351Jane Miller
N2G 4M4 I am only here to go to school but the smoke from these fires is a problem. I don't smoke cigarettes.
352tanya wilson
N2N 3M2 Why was Waterloo's setback 10 m before the ban? Kitchener setback is only 5 m?
354mirda rashad
N2N 1Y4 Most people don't smoke cigarettes so why should we smell smoke from these fires in our houses and apartments?
355salim m.
356G. Contant
I would like to enjoy open windows
357Bob S.
Victoria Hills Ban out door fires all together
358Dianne Nelson
It is insane we are working towards initiatives for cleaner air and yet allowing backyard campfires that promote the use of a/c.
359D. Bateman
360Jane Harding
Ward 9. There is no need to have outdoor fires in the city.
361Derrick Courtens
362Mike Clark
think about neighbour has a fire and i need to close my windows and/or stay in if i dont want the smoke. this is a city, not a cottage resort!
363SAM H.
Breithaupt area. Focus on improving air quality and ban fires. We pay taxes but cannot enjoy our property. Must live behind closed windows for most of the year due to the smell outside.
364Elizabeth Fromer
Way to go Ingrid. I have been writing the City and fighting backyard fires for years as they invade our privacy and freedom to live a happy healthy life and are a burden to the environment and the Fire Dept and a waste of our tax dollars.
365Wendy Albrecht
Kitchener calls itself a 'city' and promotes more density, yet acts like a country village about backyard flires. Time to grow up!
366Anne Walsh, 169 Winding Way, Kitchener
July 21st, when a fire ban was in place, I called fire dept admin after 11 about a neighbour's fire. Bylaw officer was to come. I fell asleep after 2 and they were still partying.Smoke was terrible.
367Michael C. Moorhouse
I am against backyard firepits. The smoke prevents me from using my own backyard.
368Eric Terry
My wife and I are very sensitive to smoke particles and have to retreat indoors whenever our neighbour starts an outdoor fire.
369Joanne Lee
370Lori Rempel
N2E 1A9 We are supposed to be trying to deal with air pollution--smoke from a backyard fire is unnecessary and infringes on the rights of those who wish to maintain their health. If you want a backyard fire, buy a cottage or a trailer.
371Mike Canivet
Our back yard joins onto 5 other yards and 3 of those 5 have outdoor fires udring the summer. There is no escape no matter which direction the wind blows. There is also one house downwind where they have fires nearly every weekend and ofter during the week
Councillors voting for this are swayed by petitions and not by doing the right thing. This petition shouldn't even be neccessary.
373mary becker
374lori becker
375joe becker
councillor for last 4 signatures Paul Singh
376Sue Bell
Some residents of Kitchener are actually trying to stay healthy inspite of having to deal with crappy, smoky air around our homes. All smoke is terrible for health. Why do firefighters wear masks if it's so 'good' for them.
377lise dwyer
n2e2v8 Campfires go camping. If we wanted to breathe in smoke we'd go to a campground.
378hailey johnson
What about our environment and health? Some people should spend more time reading and less time sitting around smoky fires.
379b. ramirez
380J. Shaw
Cambridge and Waterloo got it right.
381jeff taylor
next school year i'll bring my gas mask
382vicky weber
N2P 1L9
383K. Mason
Council member - Dan Glenn-Graham
384R. Baker
N2E1A7 Why does this matter even need any more debate? What is more important than the health of residents and air quality in this city? Go camping if you need to sit around a wood campfire.
385allyson wood
N2P 1K8
386emilia b.
So many kids at my school have asthma just like me. The smoke makes me cough.
387Rob Oliver
388Ron W.
Majority should win. Most people don't smoke cigarettes. Only 2000 signed the other petition so why should the rest of us have to suffer smelling it every night?
389Marg Dietrich
N2C2P5 Please get all your freinds to sign so we get rid of the smoke.
390jenn bechtel
cars do more damage to the environmenthealth than wood fire pits. Get a life...find a more impactful cause to get behind. This petition is comical.
392Douglas Watson
Many people have health concerns.
393Rebecca R.
Kitchener does have an environmental policy. Maybe council members should read it.
394Elizabeth Watson
Let us have clean air.
395B. Greenwood
All this smoke is on top of all of the other pollution. Do you think that ridiculous light rail that is going to cost us all hundreds each year is going to get cars off the road?
396Brian Brooks
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
397Nancy R.
Get a life and go camping like people used to do!
398Nancy Dyck
Kitchener website does used the work 'clean air' HEALTHY COMMUNITY
A Plan for a Healthy Kitchener
Ask anyone what it is that makes and keeps us
healthy - we all know, intuitively! It's clean air and
water, healthy food, good jobs and safe homes in
caring neighbourhoods.
399liam billings
n2b 1a5
400tyler eby
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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