101Nick Pellegrino
No more fires smoking-up the neighborhood!
102Bob Rennie
I strongly feel Kitchener should ban back yard fires for safety reasons due to the hazards of wood smoke and negative impact to enjoyment of property to neighbour's
103MJ Lachance
On a breezy/windy day, smoke cannot be contained in the fire owner's yard.
104Robert A. Brosius
I totally support a ban, for both fire safety and environmental health reasons. A 6-11 pm exemption is ridiculous and makes a mockery of the by-law.
105R. Masters
N2M 3G4 Kitchener's backyard campfires are a health hazard and a terrible example to be showing to the young generation who will already be stuck with a big environmental mess. Ban now.
106Angela Pellegrino
107Duka Oswald
108Josef Oswald
109Kevin Scott
N2G 4X6,Frank Etherington. Woodburning firepits should be banned from backyards due to the toxic smoke they cause. Even city-run events such as Ribfest have filled my apartment with wood smoke. Perhaps propane barbecues should be used there as well.
110M. Singh
N2M 1X2 I do not like it when people smoke cigarettes around my family. Smoke from fires is a health hazard.
111Barb Kelly
I have asthma and the summer of 2012 was extremely bad resulting in the increase of increasing my inhalor use and the need for steroids. I was forced inside every evening that our neighbours had fires.
112Larry Kelly
My wife is ashmatic and had many problems with her breathing this summer, resulting in us rarely being able to enjoy our backyard in the evenings as the neighbours often had fires. We have no idea what one of our neighbours burns but it's not regular wood
113Sherry Blackwell
I would like my right back to have clean air. A lot of these people having fires are not abiding by the setback rules and are having fires that are too large. Does someone's house have to go up in flames before this is stopped.
114Mary Duncan
Fairview Park My apartment building doesn't have air conditioning. I have to close my windows when smoke from nearby fires in backyards gets too bad. This can't be good for anyone.
115J. Roberts
N2M 2N3 These fires should never have been allowed. How much taxpayers money is being wasted each year on something that is a health hazard to all.
116M. Shantz
Forest Hill There is a good reason why most cities banned backyard campfires long ago. They are health hazards and belong in campgrounds. Wood campfires belong in campgrounds.
117B. Sousa
N2E 4K3 Sunrise Plaza Why is Kitchener's setback only 5 m. when Waterloo's setback was 10 m. before they were smart enough to ban wood firepits from backyards at the beginning of this year?
118This signature has been deleted.
119D. Baker
N2N 3K8 80% of adults don't smoke cigarettes so why would we want to damage our health by breathing in wood smoke from backyard campfires? Time for Kitchener to ban them. Do your job!
120Arlene W.
Heritage Park
Backyard campfires belong in campgrounds. The health of the people in Kitchener should be the priority here. Environmental pollution causes disease.
121Margaret Han
Forest Hill These fires should have been banned in 2006 instead of regulated by passing by-law that they had no intention of enforcing by the sounds of it.
122Anne Armstrong
N2C 1B5 Why were backyard fires even allowed in Kitchener backyards? Kitchener's air smells very polluted at times.
123C. Burca
Stanley Park Public health and clean air trump the backyard campfire habit. These fires should have never been allowed in the first place, and should be banned.
124B. Martins
It's not okay to fill the air in residential areas with wood smoke. Most other cities have already made the move to protect the health of citizens. We need to ban backyard campfires.
125Terry Lopes
N2R 1Z6 I don't see sitting around smoky campfires in small Kitchener backyards to be the image that our city wants to send to others. Public health needs to be protected against second smoke. We are not backwoods campers.
126John W.
Victoria Park Too many children have asthma. The smoke from these backyard fires is unhealthy for everyone so they should be banned.
127Lorraine R.
N2N 2Y1 I would like to see strict permit system like Cambridge. Backyard fires in small Kitchener backyards need to be banned.
128Jason R.
N2N 2Y1 The health care system is delisting all kinds of services and Kitchener still allows fires that are health hazards to fill houses and yards with smoke? They need to be banned.
129Ashley R.
I have asthma and should stay away from smoke.
130Kylie R.
Campfires on our street make our yeard smell like smoke.
131Tyson R.
We learn all about pollution in school. Smoke is air pollution.
132Justin W.
N2E3Y8 Are these the people who had to stop going to bars when they couldn't smoke in bars anymore? Campfires are an excuse for too many beers and cancer sticks around a smoky fire. Should be banned from Kitchener backyards
133Kelly Blake
N2E 2R6 Having my house and yard smoked up every summer does not mean for a healthy lifestyle in Kitchener. Maybe Kitchener is a health hazard. These fires should be banned.
134helen devries
N2G2C4 Kitchener nneds to ban. Why would these backyard fires ever be allowed with a 5 m. setback? Waterloo's setback was 10 m. before they got banned in January.
135This signature has been deleted.
136Ron Phillips
N2N1H6 I would support a permit system like the one in Cambridge for community events. Backyard fires are a public health hazard.
137Tim Stevens
N2M 4G8
138Marcella R.
N2M 4G8 Why should people who don't cigarettes have to smell fire smoke in their yards and houses.
139Brandon T.
N2M 3L9 Time to put out the campfires in Kitchener. Get with the times like real cities.
140Margaret W.
N2M 5A3 Why were these backyard campfires ever allowed in the first place?
141M. Matos
N2M 2C4 The smoke filling yards and houses smells very unhealthy. Why would we not be trying to prevent pollution of this type?
142Donald Caselli
N2A 2K2 These campfires dont belong in the city.
143R. Staebler
N2R1Z6 I do not smoke cigarettes so why should I have to smell wood smoke in the air too many nights in the summer?
144Maria Milani
I would support a ban.
Clean air is necessary for health. Smoky air from these fires is a health hazard.
146Jen Smith
147lucas bell
The City has an environmental policy?
148J. Bell
N2H 4W6 Campfires need to go back to where they belong in a campground.
149b. phillips
N2G 4Z8
150Jason R.
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Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
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