1101Don Yates
N2H 4J3
1102Ross Smith
N2A 2E1
1103Diane Holborn
1104Jason Snider
Woodburning is very polluting and dirty. Campfires do not belong in Kitchener backyards. They should be banned.
1105Sheena Kaprala
N2N 1T7
1106Lana Burke
Cambridge banned these campfires from backyards many years ago. Waterloo banned them at the beginning of this year. 2013 should be the year that Kitchener council bans these fires.
1107Carol Nelson
N2C 2J4 Smoky air is a concern. It's ridiculous to have to shut the windows all the time. Wood smoke is a public health problem.
1108Andy Brown
1109Lynn Verandt
1110J. Verandt
Wood campfires belong in campgrounds not in Kitchener backyards.
1111Jose Bragos
1112Kaya Tui
1113Leah Snider
1114Alan B.
Forest Hill
1115Cathi West
N2C 2J4
1116Ramona Nastri
Wood firepits etc. do not belong in Kitchener backyards either.
1117Vera Eastman
1118natasha l.
N2G 1W5
1119Dave West
N2E 3J8
1120Dave West
N2E 3J8
1121lara mason
1122Steve King
N2A 2E1
1123ashley taylor
1124Heather Stewart
Stanley Park
1125Heintz Braun
1126R. Forbes
N2G 1E9
1127Diane Smith
N2M 5G1 Local air quality is a concern. The air smells like smoke too many nights.
1128Mira Prataksh
1129Ram P.
There is no reason for campfires in backyards. Smoke is a health hazard.
1130Laurie Bell
Please ask your friends to sign this petition. Thanks for sending it to me.
1131Candice Wright
N2B 1W2
1132Ryan Kennedy
N2B 3J5 Smoky firepits etc. in Kitchener backyards should be banned.
1133Jane Kennedy
1134Alexis K.
1135Matt K.
1136J. Hall
We need to know why the fire chief had no way to fine people who keep breaking a bylaw that has been around for years. Seems this bylaw was never enforced or taken seriously.
1137C. Martin
Banning wood firepits should be region-wide. Kitchener needs to ban. Smoke is a public health hazard.
1138Sue Hammond
N2B 3J5 There is no good reason for this backyard campfire nonsense to continue. Air pollution is in the news all the time.
1139Manuel Silveiro
1140Rita Margoso
Forest Hill
1141ainsley hollinger
1142N. Beaudin
Fire pits and wood burning in urban areas destroys health, the air we breathe and our quality of life.
Ban/end/prohibit all Wood burning in urban areas.
We all deserve the right and common decency to breathe healthy air--air that is Woodsmoke-free.
1143Laurie Newport
These wood firepits were always too close to houses. Wood smoke is a health hazard and should be treated as such by banning wood fires from Kitchener backyards.
1144Marie Williams
N2M 5H4 A permit system like the one Cambridge has had in place MANY years if not an outright ban.
1145Dale Corriveau
There's a good reason that most other cities have banned these fires. Look at Kitchener's asthma rates and that's only one health problem.
1147jessie jacobs
1148Jim Sharpe
Wood is one of the dirtiest fuels. Campfires should be banned from the backyards of Kitchener.
1149Lise Sharpe
Waterloo and Cambridge both do not allow woodburning in backyards. What is the delay about in Kitchener? Ban now.
1150Dee Cameron
Why should everyone have to close their windows due to smoke every summer?
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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