2101Merle Long
2102David & Wilma Reist
we totally agree with this petition
2103Don Slimmon
Agree 100% with this petition
2104Tom Erdman
2105Ellene Hunt
Most other cities have either banned these smoky campfires from backyards or the setback was much larger to begin with. People have been calling bylaw for years. Does that mean no fine money was ever collected? We need to ban and start fining.
2106Wes Hunt
Why would Kitchener and Waterloo not have banned these backyard campfires at the same time since the cities are joined.
2107joseph malfara
I suffer for COPD and smoke from a firepit just forces me to close my windows and stay inside. This burning of wood outside is a complete violiation of my rights to enjoy breathing fresh air that is what the whole world is striving to achieve.
2108Murray Ariss
It's virtually impossible to have a fire on a city property and not infringe on the air quality of neighbours. In residential areas, it should be banned without any exceptions!
2109Jane Dowdall
We often have to close our windows and turn on air conditioning due to smoke from a neighbors fire pit. We have spoken with him MANY times to no avail. The smoke blows directly into our windows.
Kitchener can't afford to mow its boulevard or fix its roads. So visitors will come to a city with long weeds along the its bumpy roads and if they have their windows down they can breathe the stinky air. Time to take a broom to city council
2111Sheila MacKenzie
I'd like to enjoy my yard too, so yes, please ban these fires. I have fires on each side of me!!!
2112Neil MacKenzie
There are lots of nights I can't enjoy my yard because of these fires. Please ban them.
2113Anne Page
Why should Kitchener residents have to deal with these smoky campfires? Go camping like people used to do before council allowed this.
2114H. Bailey
N2M 3B7
2115Rudy lisy
backyarda are to small for fire in
the city
2116marta lisy
don'l like the smell of fire smoke
2117Elaine MacKenzie
If people want a campfire, they can go camping. I shouldn't have to hide in my own home to avoid the smoke.
2118Laurel Jensen
N2G 1K2 People should not have to feel like they would be healthier if they lived in Waterloo or Cambridge. People who need to sit around these smoky fires should go camping.
2119Ana Leppick
2120Joe Leppick
N2M 1V4
2121Gillian Louis
Why would Kitchener not get rid of backyard health hazards at the same time as Waterloo. Now we now who is really sitting around them by the vote.
2122Betty Anne Ryan
Every nice spring and summer evening, we are forced inside, closing all windows and turning on A/C due to neighbourhood fires. Chandos Drive.
2123Jurgen Feht
There are plenty of camping locations available to the residents of Kitchener. If you want to experience the camp fire, go to one of the parks that allows this! Having camp fires in the city makes me I close all the windows and turn on the AC. NOT GREEN!
2124Petra Anders
Pioneer Park I am allergic to smoke. Smoky air is polluted air. If I could afford to move right now, I would do so.
2125J. Al Brown
It's time our council did more on air quality. Smoky campfires in small backyards were always a bad idea. I would like to see a ban.
2126Peter&Jane Huclk
Tired of keeping my windows shut all summer long.
2127Ken & Giselle Uhrig
Difficult to enjoy outdoors when neighbours have fires due to the smoke and smell of punky wood.
2128Joan Moore
Forest Hill The smoky air is a public health issue. Half of the kids at my son's school have asthma. Polluting campfires in backyards are a terrible example to be showing kids who will be stuck with all this mess.
2129Riva Patach
2130Vi Schnarr
N2M 1V4 The air is smoky and polluted too much of the time. If it's not racket around campfires it's smoky fireplaces burning who knows what. Kitchener council needs to read their environmental policy while they are sitting around their campfires.
2131Betty Long
Waterloo and Cambridge have already banned these smoky fires. Kitchener is the largest city in this area and we have the right to clean air.
2132Dave Willmott
Doon. Ban wood fires. Yes, it would be nice not to have to close windows and stay indoors on fine summer evenings. Three complaints to bylaw and nobody on duty for Kitchener.
2133Velma Mills
Victoria Park I loved to camping with my kids when they were young but always in wide open spaces. These campfires were always a dreadful thing to allow in a city.
2134Kari Franklin
Young people are getting it about not smoking but the air is full of smoke that's no good for us anyways. I hate smoke so please ban smoky campfires.
2135Nick Kefalonis
As soon as I read in the paper that Waterloo had a ban, I thought Kitchener do the same. The smoky air is shameful pollution.
2136Vera K.
Stanley Park My grandkids have asthma and neighbours can have smoky campfires all over the place? Why did Kitchener not ban these backyard fires?
2137Diane Bean
No wood burning fires should be allowed in home owner's backyards. It is a health issue, for many people, who can't stand the smoke and smells.Ban all backyard firepits and fireplaces in Kitchener, ON.
2138Debbie Lessard
The smell of wood burning in backyard firepits, can cause serious health issues with people. Please ban all backyard burning of wood, in Kitchener, ON.
2139Jayne Williamson
Absolutely horrible stench from fireplaces during this cold spell. Almost made me get sick from the coughing. Did I hear something about a class action lawsuit if council votes to keep campfires?
2140Roy Parker
N2E 3L9 We should be able call the Fire Department to demand air quality testing. The air is getting more disgusting all the time. No more backyard campfires and the air is disgusting and smoky in the winter too.
2141brianna clark
disgusting smoky air should be banned
2142Tom Down
The smoke doesn't just stay in the person's own backyard,it of course goes everywhere.
2143Jeremy Louis
Forest Heights Unhealthy smoky air quality spring, summer, fall and winter. We need to get these campfires out of backyards and demand public education about wood smoke.
2144Charlene West
Chicopee These campfires are a health hazard and should be treated as such. Parents are told not to smoke around their kids and then they have to play in yards and sleep in rooms filled with firepit smoke?
2145Horst Stamm
These smoky fires do not belong in backyards in Kitchener.
2146Uta Stamm
All smoke is bad for everyone. These campfires do not belong in backyards.
2147Uta Stamm
All smoke is bad for everyone. These campfires do not belong in backyards.
2148Jacinta Alves
N2C 1R6
2150Stacey Woodward
N2H 4J3
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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