2301Luba Popov
2302Tamara S.
N2G 1C3 Public health needs to be protected. Kitchener should ban these fires just as other cities have already done.
2303tyson matthews
2304Deanne Matthews
Forest Hill Seems that many of us are starting to feel like we could be healthier if we did not live in Kitchener. Smoke pollution is stinking up residential areas.
2305Renate Reidel
Kitchener council needs ban these campfires. Air quality is bad.
2306Margita Sonnenberg
N2M 1V1 Why should we have to close our windows all the time to keep our campfire smoke? This is a city not a campground. Go camping.
2307Reiner Shultz
Is Kitchener planning to get more doctors and hospitals for when everyone is sick from the smoke?
2308tori weller
send this to your freinds if you hate smoky air!
2309Andrei Z.
N2A 4B5
2310Pearl Frederick
N2H 5Y7
2311Sherice Lebel
Kitchener's air stinks with smoke!
2312Reema K.
N2G 2T9
2313Lynne Morgen
Air quality is very poor with smoke too much of the time. Kitchener needs to get tough on campfires by banning them.
2314Betty Smith
2315Shawn Smith
N2N 1B7 Ban backyard fires.
2316Yulia Marik
2317Virginia Jackson
2318Mary Johnson
Air quality in this city is a concern. I should not have to close my windows to try to keep out campfire smoke from fires burning in backyards.
2319Bill Johnson
These smoky firepits have been banned in Waterloo and Cambridge and most other cities. Smoky air is a health hazard to everyone.
2320Ruby Dennis
N2M 1G7 Closing windows does not keep the smoke smell out of my apartment. Kitchener seems like a dirty falling apart city.
2321Crista Martinez
2322Roy Costner
Country Hills These campfires were always a terrible idea. They used to be banned in the past. Kitchener should have fined offenders to the max way back when.
2323Felicia Howard
N2G 1C3 I was happy to learn about the petition. Air quality in Kitchener is getting worse all the time with wood smoke. Kitchener needs to ban these campfires from all Kitchener backyards.
2324Joe Peres
2325Roselia Peres
All smoke is bad for health. Many people called bylaw many times and nothing was ever done.
2326Carol Bartley
Public health and the environment need to be safeguarded by banning backyard campfires in Kitchener.
2327Mabel George
2328Edith Godfrey
2329Brian Ling
N2A 4A4
2330Theo Weller
Smoky bad air is making people sick. These campfires should have been banned at the last council meeting.
2331Bethany Cowan
2332Diane Styles
Sick of breathing and smelling smoke from neighbours.Kitchen smokey,windows must be closed for sleeping during summer on hot nights.Neighbours out long after 11pm. Fire going for hours on end.
2334Naila Jusufagic
Clean air is a basic human right. It is time to stop this insanity and start thinking about our health. Wood smoke is pure poison with long lasting effect. Citizens of urban areas must not be exposed to this risk. There are many camping grounds and traile
2335Gwen Adams
Forest Heights I believe that I would be a healthier person if I lived in Waterloo or Cambridge. Smoky air polluted by outdoor and indoor burning of wood is a health hazard to everyone who breathes.
2336Ana Ferreras
2337Kimberley Hughes
There are good reasons why other cities have already banned backyard woodburning. It's time for Kitchener council to protect public health and air quality.
2338Nick Vitali
2339Fiona Connell
Waterloo and Cambridge have limited woodburning. The Public Health Department should get involved in this matter since people are getting sick.
2340Marri Nazir
2341Naveed A.
N2M 1V4 The air smells like smoke too much of the time.
2342Lea West
2343S. Schmitt
Stanley Park People should not have to close their windows because of campfire smoke.
2344Tamara Kovacs
N2B 3S1
2345R. Kovacs
2346Nalin Lakkar
2347Sara Tham
Wood smoke is air pollution. Kitchener council needs to make the environment a priority to protect public health.
2348Cris Poulos
N2E 3L9
2349Greta Walsh
Horrible air quality too much of the time. These campfires need to be banned from the backyards of Kitchener. All woodburning needs to be addressed.
2350Dorena Taylor
N2M 5H4
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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