banned when Waterloo did so? What is going on in Kitchener.
1484May Mercer
These smoky disgusting fires should have been banned long ago.
1485R. Jack Smith
N2L 5G7
1486Sharon Price
N2C 1R6 More and more cities in Ontario are banning these polluting fires. Public health and keeping the air clean should be the priorities.
1487Elliott Price
Waterloo and Cambridge have already banned them. Kitchener residents should not be exposed to smoky air from these fires.
1488Martina Marshall
The world obviously didn't end today but there are consequences to human health and our environment when we keep creating pollution for the hell of it. Backyard campfires are harmful to anyone who can smell them.
1489shaunna andrews
pass this on to 5 to keep it alive
1490Mario Batarro
N2H 6M4
1491Margita Weilhoff
N2G 2C8 The air stinks with smoke. Taxes go higher and higher. The city is falling apart and so polluted.
1492Karianne Adams
This area already gets a lot of the smog from the Ohio industiral area. How can council justify exposing Kitchener residents to all this smoky campfire air?
1493Karl Hunte
A permit system like Cambridge should work.
1494lacey rivers
1495Marta Staziuk
N2H 6S4 People should not have to worry about what is burning in the firepits next door. When you complain, the fire just moves one more house away.
1496Lucy Chevalier
Please sign this petition and send it to your friends. Smoky firepits need to go camping.
1497Edwina Gray
Air quality is a concern in this city. How did Waterloo ban these fires without any fuss?
1498Joel Caldwell
N2M 5H4
1499Brett Burke
1500Dora Gartner
N2N 2A8 The smoky air is a concern all year long.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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