1251Ally Shaw
Wood campfires don't belong in backyards.
1252Laurel Emerson
N2C 1S3
1253Penny Tyler
N2M 5B8 Smoky fires are health hazards.
1254Howard Hamilton
Most other cities in Ontario have banned these fires for a good reason. Smoky campfires are health hazards.
1255Rebeka Hamilton
1256casey hamilton
1257Stayce Hamilton
1258Kassie Clark
N2C 2L4
1259Jason Faire
No one should have to breathe in secondhand smoke.
1260Merilyn Clarke
N2G 1T6 Wood campfires never should have been allowed in backyards. Kitchener residents need clean air to breathe.
1261Karl Naryk
1262Iris Wilson
N2B 3J5 The air smells like smoke too much of the time.
1263Nia Carvaso
Air pollution is air pollution. We should not allow backyard fires just like Waterloo and Cambridge.
1264Joe C.
1265Martha Martin
Please make sure to send this petition to friends and relatives if you want to vote for clean air. Say 'no' to smoky, unhealthy air.
1266Andy Torans
N2C 1S3
1267Berta Meyer
N2E 2K2
1268Sonya Bessman
N2C 2J9
1269Ed Walson
N2E 2S4 Smoky fires do not belong in this city.
1270Sarinne Hille
N2A 1P2 Shame! These fires should have been banned in Kitchener at the same time as Waterloo.
1271Robin Haller
1272Karra West
1273Liz Burto
Air pollution of this nature should not be tolerated.
1274Wes Frazer
1275Lynda Mills
1276Josh Mills
N2E 2W6 Wood fires are very polluting and should not be tolerated in Kitchener.
1277Brook Vanderly
N2C 1R6
1278Amy Banks
To think that people are paying for organic food and taking ownership for their health seems very contrary to the sad state of Kitchener's smoky air.
1279Jan Sutton
1280Helena Wells
N2H 2H9 Kitchener has an environmental policy and council should base this decision on environmental and public health duties not temper tantums from people who should be going to campgrounds.
1281marisa duval
1282Marjory Simpson
N2E 3J8
1283brooke west
1284J. Taylor
N2M 5C8 It's time for people to go camping if they need to sit around smoky campfires.
1285Emily Yong
N2E 2G9 Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
1286Rob T.
N2N 2N8 Protecting public health and the environment should be reflected in council's vote.
1287Matt Jordan
1288W. Braun
N2G 1W5 Campfires cause air pollution that everyone has to breathe in. It's time for all citizens in this city of enjoy their summers. If some people have to go to campgrounds to enjoy fires, so be it.
1289Rick Machar
N2N 3A4 Smoky air from backyard bonfires is unacceptable in a city this size.
1290Dawn Green
N2M 5M7 There are consequences to all this air pollution. Kitchener residents deserve a ban too.
1291Jane Roberts
1292C. Weizel
Clean up the air. Kitchener is not a town of backwoods trappers.
1293J. Dan Smith
N2C 2M2
1294Su Zhong
N2G 3R1
1295Mai Zhong
1296Chelsea Man
N2G 1K2 Protecting public health and the environment should be priorities over campfire fun that has gone on for too long.
1297Maraya Smith
N2G 1K2 Smoky campfires never should have been allowed in backyards.
1298C. Roberts
1299Lidia Vermeul
People should not have to close their windows due to smoky air from campfires. Kitchener council members have a job to do.
1300benj jacobs
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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