1701Marianne Schnarr
Stanley Park It's about time that Kitchener council does something about these campfires besides sitting around them. Smoky air is polluted air and that means sick people.
1702Jon Barbu
1703Liesa Wagner
N2M 5G7
1704jenn sharma
The amount of pollution caused by wood fires in Kitchener backyards is inexcusable. Clean up your act Kitchener. Other cities don't allow these fires.
1705Mona Nisha
The smoky air is a concern. Why should I have to close my windows. The smoke from these fires is a bad for health.
1706Erin Tucker
N2M 1V4 Smoky air is polluted air. Kitchener needs a firepit ban.
1707Arnold Gruen
N2N 1T7
1708Sara G.
N2N 1T7 Smoky air is polluted air.
1709Mani Chanmani
N2N 2A8
1710Gustav Wender
1711ty armstrong
1712keira edwards
please please please send this petition to all your friends
1713Alin Lucier
N2N 2Z9
1714julienne hunter
clean air for all in 2013!
1715Nadia Kosumovic
1716Rad Kosumovic
1717Rita Devison
1718Candice Donnell-White
Wood fires in backyards were never a good idea.
1719Curtis Green
N2C 2H7
1720maiya mitchell
2013 should be smoke-free in backyards
1721Ioana Horner
N2G 4X6 I am sick of smoky air and having to close my windows due to campfire pollution.
1722Joe Horner
These wood fires should be banned in this city too.
1723Sue Paquette
1724brianna dunbar
please send this to 5 friends who care about our environment :)
1725kristie kieswetter
don't choke on the smoke from wood campfires in this city!!!!!
1726larissa robbins
please say yes to clean air and no to smoke
1727Jelena Serzic
N2E 4B9 Why should we have to close our windows because campfires are burning in a city? Some people need to go camping.
1728Mic Serzic
1729sammy thompson
smoky air needs to go camping
1730halle whitten
1731Sarah Lee
N2G 4X5 Poor air quality is lousy for all of us. People who need to sit around smoky campfires should go camping.
1732Dan Chandler
N2E 1H2
1733liam wilson
1734Jon Cooper
N2M 3R9 Smoke from burning wood is air pollution that needs to be stopped.
1735This signature has been deleted.
1736Penelope Wilson
Air pollution from these backyard campfires needs to be eliminated.
1737Magda Santos
N2G 4X6
1738Senna Smith
N2C 2M2 Smoke pollution is a problem that needs to be fixed now.
1739jake taves
1740lara jones
please keep it going :)
1741Kita Tran
1742Daveen Martin
N2E 4G1 All smoke is a health hazard and should be treated as such.
1743Ginette Voisin
1744rebekka reid
1745Mary Belanger
Kitchener isn't a campground even though it sure smells like one sometimes. Clean up your act Kitchener!
1746Ross Chapman
N2C 1K6 Air pollution is a real issue in this city and something needs to be done.
1747arielle bennett
Young people should not be the ones stuck with cleaning up all this pollution.
1748manny costa
1749Brendan Butler
N2E 3W5
1750Miranda Butler
The air around homes often smells of smoke from these fires. It's a concern to know that we are all breathing in this unwanted pollutants.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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