801V. Wang
802jeff simpson
803julie-ann young
doon These campfires are really a horrible idea in a city.
804Martin Baumann
805Jelena Juraczyk
806Erma Klein
The air in neighbourhoods is too smoky to be healthy.
807Ross Mitchell
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. Kitchener needs a firepit ban. Look at how high the asthma rate is.
808chris davies
809Denise Johnson
N2M 2K1 These backyard fires were never a good idea. This smoke is very polluting, and is a public health hazard. The asthma statistics prove it.
810Cynthia Wilson
811M. Azizi
812andria lorenzo
813Sharon Marks
A strict permit system like the one in Cambridge would be my choice.
814tiffany o'hara
815shanna stevenson
816hillary ross
817Rosetta Swartz
818M. Gilbert
Why would Kitchener not have consulted with Waterloo so that both cities could implement campfire bans at the same time. Kitchener residents have put up with this nonsense long enough. These fires are PUBLIC HEALTH hazards.
819kyle williamson
820emelia sorensen
821H. Roberts
Forest Hill We should not need a petition to get these backyard bonfires banned.
822Rena Bose
823natasha king
824Doris Klein
Wood campfires are not meant for small city backyards. You can't control where the smoke will go.
825Betty Shaw
N2G 2P3 Wood smoke is a nuisance for neighbours, and a health hazard.
826joshua wyman
827This signature has been deleted.
828Linda Kyle
Forest Heights N2N1J4. Should not have to close my windows. I can smell the smoke throughout my house and can't go out and enjoy our backyard. I also love the smell of fresh clothes hanging on the line but this gets ruined by the smoke.Not fare.
829J. Mills
Forest Heights The air smells like smoke most night. Public health is at risk.
830Sheila Mills
I just about feel sick every time I smell this smoky air. Kitchener residents should not have to deal this backyard pollution.
831Jelina Baksz
Why would Kitchener and Waterloo not ban these polluting backyard campfires at the same time since the cities are joined? Waterloo and Cambridge asthma rates are much lower.
832Bozena Racic
833deanne grant
834Sofia Babic
835Jason Grant
Backyard campfires were never a good idea. It's time for Kitchener to give up smoking. The air quality is nasty.
836Janet Williamson
A permit system like the one Cambridge has offers flexibility. Air pollution from these fires is a health hazard so they should be banned from backyards.
837Fernanda m.
Country Hills
838J. Grant
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. Backyard campfires do not belong in Kitchener either.
839Wendy Ross
Air pollution causes health problems. Banning these fires from backyards would improve air quality in our bedrooms.
840amanda price
841Renee Simon
N2E 3T4 Waterll and Cambridge residents don't have to put up with smoky air every summer so why should we?
842Marta Dias
Please everyone ask your friends to sign the petition so that we can have better air quality next summer for a change.
843G. Baker
N2N 1A4 Not only should backyard campfires be banned from Kitchener backyards, backyard smokers, and indoor woodburning should be addressed.
844Andrea M.
N2E3R8 Kitchener council needs to ban wood firepits etc. from backyards. The smoke from these fires is a problem in many areas of this city.
845Brian Williams
N2E 3L3
846Jennifer Hong
Public health and climate change rule. We don't need a petition.
847Wes Brown
848B. Khan
849Becca Whitmore
Wood smoke pollution is a public health hazard. These fires do not belong in backyards.
850Craig Bell
N2E 2E7
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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