1401Renate Baume
Stop this air pollution and we won't have to close our windows.
1402Tom Johnston
Wood campfires in backyards are unacceptable. They should be banned now.
1403Revi Shandra
The schools are filled with children with asthma. Smoke is a health hazard for everyone.
1404genna hunt
1405Verna Good
Public health and safeguarding our environment should not depend on a petition. What is really going on here? We need some answers and accountability.
1406Steve Roberts
These campfires never belonged in backyards and should have been banned years ago. Cambridge has had strict regulations with huge setbacks for decades.
1407Trish Anderson
Please keep this petition going by forwarding it to friends and neighbours. Thanks.
1408Jake Wilson
1409katrina stone
1410This signature has been deleted.
1411Amy Ross
N2E 3J8 Public health and air quality trump fun.
1412Randy Davis
1413Zachara Habim
Smoky air is pollution and it's wrong.
1414Lorraine Peters
Why should Kitchener residents have to smell that sickening smoke from these ridiculous backyard firepits? They should be banned.
1415Ron West
N2C 2L4
1416olivia linn
1417Marlene W.
Waterloo and Cambridge do not allow these smoky firepits, and Kitchener should ban them now.
1418Ami Miram
N2E 2K2
1419Myra Robertson
N2C 1S3 House or apartment dweller should not matter. This horrible, smoky air is a health hazard to everyone.
1420miranda michels
1421Myra Kennedy
N2P 1B2 Kitchener residents deserve a healthy place to live with clean air. Ban wood campfires - and discourage all woodburning.
1422Leo Klein
Backyard campfires are unacceptable pollution, and public health should step in.
1423Kim Sutton
Backyard campfires in Kitchener need to go camping to clean up our air and protect public health.
1424This signature has been deleted.
1425M. Johns
Kitchener council should rethink their stand on these fires. Wood smoke is a public health hazard.
1426nate parker
1427Jon Gray
1428Lisa Brock
N2B 1W2
1429Amy Smith
Please, please, please keep it going! Sign the petition and send it to your friends.
1430Sonya Krnjak
Why should we have to go inside and close our windows on nice summer nights just because neighbours smoke up the air with their fires?
1431Larry Jordan
1432Jane Shelley
Backyard campfires should not be allowed in Kitchener.
1433ashleigh phillips
These fires are very polluting and should not be allowed in Kitchener.
1434carly hall
1435trent haywood
1436Daveen Morris
N2C 2L4
1437Stacey Bryan
Walking my dog would be more pleasant if the air didn't always smell like smoke. Air quality in this city is a big concern.
1438kaylee jarvis
1439brydon white
1440Ellen Brown
N2E 3J8
1441Alex Williams
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
1442Nicole Cameron
Wood smoke is a health hazard and needs to be banned from backyards as such.
1443Barb Lewis
1444Lucy Wilson
N2G 1W5
1445Marcia Peters
N2H 2H9 Please tell all of friends and neighbours about this petition.
1446chad livingston
1447melinda gordon
1448Sandra Menardos
Wood smoke is very polluting and a health hazard. These backyard fires should be banned.
1449camille ryan
Let them know we are sick of smoky, crappy air.
1450Don Heller
Backyard campfires should have never been allowed in this city.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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