1351Anne Roberts
Most others cities in Ontario have banned these smoky nuisances. There are good reasons for doing so including protecting public health and preventing pollution.
1352janelle north
Teachers are on strike today. We should be on strike about smoky air.
1353Johanna Braun
N2M 5C8 Smoky campfires in small backyards is not the example we should be setting for children.
1354Melissa George
Smoky air is unfit for people to breathe. Campfires need to go camping.
1355chelsie simpson
1356zack simpson
1357arielle simpson
1358Deb Simpson
N2B 1W2 Public health and environmental concerns should be the priorities. We need some answers if they are not.
1359Dave Simpson
Waterloo banned this nonsense from city backyards on Jan. 1. What is Kitchener council's problem?
1360Renee Simpson
N2E 3J8
1361Holly Simpson
Absolutely ridiculous for residents to have to close their windows to keep out smoke from campfires in a city of 230,000 people. Remember the names of those who vote to allow these fires.
1362Keila Adams
N2G 1E9 Public health and clean air should be the most important considerations in this debate.
1363Elena Martens
People in Kitchener should not have to breathe in this smoky air. It's a health hazard to allow wood campfires.
1364Roy Berger
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right - and just about every other city.
1365brandon hunt
1366A. Hunt
N2M 5G1 We should not need a petition at all in order for Kitchener council to do their jobs. Stop this smoke pollution and stop wrecking our health.
1367Jessica Hunt
1368Angela James
Keep this petition going by sending it to your friends. Wood firepits should not be allowed in Kitchener backyards.
1369Judy Berger
We have put up with this smoky air for long enough. Wood fires in backyards should not be allowed in Kitchener either.
1370Josh Bell
Climate change is a very real problem. Wood fires smoking up neighbourhoods is a horrible example to show young people who will be stuck with our mess.
1371Shauna Johnson
1372sabrina herman
1373Manfred Kamper
A permit system like Cambridge could be tried first. Total ban if the system does not work.
1374Daryl Anderson
It's unacceptable to expose neighbours to wood smoke. Backyard bonfires should be banned.
1375Tina Davis
N2P 2A5 Please send this petition to your friends. Say no to smoky, disgusting air next summer.
1376jenna ryan
Saying no to smoky, disgusting air in Kitchener subdivisions.
1377Krista Gertis
N2G 1M1
1378Walt Smith
Wood smoke is a health hazard and backyard fires should be banned in Kitchener. That by-law has not been enforced properly for years.
1379Bibi Azam
1380Zia Ibrahim
1381Betty Jacobs
Kitchener council should vote to ban backyard campfires at the next meeting.
1382Tracey Roberts
Smoky campfires in Kitchener backyards were never a good idea. These fires have been banned in most other cities for good reasons. Kitchener should do the same.
1383Yvon Lafrance
1384Bill Riebert
Forest Hill Wood smoke is a health hazard. These fires belong in campgrounds not in backyards.
1385Barb Morin
N2B 1W2
1386Lin Lee
Waterloo The smoke crosses over into Waterloo.
1387Shirley Armstrong
These campfires never belonged in backyards. They should be banned. Most other cities have already done so.
1388Janine Preston
N2C 2L4 Public health and safeguarding our air quality are the responsibility of Kitchener council.
1389Deolinda Morzales
1390Lis Smith
Let's keep the petition going. Please send this to your friends. Let's get rid of smoky campfires.
1391Vicky Anderson
People in Cambridge and Waterloo don't have to close their windows and breathe disgusting smoky air. Kitchener council needs to ban this smoky pollution.
1392Joey Wilson
N2M 5E6
1393Tara Dennis
1394Natasha Bell
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. Clean up your act Kitchener.
1395Lori Gorando
1396jodi-anne kirk
1397Mary Martin
Wood smoke is a health hazard and these backyard fires need to be banned. Disgusting that there is no ticketing system in place long ago to penalize offenders. Shame on you!
1398kristi wilson
1399Chris Dennis
Please keep this petition going. No more smoky summer air.
1400Emma Wilson
N2C 2L4
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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