1551miranda grant
please everyone send this to friends and we'll do just great
1552Norma Butler
N2A 1P2 Smoky air is a health hazard.
1553Dale Carlson
Backyard fires should have never been allowed. Council needs to ban backyard fires now.
1554pj hunter
1555cassidy alexander
keep this petition going
1556Corinne Smith
Stanley Park These backyard fires were always a terrible idea. Kitchener needs to ban these polluting fires.
1557M. Rob Smith
Air quality is being affected by these polluting fires. Council should ban health hazards.
1558melinda ryan
1559Mari Fletcher
1560Ava Hartmann
N2C 1R6
1561celina thompson
please keep this petition going by sending it to 5 people
1562Owen Thompson
N2G 2C8 Public health and protecting air quality are good reasons to ban these fires. Most other cities don't allow them.
1563mati thompson
smoky fires are pollution
1564Trudy Kraus
1565lissa smith
keep it going by sending this to 5 friends
1566sania phillippe
Why should we have to put up with stinky, smoky air all year?
1567Jeremy Black
N2H 6S4 All this smoke in the air is a health hazard and these fires should be banned just like other cities have done.
1568Elisa Weigel
1569lauren martin
keep it going to get rid of the smoke!
1570ashley khon
please sign everyone
1571Bonnie Church
N2M 5A8
1572evie ellis
1573Norma Harris
These fires don't belong in Kitchener backyards either. Wood smoke is a health hazard.
1574Sven Novak
1575zoey payton
please send this petition to 5 friends!!!!!!!!!!
1576brianna kennedy
1577Grace Smith
N2M 5H4 Kitchener residents should not have to close their windows due to lousy air quality caused by wood campfires in Kitchener backyards. Shame! This smoke is a health hazard.
1578vicki blake
say no to the smoke!
1579braydon white
1580Emma Hunt
N2N 1T7 The smoky air is really a concern. These fires should be banned before more people get sick.
1581Angelina Cameron
Heritage Park
1582Tamara Black
We already have a lot of smog days thanks to pollution from the states. Allowing health hazards like smoky fires in backyards is a horrible idea.
1583lexie wilson
please sign and send this petition to 5 friends!
1584Gary Jones
N2E 1T8 Residents need clean air to stay healthy and Kitchener has crappy smoky air. These backyard fires should have been banned long ago.
1585Jake Wiles
1586Melania Ross-Hill
Wood smoke is a health hazard. These backyard fires should be banned.
1587Jackie Grau
N2A 1R4
1588Mike Smith
1589Lettie Boyle
N2G 1W2
1590Erinne Winter
This smoky air is unacceptable. Clean water and clean air is the responsibility of council.
1591ryan parke
1592Elayna Thomas
N2C 2J4 Public health and pollution prevention should be the deciding factors. People who need to sit around smoky wood campfires should go camping like people used to do.
1593Steve Lange
N2B 3S1
1594Kaylee Lange
The air is disgusting and smoky too much of the time. This city needs to protect air quality for residents.
1595justyna michaels
please pass it on and say no to stinky smoky air
1596Marie Michaels
N2B 3J5 The smoky air is disgusting and unhealthy. Why would Kitchener and Waterloo not ban these fires at the same time since the cities have a common border?
1597Kevan Michaels
The wood fires are very polluting and they should be banned from backyards in Kitchener.
1598Jennette Blake
N2P 1V5
1599Ruthann Stewart
1600Bert Stewart
N2P 1P7
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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