1001Steve Nola
1002Dan Smith
The new draft by-law should be reconsidered. Kitchener's asthma stats are much higher than ?Cambridge and Waterloo which have banned these fires and they had larger setbacks to begin with.
1003Ryssa Vanwyck
1004colby dunning
1005Mike Hall
N2C 2L7
1006J. Morrison
Why would Kitchener and Waterloo not ban these fires at the same time since the two cities share a common border. Shame, who is really sitting around those campfires.
1007larisse yu
1008Martina Evans
Smoky air is unacceptable in neighbourhoods. This is air pollution.
1009allison sanders
1010J. Balnar
Stanley Park
1011Rachelle Lawrence
Wood campfires are very polluting and too close to houses. Kitchener's asthma rates are way higher.
1012Justin Rivard
1013Cindy Klein
1014Char Brown
N2P 1A4
1015Brian Clark
1016deanna woods
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. Now it's Kitchener's turn.
1017Alayne Wallace
1018Tamera Bermand
Backyard campfires cause smoke pollution that is a health hazard.
1019Lana Bennett
1020luke bentley
n2j 1m4
1021Pete Graye
1022Ann Graye
1023Ellen Markes
N2C 2J7
1024Jim Francis
N2A 2S1
1025jenn gardner
1026debbi williams
n2c 2l6
1027Sara Morris
Wood campfires in Kitchener backyards have always been very polluting and wrong. They should be banned.
1028John Buckley
1029Melinda Francis
1030Cassandra Bell
1031devin lawson
1032Marlene Bechtel
1033Jill Howard
Wood campfires are very polluting, and certainly do not belong in residential backyards. Always a terrible idea.
1034Emma Olson
1035merillee walsh
1036Beth Brian
Pioneer Park
1037Kenda Pemraj
1038Raina Mansrar
1039Agnes Stevens
These campfires cause a lot of air pollution, and are totally unacceptable.
1040Nada Lienca
1041Phil Jordan
N2A 3J6 Why did Kitchener and Waterloo not have meetings and decide to ban these campfires at the same time? Makes too much sense.
1042Vana Lattner
N2M 4X3
1043Yi Jeoung
1044Brima Jakriar
N2C 2L7
1045Alex Grady
N2P 1A4
1046Ann Grady
Backyard campfires were never a good idea. They should be banned from Kitchener backyards.
1047Lim Nga
1048T. Nga
1049Tonia Matolara
1050Lory Lucas
N2R 1Y5 This is Kitchener 2012 not 1912. Backyard campfires should be banned in Kitchener as well.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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