1601savannah stewart
please tell all your friends to sign!
1602tyler stewart
1603Maya White
N2A 1B1 The air in this city is very polluted with smoke too much of the time. Clean air should be a priority just as clean water should be.
1604Pauline Weiler
Forest Hill The air quality in this city is suffering due to all of the wood being burned in residential backyards. These fires should be banned.
1605Tory Wright
1606Liesa Johns
N2M 3M3
1607R. Steve Winter
Public health and local air quality are at risk due to woodburning.
1608Marija Nalyk
Why should we have to close our windows every summer. These people who need to sit around smoky campfires need to go to a campground.
1609sasha hoffman
1610jessica wilder
1611levi grant
1612Austin Grant
Pioneer Park
1613amalia grant
1614Sandra Owens
N2H 4J3 Smoky air is not healthy for anyone. Why should we have to close our windows to try to keep out the smoke from wood firepits?
1615hannah chase
say no to the smoke and let's keep this going by sending this petition to 5 friends!
1616Jordan Bates
Wood campfires never belonged in small city backyards. Public health needs to be protected and wood firepits etc. should be banned.
1617Elenore Bates
All smoke is a health hazard and should be treated as such. Smoky air is polluted air.
1618Luis G.
Forest Hill
1619miranda keller
Please help clean our air by signing.
N2C 2M2 Campfires seem to attract drunk people who seem to think that it's fine to carry on in backyards at all times and disturb the peace. Go camping. You can be sure that I don't.
1621R. Jack Smith
N2B 3S1 People who like to sit around wood campfires should go camping like people used to do. Smoky, polluted air from backyard fires needs to be banned.
1622Helena Grant
We should not have to breathe in disgusting smoky air every month of the year due to these wood fires being allowed in backyards. Other cities have banned them already.
1623suzie ryan
1624Ursula Novak
1625Trent Hanson
Pioneer Park
1626miranda butler
please keep it going
1627justina thomas
please send this to everyone you know!
1628Marta Brown
N2A 1P2 Smoky campfires do not belong in cities so close to houses.
1629Mark Pace
N2C 2J4 These backyard fires pollute the air in this city all year long. Waterloo and Cambridge have already banned these health hazards from city backyards.
1630Zophie Vella
1631lyssa janson
1632Becca Louis
The smoke from backyard fires is unacceptable pollution. The smoke is a health hazard and we need a ban just like Waterloo and Cambridge.
1633calina leger
smoke from these fires is very polluting and a health hazard so these fires should be banned.
1634Debi Wagner
Fairview Park I was very happy to learn about this petition. It's time for Kitchener council to stop sitting around their campfires and make air quality as well as the health of residents a priority.
1635Kim Summer
1636Dave Costa
Smoky air is polluted air. Kitchener council needs to do a better job on environmental matters.
1637Jason Roy
N2C 1R6 Kitchener council is responsible for clean water and clean air. Smoky air is polluted air.
1638Doris Braun
People should not have to close their windows when it's nice just because the air is smoky and too polluted from these backyard campfires. People who need to sit around these fires should go camping.
1639Teresa Tyler
1640Norm Smith
N2G 2C8 Wood smoke is a public health hazard and it's even worse than cigarette smoke.
1641kyla roberts
please send this petition to anyone who cares about clean air and staying healthy
1642M. Ellen Roberts
N2B 1W2 Crappy air quality affects the health of residents. These wood campfires should be banned just as they have been banned in Cambridge and Waterloo backyards.
1643Kate Harrison
N2M 5H4 The air smells very polluted with smoke too much of the time. These fires should be banned from Kitchener backyards and if the air quality is still this lousy, we have a bigger problem.
1644Todd Seher
1645Jez Sharmal
These campfires should never have been allowed in backyards. Kitchener needs to ban them too.
1646shar latourne
please sign and send this to 5 friends
1647vanessa walker
1648Bob Stevens
N2N 1T7 Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. Kitchener still needs to get it right.
1649cassidy stuart
please keep it going to get rid of smoky air!
1650Stephanie Low
Wood smoke is a health hazard and these wood fires should be banned from backyards in this city.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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