451E. Gray
N2M 1Y7 Buring wood is very polluting and it's unacceptable to do this in Kitchener backyards.
452S. Lawrence
N2P2G9 The council camera being broken 3 ban meetings in a row sounds more than fishy. We demand some answers.
453M. Becker
454Cait Peele
We need a huge crowd to show up for the next meeting just in case that camera doesn't work again.
455Marta Costana
N2E 1J7 Cambridge and Waterloo residents don't have to put up with the stink yet it's fine to make the taxpayers of Kitchener put up with it? Kitchener council should go camping if they like smoke so much.
456josh russell
Council's decision stinks as much as the smoke.
457May Phillips
459Ernst Schultz
N2H 4W6 Let them have it at the next meeting, and thanks.
460Ron Osborne
N2H3C4 Are we surprised that theres no way to ticket all the ones breaking the rules around those fires. None of them got sent to court either is my bet. That bylaw was passed years ago.
461jason mackay
462drew allen
n2g3k3 Campfires have no place in city backyards. They belong in campgrounds.
463Angela P.
464Susan Krajka
N2H4R1 Please everyone tell your friends to sign. We don't want another stinking summer like this one. Do not forget.
465Martina Weber
N2N2H3 Kitchener citizens had no say at all. This smoke is polluted air that everyone has to breathe.
466Art T.
N2M 3G2 I'm sick of all the garbage that people who stand up and complain are meanies, old, frail, whiners. Maybe taking them to the new courthouse might work.
467Tom Smith
What's this garbage with the council meetings not being on TV? We are supposed to believe those cameras were broken? They are trying to pull a fast one like the Region with LRT.
468Manfred Mueller
Waterloo and Cambridge go it right. Tell your friends to sign.
469avery l.
N2A 3Z7
470This signature has been deleted.
471Rebecca Long
Victoria Hills [ City website, Air Quality "We continue to play a vital role in addressing our air quality and minimizing its effects on public health by:

Advocating action from the federal, provincial and regional levels of government in addition to business and industry.

Facilitating local action to clean the air.

Informing residents about air quality issues and the simple things that can be done to improve air quality.
472Estelle Cormier
N2M 3G2 Kitchener is a city not some backwoods campground. So many kids these days have asthma. It's ridiculous to keep allow campfires in backyards.
473John W.
474J. Walsh
N2M 2G1 I favour a permit arrangement like Cambridge. If council members want to sit around their campfires, I say injunction or class action. Make the ad nice and big.
475This signature has been deleted.
476H. Conway
N2H 3R5 Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
477jessie sousa
478erin s
479Monika S.
N2G 2X6 Smoky campfires were never a good idea. Why was Waterloo's setback 10 m and Kitchener's is only 5 m? People with even smaller yards have fires anyways.
480Joe S.
N2G 2X6 The dump won't be full for a long time. People can burn their garbage in Kitchener campfires. They are now. I say ban.
481H. Shantz
N2M 2M5 The air smells very smoky at times. Many people with asthma are bothered by smoke. My grandkisd both have puffers.
482a. mohammed
483Andrea Smith
We had a lot of smog days this past summer and smoke was a big problem along with no rain. Campfires were burning even during fire bans. It's time to get rid of these fires.
484Gina Monteiro
N2E 1P8 Should be packed at the next meeting. We'll all have to be there since the camera might be broken again.
485Karen T.
N2M 5N3 Smoky air makes people shut all their windows and turn on AC and fans even when it's not really hot enough to do so. I don't think it's a good thing to be last to ban. Smoke is a health hazard.
486Walter S.
N2B 1V2 No televised meetings. No referendum for voters. Why are taxpayers supposed to be happy with this?
487T. Strong
'Considerate' neighbours break noise and firepit bylaws for years and get away with it and the person who says something about it is being a bad neighbour? No more campfires is the solution. Give thm an inch and they'll take a mile.
488jessica z.
N2M 1W7
489Steve Morrow
When these council members keep saying that they had overwhelming support for the firepits, was it the partygoers sitting around their own backyard bonfire?
490Justin Wall
N2N 3M4 Campfires do not belong in Kitchener backyards either.
491Rachel Lewis
Will the camera be working in council at the next meeting about the firepit by-law. Good thng all those ban supporters went to the other ones so we all know what's going on.
492Anne Ross
N2N 1Y8 Why does By-law Enforcement have no way to ticket lawbreakers after this by-law has been in place for 6 years? Probably nobody got sent to court.
494Cornne Matthews
N2E 1L1 Go camping like people used to do. Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
495L. Warren
N2E 1L1 People in Waterloo who had smoke issues from their neighbours in Kitchener need to complain to Kitchener By-law Enforcement and council.
496Rob Portilla
N2G 3W2 We should not need a petition for this. I believe that pay good money for a city to care for the environment and a Public Health Department. It's their jobs.
497riley hill
498brooke hill
499This signature has been deleted.
500Debbie Hill
N2E 3W3 Many backyards are more are big patios these days. Campfires belong in campgrounds. There's a reason for that and it's public health.
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Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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