701Mary Ann Hall
N2E 3Z1
702D. Spencer
Why are environmental and public health concerns not being given priority over fun? More beer than hotdogs and marshmallows at the campfires on the other side of the fence. Not acceptable at any time let alone at 11:00 p.m. and beyond.
703Heinz S.
N2H 1E3 Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
704Bibi Lam
705Deb Small
Why were there no public meetings? Campfires do not belong in Kitchener's backyards either.
706This signature has been deleted.
707This signature has been deleted.
708This signature has been deleted.
709holly norman
n2p 2n5
710Brett Taylor
N2P 2N5
711Rafael Garcia
N2P 2N5
712julie smith
713Susan Bast
Please sign and get all of your friends and neighbours to do so as well. Maybe we can stop closing our windows all summer and enjoy it for a change.
714Ann Phillips
The environment is always in the news. Why is backyard pollution allowed?
715Guenther Hoffman
Wood campfires are for out in the country. Houses are so close in the city. Most other cities don't allow anything like this.
716Denise Wells
N2E 2Z2 Wood smoke from these fires is pollution. 6 to 11 p.m. each night is ridiculous since some 'considerate' neighbours think every night for a fire is fine.
717Alana Reid
These fires have always been too close to houses for the smoke to go anywhere except in neighbouring yards and houses. Kitchener campfires should be banned from yards.
718Doris Durst
When you talk to your neighbours it's like you are doing something wrong if you hate the smoke.
719Valerie Alisak
N2G 1T7
720natasha campbell
721Edmund Reda
Why should Kitchener residents have breathe this smoke pollution when most other cities have banned this nonsense from backyards? Why were no community meetings held?
722R. Boehmer
N2H 6H3
723Nancy Simpson
724tye marks
725Rudy W.
N2E 3Z1 We need a good crowd to show up for the next council meeting in case the camera is broken again. What's going on here? Kitchener council go camping.
726Caitlin Vincent
A permit system like Cambridge should work for everyone. Backyard campfires need to go camping.
727Susan Brown
These campfires cause horrible air quality in neighbourhoods. The smoke smell is sickening at times. Public Health should support the ban or isn't it their job either.
728brandi johnson
Health Canada tells everyone to quit smoking cigarettes and then we have to breathe in campfire smoke in our own bedrooms?
729Luis Mendosa
730taylor mills
731Camille Bryant
732gio santos
733D. Wells
Solar power, light rail transit, health care campuses and backyard campfires do not seem to fit together too well. Campfires need to go back to campgrounds.
734D. Wells
Solar power, light rail transit, health care campuses and backyard campfires do not seem to fit together too well. Campfires need to go back to campgrounds.
735Joshua Butler
736M. Morris
N2M 3T6 How many houses are for sale because people can't wait to get out of this smoky, stinking city?
737Daphne Wall
How is this smoky air affecting the health of residents? We need some accountability and transparency here - or is that only for other issues.
738Lea Williams
Most other cities have already banned these backyard campfires.
739Matt Varga
740marion Grescner
741liu vang
742Ryan Boehmer
Why were these backyard campfires ever a good idea? Whose campfire is council sitting around?
743Nancy R.
N2T 1H8 Waterloo residents are supposed to complain to Kitchener by-law too. Good luck with that. We should not accept anything less than a permit system like Cambridge.
744kyle sorensen
745Marri Vasqua
So many people have health problems. These smoky fires in cities should not be allowed.
746christina zivkovic
747Dawn Stevens
Certainly we could be teaching children more respect for the environment and for neighbours than piling wood in a backyard campfire and filling up the air with wood smoke pollution.
748jason o'neill
749Persida Masari
Campfires so close to bedroom windows are not a good idea. So many young ones have asthma.
750Trish Morgan
N2C 2T5 Most other cities have already banned wood campfires from small backyards. Why should the health of Kitchener residents be at risk?
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Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

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