2251Marlene Kosarik
N2P 1L9 All smoke is a health hazard. Kitchener council needs to get these campfires out of backyards in this city.
2252Jon Brookler
N2C 2L7
2253Tanya Kennedy
Stanley Park Smoky, disgusting air in this city would.
2254Ethel Henry
N2M 1K8 I should not have to close my apartment windows to keep campfire smoke out of my city home. Waterloo and Cambridge have banned these fires for good reasons and Kitchener needs to do the same.
2255Meghan R.
2256Dan Jacobs
N2P 1L9 Kitchener should have banned these campfires when Waterloo did. Bylaw enforcement was always a joke.
2257Sharlene Webster
N2M 5A8 Wood smoke is pollution and these fires never belonged in Kitchener backyards. The air is very poor at times. At least they measure air quality in China.
2258Allison Daniels
N2B 3S1 Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. Not sure what Kitchener council is thinking.
2259Roger Daniels
2260Elvia Johnson
N2C 2M2 This petition is being passed around in my building. Smoky, polluted air is a health hazard for each and every one of us.
2261Earl Mason
2262Lynn Mason
N2E 1T8 I strongly favour banning these campfires from Kitchener backyards.
2263Justin Halyma
Air quality in this city needs improvement. These campfires would be a good place to start by banning them from backyards.
2264Trudi Bauer
These campfires are very polluting and a health hazard to anyone who can smell the smoke. We need to ban these campfires and reduce all woodburning. This isn't Kitchener 1913.
2265T. Bauer
2266Gena Powers
Ban these campfires and get the smoke out of the air.
2267Millie Lawrence
N2N 1T7 We should not have to close our windows to keep out smoke pollution from campfires in Kitchener backyards. These fires should never have been allowed.
2268Hildegard Hofman
Kitchener should ban these fires just like Waterloo and Cambridge. It's common sense.
2269Milt Preston
2270Karolina Neuman
2271Linda N.
N2N 1R5 Air quality in summer and winter would be much improved without smoke from inside and outside fires.
2272dylan corbett
2273Marlene Schmid
I have to close my windows all summer. These campfires never should have been allowed.
2274Edwin K.
N2N 2A8
2275Edna Sauer
This petition is going around my building. So many people the bad smoky air.
2276cassendra gordon
please send to all your friends !
2277Regina Weber
N2B 1W1 Why would Kitchener council not ban these campfires? People are going to get sick with this smoky terrible air.
2278Lisa T.
N2E 3L9
2279Cornelia Seric
Stanley Park
2280mihaela scott
2281Brian Vanderly
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. It's time to shut down the campground in Kitchener.
2282S. Miller
N2N 1H5 These campfires are much too close to houses and they are a health hazard to everyone who can smell the smoke.

2283Kevan Hunt
Stanley Park
2284Nancy Humphrey
N2H 4J3 Global climate is in a state of crisis and we are teaching children to have smoky campfires in small city backyards? Ban these fires before everyone gets sick.
2285Meredith Alexander
2286Lynnette James
2287Neema Gill
Smoky fires in bakcyard a health hazard.
2288Breanna Willis
Where is Kitchener's Environmental Department hiding not to mention Waterloo Region Public Health. I am not impressed.
2289Rob Hayward
N2G 2C8 Half of the kids have asthma and we need campfires in backyards? Other cities banned campfires from backyards for a good reason.
2290Cecile Rogers
N2N 2A8 The smoky air in this city is a big concern. Firepits should be banned in this city.
2291Al Rogers
We have thepetition going around our building to get signatures.
2292Marcella Reid
The smoky air in neighbourhoods is polluted air.
2293Will Reid
2294Aria Richard
Pollution stinks just like backyard campfires.
2295Abigail Williamson
Victoria Park
2296Joe Marcos
Kitchener is not a campground. Smarter cities have banned these fires already.
2297Elisabeth Winters
N2N 1A4
2298Frank Winters
2299Ella Gordon
Smoky campfires don't belong in Kitchener backyards either and should be banned in this city.
2300Ella Gordon
Smoky campfires don't belong in Kitchener backyards either and should be banned in this city.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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