51Victoria Johannes
N2E 1S4 No to fires in backyards. Yes to fires at community events. Hotdogs. Marshmallows. No booze. No cigarettes.
52Joanne Hintz
N2N 2R1 I don't like fires in the city. The house next door to mine is for sale. I don't have any fires there now, and I don't want any.
53Pat Schneider
I am very much in favour of a total fire pit ban. No one should be a prisoner in their own home. I am allegic to smoke ad it can make me very ill.
54Clifford Schneider
I am asthmatic and my breathing is compromised when I am exposed to smoke and it can take several days to ge over it.
55Randy Hergott
There is a petition in circulation for those against campfire bans & are now at 2500+ signatures.
Please help spread the word of this petition.
Campfires are for campers in a park - the name speaks for itself! Waterloo got it right Council is wrong.
56Sandy Hergott
Please help spread the word of this petition.
Campfires are for campers in a park - the name speaks for itself! Waterloo got it right - what is wrong with our kitchener council??
57Mary Pooley-Brodt
Everyone I know who lives next to a firepit user have had adverse effects
58Darlene Jones
N2M2B2 We very seldom use our backyard now that our neighbors started having fire pits weeknights and weekends. On summer nights we have to make sure our windows are closed and laundry is not hanging outside. Often had to rewash all my laundry.
59Matt Wilkinson
N2M 1X2 Campfires in backyards should be like cigarettes in restaurants. Most people are smart enough not to smoke. One smoky fire can affect a large area.
60This signature has been deleted.
61Jennifer White
Heritage Park Most cities have already banned these fires. Is it a good thing to be last? Campfires in backyards - no.
62M. Bradley
Sunrise Plaza What is more important than health? Burning wood is very polluting. Pollution harms health. Most cities have already dealt with this problem.
63Klemens Beyfuss
64Loni Beyfuss
Go camping we dont
need the smoke in the City.
65Mary Wicks
Yes, it is the only way go. I have allergies myself and often find I have to get inside for some clean clear air.
67A. Lisak
N2N 1K3 Campfires in backyards is not what we should be teaching to children. The Record has an article about pollution and the link to cancer.
68R. Wilson
N2A 1B9 Weber St. We need these backyard fires banned to see if the air is still this bad. Way less than 2500 on the other petition
69Roberta Martinez
Sunrise Mall area
Houses are smoky with yards this small. Fires don't belong in city backyards.
70Rob Schmidt
N2N 3G8 Smoky air is not good for us. Some people have fires all year long. We need to ban this from our backyards.
71C. Schmidt
People can cook their food on barbecues.
fires should not be allowed. Campfire stories and drinking should be in campgrounds.
72This signature has been deleted.
73Donald & Marjorie Rueffer
74Elke Anton
ban fires in the city period.Fires do not belong in cities.
75Robert Anton
please end all fires in the city.
76This signature has been deleted.
77Jessica Hill
N2E 3Z1 These fires should have never been allowed in the first place. Ban them.
78Steve Smith
n2n 2r2 we should not be teaching kids that it's okay to have fires like this in backyards. beer and noise is often part of the habit. no to keeping them
79Kim Johnson
N2E 1C9 Smoky fires is another thing to worry about when moving. I do not want smoky fires near my house. My kids have asthma.
80Trevor White
N2J 2J9 Waterloo. I was thinking of Kitchener to be closer to the place that I work but I have friends who complain about the smoke in Kitchener.
81Marianne Schweitzer
Kitchener I can't afford a cottage or a trailer. I shouldn't have to leave my house to get away from campfires burning in other yards in this ciy. Waterloo and Cambridge residents don't have this smoke crap.
82Gary Bakker
Please ban backyard fires totally.
83Gary Schlueter
When we send firefighters into smokey fires they wear masks and air tanks. Lets keep our city pollution free. Ban outdoor fires!!
84Joan Schlueter
It is a fact that smoke from any fire is hazardous to our health. Please ban backyard fires completely
85Ingrid Sienerth
Forest Heights It's disgusting that people still have to put up with smoky fire stench Oct. 6, Oct. 7 and Oct. 8 in the West Acres Crescent/ Blackwell Drive area. I was driving to a friends house each evening.
86This signature has been deleted.
87Pat Price
88gerald underhill
Fun for a few while others suffer the poor health consequences. Doesn't make sense!
89Diane Daudlin
For me it is a health concern! Whenever someone starts up an open fire in our neighbourhood of forest heights the windows need to be closed.
90Susan Koswan
I support a backyard fire ban in the City of Kitchener. Our homes are too close to provide adequate ventilation, the smoke contributes to poor air quality.
91michelle benninger
Kitchener residents deserve the same protection from airborne contaminants as the residents in Waterloo and Cambridge. It amazes our whole family that the fun and enjoyment of a backyard fire can trump the health of others in the community.
92Ashley W.
I am 12 years old. My parents and teachers teach me to recycle, that we should save energy, and how bad air pollution is for people.
93John Jackson
94Vince Pellegrino
Please ban backyard fires. They are endangering the health of everyone in Waterloo Region and beyond.
95This signature has been deleted.
96Sandra Lachance
I have asthma.
97Louisette Lanteigne
Open fires are too high a risk in residential communities. We need to put public health and safety first.
Forest Heights had to go into house & shut doors&windows many times this past summer due to wood burning fire pits beside & behind my property,really sucks i can`t sit out in my own backyard on a nice summer evening
99mel linington
No one should have to breathe someone else's woodsmoke just the same as cigarette smoke.
100mary gillen linington
No matter how airtight a house is, studies have shown that the particulates invade one's home.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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