751nate johnson
pioneer park
752jesse wilson
Sitting around smoky campfires is fine every once in awhile but in campgrounds not backyards.
753Jill A.
N2L 2A8 I live in Waterloo. Why would Waterloo and Kitchener not decide to ban this smoky nuisance at the same time since we are joined?
754Larissa Knowles
755Larry Anderson
756Estelle Dubois
757Klaus Schwartz
Kitchener backyards need to go smoke-free like just like the ones in Waterloo and Cambridge. What is all this smoke doing to the health of the people of Kitchener?
758Joan Martin
759B. Williams
760W. Scott
N2M 1Y7 Public Health has issued a statement about this smoke. Kitchener has environmental policies to live up to. Let's hope that next summer is finally enjoyable for the rest of us.
761Rick Anderson
762janelle long
763jessica thomas
764Emma Peterson
765Jura Gal
N2P 1P7
766Rachel Meade
I don't have any fires right next to house now but the air still smells smoky a lot of the time. I end up shutting my windows and can't use my yard.
767Rachel Meade
I don't have any fires right next to house now but the air still smells smoky a lot of the time. I end up shutting my windows and can't use my yard.
768Carol Clark
Kitchener residents deserve air that is not smoky and disgusting too much of the time.
769su chin
770shayne andrews
Kitchener council is responsible for clean water and clean air. Those asthma figures for Kitchener are way higher than the average for Canada.
771Martin Engler
Why did Kitchener not get these fires banned along with Waterloo? We need to find out if Kitchener council members all have them.
772Mitzie Sh.
These smoky campfires aren't healthy for anyone even the ones stupid enough to be sitting right around them every night.
773Sheila Perry
I would like to see a strict permit system like Cambridge.
774Mary Johnson
Please keep this petition going. Please ask all of your friends to sign.
775Micheline Lebel
We live in a city not a campground. This smoke is a health hazard and the asthma figures for Kitchener are a worry. How else is our health being ruined?
776Pat Collins
N2C 1G4 Too many nights of closing of windows and getting headaches from the stinking smoke.
777D. York
Waterloo and Cambridge have banned backyard bonfires. 2013 should be the year that the rest of the citizens of Kitchener can start enjoying their summers instead of wishing it would end.
778Bozica J.
So many kids have asthma. Is this not Public Health's job to get these fires banned?
779Paul Ford
780marc stevens
781andrea bertram
782Carolyn King
N2J 1R1 Why would Waterloo and Kitchener not ban these smoky fires at the same time?
783bri tanner
784Robin McIsaac
Public health and pollution prevention should be the priority. Backyard campfires were always a terrible idea.
785Pam Barton
786Eda Kozack
It does not make sense to allow 5 hours of smoke pollution in backyards every day. People are going to get sick if they aren't already there.
787jake connell
788Marie Smith
Neighbourhood air smells very smoky and polluted too much of the time. These backyard campfires should be banned to improve air quality. This is a public health issue.
789Jillian Carson
N2B 2H9
790M. Williamson
N2C 2L7
791Joan R.
N2E4B3 Ban these ridiculous health hazard campfires now. Kitchener is a city not a campground.
792Henry McNeil
793Ellen Ross
N2H 6R7
794Diane Gray
795Erinn Johnson
796melissa connell
797Andy Gagnon
I would vote for a permit system like the one Cambridge has had for a long time already.
798Barb Santos
799John Berger
Backyard campfires do not belong in a city this size. Public health should recommend a ban.
800ross armstrong
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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