2151Janelle Waters
Banning smoky fires would be in keeping what has already taken place in the other cities in The Region. Time for Kitchener to ban these fires from backyards to protect public health.
2152Jaime Alves
Victoria Park
2153Adelaide Baum
N2M 1K2 I often have to close my apartment windows due to smoky air from these campfires. I would like to see them gone.
2154jayden trask
2155Gwen Sullivan
N2N 2T5
2156Maria Feht
2157Johann Feht
2158Nick Feht
Chandos Dr.
2159Charles Feht
Chandos Dr.
2160Debbie Smith-Bos
I do not enjoy sitting in my back yard smelling someone elses firepit and smoke. Leave that for camping and wide open spaces., not in the city where we get enough pollutants.
2161alan lakeman
kitchener should ban these fires like waterloo does
2162alan lakeman
kitchener should ban these fires like waterloo does
2163Merissa Baker
Forest Heights The smoky air from these backyard campfires is a concern. We need these health hazards out of our backyards now not after the next election.
2164Emma Dixon
2165Gil Dixon
Forest Hill Do the right thing. We should not need a petition for council members to protect public health and live up to their environmental responsibilities.
2166Annaliesa Hayman
N2M 3B7 Air quality in this city needs to be improved. Smoky campfire air is unacceptable and a health hazard to anyone who can smell the smoke.
2167Ralph D.
N2H 2H2
2168Tim Adair
N2N 1N8
2169Sharene Daniels
N2N 1Z2 Waterloo and Cambridge have banned these backyard campfires and it's time for Kitchener council to do the same. Maybe the rest of us will stop dreading summer.
2170kylie michaels
please send this to all of your friends and we'll beat the other group!
2171Martina Hill
Victoria Park We should not need a petition for Kitchener council to start protecting the health of people in this city and cleaning up the filthy air by getting rid of backyard campfires. Waterloo and Cambridge have banned these health hazards.
2172G. Hill
I would support a permit system like Cambridge with the huge setbacks to get them out of highly-populated residential subidivisons.
2173Rosemary Rayner
2174Linda Paton
2175Anisa Orran
2176Jen Pattison
N2E 3T4 Kitchener is not a campground. There is a good reason why all the other cities have already banned these backyard fires. It's time for this city to do the same.
2177J. Johnson
I support banning backyard campfires in this city.
2178Paula Johnson
Stanley Park
2179This signature has been deleted.
2180Verna Carter
These campfires don't belong in Kitchener backyards either. It's ridiculous when everyone has to close their windows and stay inside all summer due to the campfire smoke.
2181Katrina Roberts
2182Ric Roberts
The majority of people in this city do not smoke cigarettes or need to sit around smoky campfires. Those people that do need to sit around smoky fires should go to a campground. Ban these fires.
2183Stuart Bos
2184Barbara J.
N2N 3N1 The air is polluted with smoke where I work and where I live. I strongly favour banning these campfires from backyards.
2185Alvin Cramer
Victoria Park These campfires should have never been allowed. Kitchener's previous ban should have been enforced 100% of the time.
2186This signature has been deleted.
2187Renate Broden
2188Erich Broden
Regulating the by-law never worked. Cambridge and Waterloo have banned these fires from backyards for a good reason. Kitchener needs to do the same.
2189Sarra Zacarias
The air is smoky and I have to close my apartment windows when neighbours drink around these fires.
2190A. Zacarias
Ban these fires please.
2191Mabel Crossly
N2M 1G7
2192Ruthanne M.
N2E 2Z2 Why should residents of Kitchener have to breathe in smoky polluted air from these ridiculous campfires when other cities have been smart enough to ban them already.
2193Monica Hasler
2194shannon young
doon please send this to all of your friends :)
2195catie wilson
2196Lina Garcia
N2M 5E5 The air is really terrible and smoky and I need to close my windows. People are going to get sick from this.
2197Bev Howell
Country Hills I should not have to close my windows to keep out smoke from campfires just because Kitchener council likes to sit around them.
2198Veronika Walter
Kitchener does have an environmental policy on the website. Would be nice if council would read the health and safety part. Ban these fires from backyards.
2199amber jennings
conestoga college
2200Irv Howell
Air quality is not optional. Council members need to go camping.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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