251Art S.
Enough is enough. Get these health hazards out of our neighbourhoods.
252amberley hill
253Cody W.
254rachal king
Stanley Park This sounds like an easy way to make our air cleaner.
255S. Scott
N2R 1M6 The permit system like the one Cambridge has would get these fires out of our backyards but community events could still be enjoyed in wide open spaces.
256R. Brown
Highland Rd. I don't like it when my neighbours fill the air with smoke from these fires.
257Bob Anderson
258Maria Gomes
Fairview So many people quit smoking and now we have to breathe smoky air.
259christina g.
260jeffrey g.
261Laurie Park
262Ryan Park
I didn't even know Waterloo had banned these fires. Why do Kitchener residents have to wait any longer to get rid of them?
263Karyn Stafford
N2M 1C3
264Adam Cook
N2M 1Y4 Some of us actually try not to trash our health. Smoky, polluted air isn't good for anyone. Why is this news to some people?
265K. Cook
Why were campfires in backyards ever a good idea?
266Khris Schulz
N2M 2H3
267Rashima Anwra
N2H 5A5
268tyla shaw
269Amir Babak
270Bibi M.
N2H 5M8 Smoky air is not good for anyone. Most people do not smoke cigarettes anymore.
271abbie strong
272Marg Robertson
N2N 2B9 These fires are polluting our yards and houses. Why has no medical professional spoken up?
273Eduardo Mendoza
N2E3R5 Fires do not belong in backyards.
274Roselia M.
The air is very smoky sometimes. I don't let my kids out to play when the air is so bad.
275cayley hutchinson
276Bryan H
I can't open my windows when my neighbour lights his firepit.
277Ava Snider
N2M 4Z1 Why should people in Kitchener have to suffer with smoky air when Waterloo and Cambridge have already dealt with these fires? Why would Kitchener not talk to Waterloo when Waterloo banned them?
278Sue Lang
I do not want my kids to breathe in the smoky air from these fires. Also, why do we want to listen to the people keeping everyone awake while they are drinking outside when it's already dark?
279mellisa brown
N2B 3N9
281Jordan T.
I am concerned by the smoke smells in my area. Kitchener and Waterloo are joined. I was surprised to hear that Waterloo banned these fires so quickly and quietly.
282becca wilson
283Marco B.
Most people do not smoke cigarettes. We don't need smoke in our homes.
284Li Zhang
N2M 1V1 Why were these fires not banned when Waterloo decided that they don't belong in backyards. The air is very bad some nights.
285tiffany clark
n2x2h4 smoky fires in backyards don't make sense
286Roberta Johnson
Why was it ever a good idea to fill the air in our neighbourhoods with toxic smoke? Why are we teaching children to waste natural resources and to drink in public as seems to be the case?
287Nathan Sousa
N2P 2C3
288devon shantz
289Edna Zeller
290dayna summers
Kitchener's air stinks too much of the time.
291Melania Leal
N2C2H4 I favour the ban. This smoky air can't be good for anyone.
292nate miller
293Jason Andrews
People in Kitchener deserve clean air. It's ridiculous to allow fires in city backyards.
294Ann M.
n2n 3k1 Please tell everyone to sign this petition. Smoky air is unhealthy.
295Gayle Milson
Camp fires and firepits are more suitable for designated, open areas at regional, provincial and federal parks where careful monitoring takes place. In residental areas, the health and safety risks are much higher.
296Tammy Hynes
Subjecting neighbours to smoke shouldn't be allowed. It's a health concern and backyard fires are a fire hazard as well.
297John Clark
N2R 1C7 The city is no place to have campfires. Health and clean air should trump anything else.
298Ram Abdul
Victoria Hills These fires make smoke and should not be allowed in city backyards.
299Anita Weiler
N2C 2S1
300Joe S.
N2B 2N3 Most people aren't stupid enough to smoke cigarettes anymore so why does it make sense to have smoking fires in backyards in Kitchener?
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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