151Sara T.
Asthma is a big problem in my family. Smoky fires should not be in backyards.
152meaghan t.
is fire smoke not like cigarette smoke?
153Shelli Symons
We need to ban.
154Karina S.
N2E 2R6 These backyard fires need to be banned. Go camping like people used to do!
155L. Gibson
Victoria Park
156Robert McDonald
Forest Hill These fires are a health hazard.
157cody lawton
158Wendy Evans
Why were these fires ever allowed in the first place? Campfires need to go camping.
159B. Evans
I would agree to a permit system like Cambridge for family events.
160Justin Dekker
161R. Lalonde
N2N3B6 We have been 'smoking' long enough and we don't smoke cigarettes. Ban these health hazards.
162A. Cooper
Public health needs to be safeguarded. Smoke is a health hazard.
163Ted R.
164This signature has been deleted.
165Erika Shantz
N2H 3J8 My apartment building does not have air conditioning. I often have to close my windows due to smoke from these fires.
166H. Jarvis
I'm here for the school year. The smoke does not smell like it's good for anyone.
167michelle b.
N2H 2H2 It's about time that health of Kitchener residents becomes a priority.
168Danille Lee
169Rick Baker
Alpine Village Kitchener needs to start acting like a city not a campground.
170A. Varga
N2H 2H2
171shannon lang
n2e 3v8 it's scary to think about what we are breathing. so many kids at my school have asthma.
172Barb W.
N2N 3N3 I was disgusted by what I heard about the council meetings where firepits were discussed. Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
173Cathie Morella
Campfires should have never been allowed in Kitchener backyards.
174M. Narjian
N2H 1E1
175Susan Porter
Clean as a campground?
176C. Sutherland
N2B 2R4 Kitchener should ban. Any kind of smoke is not good for us. Waterloo just banned. Cambridge banned from small backyards long ago.
177jordan scott
all smoke stinks.
178T. Sullivan
Forest Hill No one in our family smokes. What are the longterm health effects of regularly having to breathe in the smoke from these firepits that neighbours keep having?
179kyle w.
N2M 2E6 why is it fine to fill the air in neighbourhoods with polluting smoke?
180Pennie Hill
N2N 3N2 Why was the setback in Waterloo 10mwhen it's only 5m? We need some answers.
181Christina N.
I favour a ban for Kitchener
182B. Khan
H2H 3J8 Pollution is a health hazard and the wood smoke is a part of our local pollution problem.
183M. Persaud
H2H 3J8 Many apartments do not have air conditioning.
185Mike Banta
N2V3V8 a permit system like the one in Cambridge for community events might work.
186.T. Banta
Most people don't smoke cigarettes. Why should all neighbours be exposed to smoke from backyard campfires. It's a health hazard.
187Vicky Weston
N2H 4W1 These backyard fires should have never been permitted. What are the long-term health dangers?
188Chris Farrell
Victoria Park Ban the bonfires. Start acting like a city instead of a campground like everyone else.
189M. Clayton
What damage is this smoke doing to the health of young children? Who can give us some figures on this? Every second kid has a puffer.
190Sue Z.
N2M 2A2 People die of asthma, heart attacks, cancer. Smoke is a health hazard. We need answers why this is only allowed in Kitchener.
191Rebecca J.
Sunrise Plaza Why were smoky fires in backyards ever a good idea? We need them gone.
192This signature has been deleted.
193S. VanWyck
Maybe Public Health can say if it's only 22,000 people in Kitchener with asthma alone.
194Ayssa W.
N2M 3N9 Why are these fires allowed so close to houses? Waterloo banned them and they had the 10 m setback
195v tomas
stanley park I would like to see a ban.
196R. Williams
197Walter R.
N2A 1W8
198Corina Petersen
N2A 1W8
199R. Jensen
N2N 2R2 No one in my family smokes. Secondhand firepit smoke is a health hazard to everyone who can smell it. This pollution needs to stop.
200Martina V.
N2N 2R2 I agree with a ban.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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