651This signature has been deleted.
652Margot Mack
Backyardfires are airpollution
and pose a health risk for people with excisting respiratory problems. The should be banned.
653Murray Ariss
We rightly ban smoking even at sports fields. Why would we allow fires that produce even more toxic smoke than a cigarette? It's certain to affect neighbours adversely.Let's get progressive and ban them like neighbouring cities.
654Glenys Martin
The air in this city smells very smoky and unhealthy for all too much of the time. Backyard campfires should have never been allowed in the first place.
655arielle lessard
n2l 3v4
656Zack Kinney
657E. Strassburger
The smoke from these fires aggravates breathing problems and is a health hazard.
658josh reynolds
659J. Hall
N2N 3E5 Elm trees and salamanders seem to warrant more regard than human health by Kitchener council. Campfires belong in campgrounds.
660Tiffany Alexander
661Hillary Sutherland
Forest Hill Waterloo and Cambridge have already banned these backyard campfires. What is the delay in Kitchener?
662Brian Kang
663Sanjit Mehra
664Rose Downey
Waterloo and Cambridge do not allow backyard campfires. Taxpayers in Kitchener deserve safe air to breathe.
665J. Ranjic
N2R 1Y5
666Jamie M.
N2E 2N8 Banning backyard campfires would be an easy way to improve air quality in residential areas.
667R. Schwarz
N2B 2H9 Backyard campfires were never a good idea.
668taylor mctavish
N2L 1N3
669This signature has been deleted.
670Ruth Wilson
N2L 2A8
671MIke Sangster
Seems logical to ban these backyard campfires since Waterloo and Cambridge do not allow them.
672Kim Reger
Fire pits in the city do not make sense and are a hazard. They should have been banned ages ago.
673Brad Reger
Backyard camp fires are a complete nuisance. People do not use common sense. In the summer renters two doors up have a fire almost every night, the smoke billows into our deck. Try eating dinner when your entire space is inundated with wood smoke!
674H. Franklin
N2C 2L7 It seems to me that Kitchener council and Fire Chief seem to really like their campfires. I was not impressed by what I saw at those council meetings.
675Rob Mazza
676Lindsay W.
N2M 4X3 This is Kitchener 2012 not 1912.
677darla millen
n2p 2n5 The air is very smoky and polluted smelling some nights.
678Robin Taylor
N2P 1K7
679tanya lorenzo
N2P 2N5 Why would Kitchener council decide to allow these fires with the Public Health information that was provided to them?
680Ros Morandis
I don't have any firepits around my house and I don't want this smoke pollution in the air for my kids to breathe.
681Gita Gillano
It does not make sense for Kitchener to allow these polluting campfires when cities on both sides do not allow this health hazard.
682Pat Hall
A permit system like the one in place in Cambridge would be fine.
683Al Smith
684Lauren May
It would be nice if people could open their windows when it's nice in the summer. The stinky, smoky air makes that impossible.
685tiffani sommer
686Janie Chin
N2P 2N5
687B. White
Why would Kitchener not ban these smoky nuisances at the same time as Waterloo?
688lindsay cutler
689R. Brito
690Jason Hill
N2H 4P7 Kitchener has an environmental policy and the wood smoke is a health hazard. Backyard campfires should be banned in Kitchener.
691Grace B.
N2H 5M1
692Kate Thomas
693lan bach
Why should Kitchener residents have to breathe smoky, polluted air?
694Paul Cormier
N2A 2A5
695Kim Lam
We should all be doing our part in reducing our carbon footprint. These campfires are very polluting and a health hazard.
696H. Braun
N2M 1R2
697Maria Lubczyk
Campfires do not belong in Kitchener backyards. People should not have to breathe this pollution.
698This signature has been deleted.
699Alex Lubczyk
Please take out the one below. Cambridge does not let people have these fires behind houses but people can have fires in open spaces with a permit. I like that idea.
700B. Wilson
N2N 2T5 The air is really smoky and disgusting too much of the time. Backyard campfires should not be allowed in Kitchener either.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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